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Katie Ledecky Offers Harper A Baseball Backup Plan

Katie Ledecky is one of the best athletes in the world. She’s a complete phenom. There’s not many people who are better than her and what she does in the long-distance swimming game. Currently, she’s a freshman at Stanford where she’s already set 12 NCAA

Bryce Harper Brawling On A Holiday

Bryce Harper of Washington Nationals is known as a hot head from some people, and there are many who have an issue with him as a baseball player. For some, ‘He doesn’t play the game the right way.’ I think that’s bullshit personally and love

Tiger Woods Get DUI & Mugshot Is Not Great

Memorial Day Weekend and any other holiday weekend usually sees an uptick in DUI’s. This happens despite the cops telling everyone that they will be on high alert for drivers who may be intoxicated, people don’t seem to listen. World class golfer Tiger Woods is

Can We Stop Obsessing About Ty Montgomery’s Number?

Green Bay Packers are in their silly season when it comes to news. Things are coming across the wire at a rapid rate with OTA’s, but the stories itself are not much. I get it especially if you’re doing something Packers-specific. That said, I’m so

LeBron Admits His Baldness Is Real

LeBron James had a tour de force press conference. Not because he lit the world on fire, but James gave the media so much to work with. We have a piece later about him and Jordan, yet James mentioned Michael Jordan about how he wanted

Growing Up With LeBron James, the Best of Generation

In one night, two teams are going back to the final destination for the chance at back-to-back championships – Cleveland Cavaliers and Pittsburgh Penguins. Cavs had it much easier than hockey side of things with a rout of Boston. LeBron James is headed to his

BrewCap: Robbie Ray Silences Brewers Bats

If you don’t know, I’m an avid DFS player. Love it. It’s one of my favorite things to do even if there are times where it drives me crazy. Case in point, I avoided Robbie Ray of the Arizona Diamondbacks because I’ve seen what Brewers

Apparently, Brewers Winning Is A Bad Thing

I try very hard to not be the typical blogger-type and rip on national reporters for no reason at all. I like to #RespectTheBiz when I can, but somethings are just so ridiculous I have to put my foot down. Case in point, ESPN’s Buster

Badgers Throwback Ticket Designs Are Fantastic

Wisconsin Badgers are celebrating their 100th year anniversary at Camp Randall Stadium. My guess we’re going to see a lot of cool stuff come through this Fall with special appearances and events. The first cool thing is Wisconsin announced yesterday that they will be throwing

Rodgers Hooks Up Lineman With Offseason Gifts

Green Bay Packers are going through OTA’s currently so everyone is back in the great state of Wisconsin including Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time most of this year’s team will get together and start gelling together as one. There are a few mini