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David Bakhtiari, One Of The Best NFL Lineman

On Sunday night, David Bakhtiari will play in his first ‘bowl’ game ever. Sure, it’s the Pro Bowl, and it doesn’t mean much to the common fan yet for some players, it’s very significant. Bakhtiari is no different. The fact he got in due to

Summerfest Progresses To The Future

If you live in Milwaukee and probably Wisconsin, you all know Summerfest. Some of us love it. Other of us can’t stand it. It’s an enigma as a place to watch concerts. Summerfest announced yesterday plans to do a brand new amphitheater with the help

Enes Kanter Breaks Forearm In Temper Tantrum

We haven’t seen a dumb sports injury in awhile until Enes Kanter broke his forearm tonight. The Oklahoma City center threw a fit in the second quarter in a primetime game against Dallas Mavericks, and when Kanter slammed his arm down, he broke it as

Chicago Bulls: Dumpster Fire Of The Year

NBA is going through a really weird week. Chicago Bulls might be the leader in the clubhouse with watching their team split at the seams with Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade against the rest of the team. Yet not far behind is LeBron James throwing

As Expected, Jabari Parker Isn’t An All-Star

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker will be on the honorable mention of All-Star possiblities, but he didn’t make the actual team this evening. People thought it might too greedy for Bucks to get two All-Stars when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected starter a couple weeks ago

PODCAST Ep. 222: Packers Exit Interview

Tapping The Keg podcast features an exit interview of sorts debriefing on Packers as they exit from our lives for awhile. We look at the game on Sunday then talk about which free agents hold the most value on this team. We head into basketball

Bucks Buzz Vol. 45: Another Late Game Disaster

We’re at the scene where Lloyd telling Harry ‘OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!’ Bucks have lost five of their last six. Milwaukee is 5-8 for the month of January. Worst part about tonight is Bucks had a spirited comeback only to fall apart in

Hoopcap: Badgers’ Second Half Explosion

Wisconsin Badgers welcomed Penn State to Kohl Center, a place that hadn’t been friendly to Nittany Lions since joining the Big 10. Penn State is a stunning 0-17 in Madison and 0-14 at Badgers home gym. It’s not a place that Penn State succeeds at.