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PODCAST: Bucks Second Half KO

Daily Tap is back for another edition as Charlie reacts to the Bucks Game 2 victory over the Detroit Pistons. Bucks get it done with a big second half. Charlie highlights some concerns, some positives and looks ahead to Game 3. Podcast talks about Corbin

BrewCap: Burnes Struggles Again as Brewers Can’t Sweep

Anyone with half a brain about the Milwaukee Brewers advised the world to not overreact to Corbin Burnes. He is a young pitcher, and he will figure out at some point. But that figuring out process may have to wait a few weeks. Burnes did

Grading The Green Bay Packers 2019 Schedule

Green Bay Packers schedule is out and ready for all the public eye to see this morning. People are making their plans to visit Lambeau Field, decide what road trip they might take or anything else about the impending 2019 NFL season. A few things

Rate David Bakhtiari’s Bucks Game Beer Chug

Who knew what was in the water in Milwaukee on Wednesday with professional athletes, but chugging was the thing to do. At the Milwaukee Bucks game, David Bakhtiari checked out the game along with many other Wisconsin athletes. Bakhtiari got featured on the big screen,

Greg Jennings – Read The Room, One Time For Me

I am confident that Greg Jennings is the least self-aware person of all time. Jennings decided to visit the City of Milwaukee for the Detroit Pistons-Milwaukee Bucks Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs. First, I had no idea that Jennings had any relationship with Wisconsin

Ben Gamel Shotgunning Red Bulls is a Power Move

Ben Gamel is a new addition to the Milwaukee Brewers. The crew had themselves a fun roster last season with all sorts of unique personalities. When a new guy comes in, there’s a real worry about fitting in because Milwaukee is a different type of

J.J. Watt’s Wisconsin Summer Sounds Awesome

J.J. Watt and SnotapWI’s relationship is one that we do not mention much, but it is worth discussing when talking about Watt. For the longest time, I really did have issues with him. I thought he felt like a robot. A non-God like Tim Tebow

Could The Hauser Brothers End Up At Wisconsin?

On Monday, Sam and Joey Hauser shocked the college basketball world by deciding to leave Marquette University and go elsewhere. It is a damaging loss to the Marquette Golden Eagles without question, and I wrote as much in a blog post yesterday. Now when the

Losing Blake Griffin is a Major Blow to Detroit’s Chances

Blake Griffin could have easily acted like he didn’t want to play in Detroit. Everyone bemoaned the fact he went from sunny Los Angeles to Detroit. But Griffin did not. Instead, he embraced being a member of the Pistons and had a huge year for

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