Monthly Archives: February 2017

Pat McAfee Retires & Joins Barstool Sports

On Wednesday afternoon, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with the media in his usual ‘State of the Union.’ Some media member asked him about the ban on Barstool Sports this week. Goodell acted like he hadn’t heard of such a thing and made it into

Hoopcap: Badgers Bring The D to Illinois

Wisconsin Badgers faced an Illinois Fighting Illini team on Tuesday night that they’ve owned in the past few years. A once great rivalry is not that anymore. And to make matters worst for Illinois, they’ve watched natives Frank Kaminsky and Ethan Happ head north to

Bucks Buzz Vol. 48: Offense Goes Quiet in Altitude

Milwaukee Bucks started the altitude road trip with a meeting versus Utah Jazz. Bucks haven’t won in the Salt Lake City altitude since Glenn Robinson hit a game-winning shot in 2001. Bucks were in desperate need of a victory, and they didn’t come close to

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Stick to Sports Super Bowl

Mitch and Charlie return for another strong episode of Tapping The Keg podcast, your favorite sports program. We talk about the not ‘Sticking to Sports’ on social media from sports media types. It’s a good, healthy discussion about where we’re at in this world. That

Rob Gronkowski Love Of The Number 69 Is Unmatched

One of the only drawbacks of this version of the New England Patriots not being in the Super Bowl is there’s no Rob Gronkowski. He’s always an electric Media Day interview and usually provides us with one or two good moments. Thankfully, his high school

Olivia Munn & Aaron Rodgers Tying The Knot?

Well… Well… Well… What do we have here? Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers were partying in Beverly Hills over the weekend, and it appears Munn has a large rock on her left ring finger. A kind of rock that most would agree is an engagement

Sam Dekker Joined Barstool Radio This Afternoon

Houston Rockets forward and former Wisconsin Badger Sam Dekker joined the Barstool Radio program on Sirius XM radio show this afternoon. A little known fact about Dekker is he’s probably my favorite Badger player as a non-Badger guy. Reason? I love his college game and