What The Corey Knebel Trade Could Mean For Brewers’ Offseason

Milwaukee Brewers made a lot of moves yesterday just like most other teams in baseball. There were decisions on tendering contracts or non-tendering deals making people free agents. The latter happened often. More than usual. People acted surprised in baseball circles, but in short, the

Is Aaron Rodgers the LeBron James of the NFL | Tapping The Keg Ep. 394

SnoTapWI Network · Is Aaron Rodgers, the LeBron James of the NFL? | Tapping The Keg 394 Charlie and Mitch are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. This is an episode that goes in a lot of different places so strap

Ty Summers Wearing Teammate John Lovett’s 9/11 Cleats is a Cool Gesture

This weekend, the National Football League is doing their annual ‘My cause, my cleats’ campaign. This is one of my favorite things that the NFL does during the season. They let the players unleash their creative spirit and also promote great causes. Ty Summers, the

Bucks Immediately Thrusted In NBA Spotlight With First Two Games

Milwaukee Bucks are not going to be ignored to start the 2020-2021 NBA season. Milwaukee will open the season up in two primetime spots with national eyeballs on them. Bucks are one of the more emerging public teams in the league. The popularity of Giannis

Best Case, Worst Case, Probable Case For Packers Playoff Matchup | The Daily Tap

SnoTapWI Network · Best Case, Worst Case, Probable Case For Packers Playoff Matchup The Daily Tap The Daily Tap is here for the Wednesday edition. Charlie talks about the best, worst, and realistic case for the Packers’ playoff matchup after playing around with the ESPN

Badgers Bash Green Bay in Complete Blowout Fashion

Wisconsin Badgers basketball had a great deal of excitement to their season before the year beginning. The mantra of ‘Unfinished business’ reigned supreme. Wisconsin has not faced a high major opponent yet, but through three games, Wisconsin looks the part of a team that will

Marquette’s Zone & Press Woes Lead To First Loss of The Season

Marquette Golden Eagles started the year, 2-0. This is something they’ve done often. But then they play a top-tier opponent that is in a Power 5 Football conference and they crumble like a cheap suit. As Paint Touches noted, Marquette is 1-6 in those games

JERSEY GRADES: Bucks’ Gathering Place City Jerseys

Milwaukee Bucks unveiled the worst kept secret in basketball yesterday. They were going to have blue jerseys as their city concept look. People saw potential mockups along with a few ideas flown out there. This is one version I absolutely loved but they opted for

Did We Learn Anything From The Eagles For Next Week’s Packers’ Matchup? | The Daily Tap 12/1

SnoTapWI Network · Did We Learn Anything From The Eagles For Next Week's Packers' Matchup? | The Daily Tap 12/1 The Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition covers the Green Bay Packers and Big Ten football. First, Charlie talks about if Packers fans can take anything away

Will Fuller’s Supensison Is a Good Reminder of The Cautions of Overpaying

Will Fuller of the Houston Texans had a magnificent game on Thanksgiving Day. He caught six passes for 172 yards and two touchdowns. Fuller was a machine. If Fuller did that on a normal Thursday night game, I guarantee you people in the Packers’ sports