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Brewers Appear on The Outside of Machado Sweeps

After being the frontrunners last week, it appears the Milwaukee Brewers are on the outside looking in for Manny Machado. As a deal is expected to get done this week, FanCred’s Jon Heyman reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorites. That’s an update

Ariana Grande & NBA Twitter Are Currently Feuding

Well this isn’t a headline I expected to write when I woke up this morning. Apparently, a dude called ou Ariana Grande on Twitter by saying she had the third worst group of Twitter besides the ‘LBGTQ Twitter’ and ‘Feminist Twitter.’ He did not tag

Cubs Fans Accuse Bryce Harper of HR Derby Cheating

God bless Cubs fans. Only Cubs fans would bitch about Bryce Harper’s dad cheating with the Home Run Derby. Yes, this is a thing that happened on Twitter last night. Unbelievable mover here from a certain section of Cubs nation here. It’s very par for

Daily Tap: Bucks Didn’t Have Time to Fix Jabari

Daily Tap is back in action after a weekend off. We begin with an apology to the listeners then get into what happened with the Jabari Parker signing over the weekend. He’s now a Chicago Bull and why the Bucks didn’t sign him. We cover

5 Reasons Not To Panic About the Brewers

I’m not in panic mode with the Milwaukee Brewers. You may be, but I’m not pushing the panic button. I may have written something similar last year when things fell apart again in Pittsburgh last season. But still, I’m not concerned. Chicago Cubs going ahead

BrewCap: Brewers’ Bad Luck Continues in Pittsburgh

In sports, we overuse the phrase ‘House of Horrors.’ It’s a fun phrase to say and if someone or some team has mild struggles with something or somewhere, that could be classified with the house of horrors mentality. No place is more like that for

Aaron Rodgers’ New Contract Could Be ‘Unique’

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers seems ready to be the man again. I know that’s probably what goes through his head every year, but I can’t remember the last time I read something from Rodgers where you can tell he’s at total peace. NBC

Time to Say Goodbye to Jabari Parker

Jabari Parker is no longer a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. He’ll be joining the Chicago Bulls, his hometown team and a rival of the Bucks. News came out over the weekend that Parker received a 2-year deal for 40 million dollars with a team

Daily Tap: What’s Jesus Aguilar’s Ceiling?

Jesus Aguilar is in the All-Star Game. Welcome Tappers to this Thursday edition. We talk about Zeus making into the All-Star Game then wonder what is his ceiling as a baseball player? Could we be a one-hit wonder like Nyjer Morgan or could he be

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