BucksCap: Scrappy Nets Take Down Bench Mob Bucks

The eight games of the NBA restart do not truly matter to the Milwaukee Bucks. As a fan, you have to keep that in mind. They’re good for conditioning and unifying the team yet they truly do not matter for Milwaukee. That said, there is

BrewCap: Brewers Offense Sputters & Wastes Good Woodruff Outing

Milwaukee Brewers are very frustrating. They’re not a good team right now. Missing Lorenzo Cain and Ryan Braun from this order make Milwaukee look very mediocre. Brewers have multiple guys on their team that cannot buy a hit including Brewers superstar Christian Yelich. For the

Giannis Hilariously Tells Ref He’s Going F*** Donta Hall Up

A new player made the list of Giannis Antetokounmpo rivals yesterday. His name is Donta Hall. He went to the University of Alabama and now is a part of the Brooklyn Nets bubble team. Hall tried to make a name for himself by throwing down

Cutest Virtual Fan at Bucks-Nets?: Giannis’ Son Liam!

Virtual fans at the NBA Bubble games have been a great idea. They’re weirdly a great part of the game. Instead of looking at an empty backdrop when the camera pans away from the court. NBA made money off these virtual experiences by selling this

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Do We Need to Get Yelich Laid to Save Brewers Offense

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 8/5: Do We Need To Get Yelich Laid to Save The Brewers Offense? The Daily Tap podcast is here for Wednesday. Charlie is talking about the Brewers offense today and wonders if Christian Yelich’s struggles are related to him

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: What Makes Aaron Rodgers Stay, What Makes Rodgers Leave?

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 8/4: What Makes Aaron Rodgers Stay; What Makes Him Leave? On The Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition, Charlie talks about Aaron Rodgers’ future. Rodgers talked a lot about it in the last two weeks as well as his coach Matt

Packers Are the Betting Favorite to Sign Antonio Brown… What?

Antonio Brown is looking for a job. Brown is a little different than our friends who got displaced due to COVID-19. He has been out of work for a good year and a half. Much of that is his own fault. Brown does not seem

SnotapWI Game Review: White Sox-Brewers – Bullpen Costs Crew Again

SnotapWI Game Review: #Brewers piss away another one late. Burnes deserved better. Counsell keeps Hader on ice. #ThisIsMyCrew pic.twitter.com/JCelqBHwxu — Charlie (@SnoTapWI) August 4, 2020 We are back with SnotapWI Game Reviews for the Milwaukee Brewers. I worried for a second that we would not

Aaron Rodgers Shouldn’t Have To Answer Questions About His Future Again

Aaron Rodgers knew he would stir up a conversation last week when he told Kyle Brandt of the NFL Network and now The Ringer that he realized Green Bay might not be the final destination. Rodgers tried to make sense of the Jordan Love draft

BrewCap: New Look Brewers Blow a Golden Opportunity

Brewers did not look the same as they did last Wednesday. Milwaukee does not have their center fielder, Lorenzo Cain. Or their designated hitter Ryan Braun who is on the IL with an infected finger. Many speculate that Braun is waiting out these 10 days