City of Milwaukee’s Tyrantical Approach to Bars Makes Little Sense.

News came out yesterday that the City of Milwaukee will enforce more fines against bars and restaurants that are not following the rules. They basically have hired a snitch office that will go and investigate each place for the city. The cases all across the

Ryan Braun Wants To Come Back In July & That’s Totally Okay

When the Milwaukee Brewers signed Jackie Bradley Jr. yesterday, I believed that the door was closed on Ryan Braun. There is no room for him. Braun would have to play first base if he ever wanted time. We also haven’t heard much from Braun besides

SnoTapWI Star Ratings: Holiday’s Herorics Save The Bucks

Some of you might know what this is. Star Ratings is what we use to ‘grade’ Packers games. Recaps are dead unless written immediately after the game. No one cares at this point. But maybe a look back at what went right and what went

Late-Game Bucks Continue to Give Us Hope | The Daily Tap Podcast

SnoTapWI Network · Late-Game Bucks Continue to Give Us Hope | The Daily Tap Charlie is back for the final edition of The Daily Tap for the week. He apologizes for Thursday and explains what happens before getting into it. Charlie talks about the Bucks

How Brewers Will Make Jackie Bradley Jr. Fit In a Crowded Outfield

Milwaukee Brewers decided they were not done with their roster. The team added Jackie Bradley Jr. to their roster overnight. Bradley signed a two-year deal worth 24 million dollars with an opt-out after year one from the team. That is a good chunk of change

Milwaukee Bucks Decide to Bukkake Their Fans Because Why Not

In-arena graphics are always interesting. The group of people that are running always look for new ways to keep things fun and fresh. It started with the ‘Kiss Cam’ which is something that I feel like is almost at retirement. The ‘Simba’ cam was popular

Reacting to The Biggest Storylines From Packers’ Press Conferences | The Daily Tap

SnoTapWI Network · Reacting to The Biggest Storylines From Packers' Press Conferences | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap for Wednesday, March 3rd is life as Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Wisconsin Badgers’ basketball team. Charlie starts by discussing

Milwaukee Panthers Stole The Wisconsin Hoops Show With Their Epic Comeback

On Tuesday, it was BALL NIGHT! in Wisconsin. For those who don’t know what that’s in reference to, get some culture in your life one time. But really, it is PTI for those curious. All of the teams that could be playing basketball right now

DJ Carton Poster Dunks Might Be The Best Thing About Marquette’s Season

DJ Carton is one of the bright spots of the Marquette basketball season. Marquette Golden Eagles did win their third game in four tries, but you felt gross watching it. Gross from the fact that no one really deserved to win the game. Carton did

Bucks’ Crazy Streak Continues as the Nuggets Run Them Off The Court

Do you ever know someone that others might call ‘crazy?’ This could be your ex, a best friend, a person you drink with but not really friends with them outside of the bottle and cork. That’s the Milwaukee Bucks right now. They make no sense.