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PODCAST: When You Can’t Stick To Sports

Mitch and Charlie return for another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast. We talk about a lot of things in this longer than usual pod starting with what’s on the nation’s mind regarding the anthem protests, Packers, Brewers and Bucks with a slight mention of

Michael Beasley is not From Planet Earth

Michael Beasley did a great job off the bench for the Milwaukee Bucks last season. He signed a one-year deal with the New York Knicks. With some of the great moments you have with Beasley, they will only get amplified with the New York media.

Vogt’s Extra-Base Hits Stave Off Fiesty Reds

Milwaukee Brewers are pretty much at the do or die portion of the season. They could easily not have anything to play for this weekend against St. Louis, or they could have everything to play for. It’s pretty easy and based off whatever the Rockies

Will the Bucks Version of the Process Pay Off?

My podcast partner Mitch hates the term, ‘Trust the Process.’ He told me this at the bar last Saturday. It bothers him because it’s a Sixers thing, first and foremost, who have become a pseudo-rival, and it’s something we see overused by people in all

Packers Offensive Tackle Injuries Plague Team

Every year, we see Green Bay’s team end up being hurt in some capacity. I think this is more of a football thing then a Packers thing, even if others believe the contrary. Every year, it seems like one spot on the field has more

Brent Musburger Shares My Romo Criticism

If you’ve read my blog posts throughout the years, you know I’m a big Brent Musburger guy. I enjoyed him until he finished up last season, and Saturday nights are still not the same. Chris Fowler is okay, but he’s almost too polished out there.

Jon Lester Would Like Us Not To Talk About Nachos

This week’s key phrase across all platforms would be ‘stick to sports.’ It’s going to be overused until the end of time. Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester got back on track tonight against their rival St. Louis Cardinals and helped his team get one game

Brewers Show They’re Not Ready For Primetime

Milwaukee Brewers came into the series against Chicago Cubs trailing by 3.5 games. They knew to win the National League Central, it would take winning three out of four or sweeping the hated rivals from the south. That did not happen. Instead, Milwaukee ended up

Star Ratings: Bengals-Packers

Green Bay Packers survived the Cincinnati Bengals, 27-24 in overtime yesterday. Green Bay had their first overtime win since 2007, and Aaron Rodgers cured a lot of demons on Sunday afternoon. It was the first time the Packers star quarterback beat Cincinnati, won a game