Should I Bet My Team? Rams-Packers & NFL Playoffs | The Daily Tap

SnoTapWI Network · Should I Bet My Team? Rams-Packers & NFL Playoffs | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap is here for its Friday edition. Charlie talks about all the different betting angles for the Wisconsin sports teams. It starts with the Green Bay Packers

This Packers’ Playoff Trailer Makes Me Want To Run Through a Brick Wall

LET’S GOOOOOOOO! Happy Friday to all of the Tappers out there. Hope it’s been a good weekend. We have playoff football on Saturday with the Green Bay Packers taking on the Los Angeles Rams. Hype videos are always good. During their national championship run, LSU

Five Questions About Rams-Packers’ Playoff Clash

Green Bay Packers start their potential Super Bowl run on Saturday afternoon against the Los Angeles Rams. This is the first time these two are meeting in the playoffs since 2002. That game did not work out well for Green Bay, so, let’s hope this

COVID-19 Interrupts Packers’ Plans to Use Jared Veldheer

Green Bay Packers have been fortunate to not have a lot of COVID-19 issues this season. The only thing they dealt with was A.J. Dillon in the early part of November. This led to Jordan Love, Krys Barnes, and a few others going into the

If Bucks Could Play Detroit Every Night, They Would Be Undefeated

The NBA schedule is not normal this season. There are 72 games. The league is trying to do these ‘series’ from time to time where the two teams play against each other for multiple days. Some teams have already played three times. Case in point,

Should You Be Scared of Rams, Nets, and David Stearns? | Tapping The Keg Podcast 399

SnoTapWI Network · Should You Be Scared of Rams, Nets, and David Stearns? | Tapping The Keg Ep. 399 Mitch Ross and Charlie get together for the 399th episode of Tapping The Keg. The whole podcast focuses on ‘Are you Scared’ with different teams in

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’re on Favre Watch Again

Brett Favre is not a faceless retiree. We see him in a lot of different places. Favre has a radio show on SiriusXM. He also golfed with the president. Aaron Rodgers and Favre talk fairly often it seems about different stuff throughout the weeks. But

Do You Think Giannis Cares About James Harden to Brooklyn? Hell No.

Milwaukee Bucks won their third straight game on Wednesday evening. They handled the Detroit Pistons from the start of the game until the finish (Well, until the final three minutes when the cover blew up in our faces). Milwaukee is playing good basketball. They’re 8-4

Annihilated in Ann Arbor: Badgers Suffer Their Worst Loss in Recent Memory

One of the things about Wisconsin basketball is that they do not get blown out. It is very rare to see Wisconsin basketball get ran off the court. The style of basketball that they play doesn’t lead to it. That’s why it was so jarring

Marquette’s Final Kick Pushes Them Past Providence

Marquette Golden Eagles did not have a good day at the arena last Tuesday against UConn. It was a bad collapse that left many in the Marquette fan base shook. Marquette jumped out to a 16-point lead in the first half. No one trusted it.