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National Media Sours on Bucks Coach Jason Kidd

A funny thing happened yesterday, the national media decided they were also on the #FireKidd bandwagon. Jason Kidd got taken to the proverbial woodshed yesterday by so many different people that weren’t related to the Milwaukee Bucks. The quote that may have stung the most

Daily Tap 1/19/18: Vikings are America’s Darling

Daily Tap is live for Friday. Happy Friday to everyone as we embark on Championship Weekend with Minnesota, Philadelphia, New England or Jacksonville punching their ticket to the Super Bowl. It pains me to say this but the Vikings are the team that everyone outside

Joel Embiid Has No Time For Rihanna

Where do you guys stand on Joel Embiid? From an online and media presence, he is perfect to me. He is a content creator’s dream. But as a basketball player, he can kick rocks. Philly’s fans are delusional, and somehow think he’s on the same

Mike Zimmer and the Vikings Start the Excuses Early

Mike Zimmer is already lining up some of the excuses of why Minnesota might not win on Sunday. We’re starting with the turf as being an issue. Given what happened in the Atlanta game, Zimmer is telling his players to be ‘wary of the conditions’

Joey Hauser Enrolling Early At Marquette is a Genius Move

Out of the blue on Wednesday morning, Marquette basketball announced that prized recruit Joey Hauser would be enrolling early at Marquette. He would redshirt this season and have four years of eligibility left once they hit next season. It’s hard to put into words how

Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce ‘Petty’ to his FACE

Obviously, ESPN can never really compete with Inside the NBA. We saw its greatness the other night with Shaq and Charles Barkley laughing about LAPD, but on Wednesday night, we saw a great moment. They were discussing the whole drama that sparked over Isaiah Thomas

Daily Tap 1/18/18: Kidd’s Selfish Comments Fall Flat

Daily Tap is live again for Thursday. It’s good to be back in the saddle talking with y’all. We’re talking about one of our favorite topics… Jason Kidd! He made some inflammatory comments about the Bucks being selfish after the game, and of course, we

Starters Playing Too Many Minutes Cost Bucks Again

Milwaukee Bucks cannot seem to win two games in a row anymore. Milwaukee continues to flip wins and losses in the month of January as the Bucks dropped 106-101 to the Miami Heat as the fourth quarter went south. This is becoming a theme for

Boilermakers Bash Badgers in a Complete Rout

Seeing the team you root for lose is never fun. Seeing your team get embarrassed from the tip-off in basketball might be the most depressing thing ever. It’s almost worse than football where you go down like 21-0 early on or baseball where the pitcher

Tapping The Keg Podcast Ep. 268: The Rivalry Edition

Rivalry is one of my favorite terms in sports. It’s a strong word that says so much. Yes, it gets overdone sometimes, but it’s still a fun word. We talk all about rivalry in this podcast, therefore, earning the title of the podcast for the

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