The Daily Tap Podcast: Pros & Cons For Keeping Mike Pettine

The Daily Tap’s Thursday edition checks in with some takes about Packers keeping Mike Pettine for another year, why people love the name ‘Miller Park’ so much, and the usual college hoops roundup. Charlie talks about Zion to start the show and why Jeff Van

Bucks Are Having a Helluva Time in Paris

Milwaukee Bucks are enjoying their time in Paris. This does not surprise me. They deserve it. Part of these international trips is pleasure and fun plus being out in the international community. The game isn’t exactly secondary, but the bigger thing for the league is

Why the Packers Lacked Firepower on Sunday

On Wednesday, Matt LaFleur had an exit interview. Besides the discussion about Mike Pettine, the talk about the Packers ‘lacking energy’ against San Francisco 49ers drew some eyeballs. Now, that can be coach speak and things that aren’t exactly accurate. But from a casual observer,

LaFleur Makes First Big Coaching Decision By Keeping Pettine

At the beginning of the day, it did not sound like Mike Pettine would have a job at the end of it. Green Bay had their exit interview with Matt LaFleur. When asked about Pettine, LaFleur said ‘We’re evaluating everything at this point.’ This sounded

Here For a David Bahktiari-Led Lineman Chug Contest

David Bakhtiari is the king of chugging beers in the National Football League. We know that after his performance at the Milwaukee Bucks games (Side note: How many chugging moments are they’re going to be this year now that it went viral last night? It

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Playing The Role of Packers’ General Manager

Charlie and Mitch have another Tapping The Keg ready and raring to go for this week. The boys start the show with the bun-gate controversy that rocked the Kopps’ world. After that, Charlie and Mitch discuss Packers-Niners a bit before playing the role of Packers’

You’ll Be Okay Calling It American Family Field, not Miller Park.

This is the last year of the Milwaukee Brewers’ stadium being named Miller Park. For some people, this is a joke and embarrassment. Having the Brewers’ stadium named after the beer company in the City of Milwaukee just fit right. But in the corporate sponsorship

MubbCap: Marquette Wakes Up & Handles St. John’s

Marquette Golden Eagles got off to a rough start on Tuesday night. They started slow out of the gates. Maybe that was expected after the hard-fought game on Saturday afternoon. Golden Eagles woke up from their slumber and started to lay the smackdown on St.

BuckyCap: Badgers’ Threes Burn Nebraska

Nebraska Cornhuskers are one of the worst teams in the Big Ten. This doesn’t mean they will be that way for long with Fred Hoiberg coaching the team. But for now, Hoiberg needs to get talent to Lincoln to make them into a winner again.

Brendan Bailey Dunks All Over St. John’s

Brendan Bailey did not have a great game against St. John’s. He missed a couple of corner threes. But at the end of the game, as Marquette looked to close out St. John’s, Bailey delivered one of the best dunks of the season. Marquette has