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Concerning How Many Think Hit On Beckham Jr Was Illegal

The National Football League is a violent sport. We’ve heard that how many times from people in the past half decade. Usually, it’s discussing how concussions happen at such a rapid rate. With the fear of concussions and big hits, defense has become a non-factor

It’s Hard To Find Remorse For O.J. Mayo

I’m sure you will find me to be a dick with this title. That’s fine. With the Monday I had, I can be called anything on this Tuesday morning. O.J. Mayo opened up to Sports Illustrated about being suspended by the league until 2018 and

Are Jason Spriggs’ Struggles Concerning?

Green Bay Packers second round pick Jason Spriggs may be having the worst training camp of anyone who has a slight bit of expectations from the team and the fans. He struggled against on Saturday night versus Washington Redskins. There are stories out on a

Brewers’ West Coast Swing Starts Strong

Milwaukee Brewers began their last big road trip losing the first five games before securing a win. This time around, it’s a little different with Brewers gaining two of three from the current second Wild Card Colorado Rockies with back-to-back wins this weekend. West Coast

The Nation of Greece is Mad at the Milwaukee Bucks

This popped up over the weekend with the Milwaukee Bucks pissing off Greece. Giannis Antetokounmpo decided to not play any more with the Greek national team due to a knee injury. This set the Greek national team off in flames claiming a conspiracy happened with

Aaron Rodgers Did Not Like GOT’s Hail Mary

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers might be leading to charge when it comes to Game of Thrones fandom. It’s a hit with professional athletes, just like it is for all of us. On one of the most intense Thrones episodes of their series, we

Sink or Swim Time For Milwaukee Brewers

West Coast road trips in baseball, basketball and hockey can define a season as a team comes down the stretch. I remember writing a similar thing about Milwaukee Bucks when they started out West in mid-March fighting to get back into the playoff race. This

Weak-Minded Sixers Fans To Invade Milwaukee

According to some people, Philadelphia 76ers are the future of basketball. I get it with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, Dario Saric and others, they have a bright future ahead of them. Yet Sixers fans developed a beef with Milwaukee Bucks over a host of things.

UWM Puts Out Fraud Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you did not hear, the solar eclipse is happening on Monday afternoon around 2:00 pm our time. It only happens every 99 years in society, so, it’s pretty cool that it is happening this summer. The last one happened in 1979, therefore, it’s not