Monthly Archives: October 2017

Closing Out Tonight With Tom Petty

After much disrupted reports over the day, Tom Petty died this evening with a heart attack. This is obviously sad news. I didn’t get to blog when Hugh Hefner passed away last week, but my condolences were there obviously. Petty is a huge part of

Badger Musings: Wisconsin Wakes Up & Takes Care of Wildcats

Wisconsin Badgers got off to a sluggish start against Northwestern on Saturday morning. They were trailing at the half, 10-7 after an ugly first quarter where the Wildcats looked like the better team on each side of the ball. As we see in sports, halftime

Cheers to an Unexpected Brewers Summer

I spent some time in Door County this weekend, and it felt like fall finally. The weather finally turned to feeling more like the time of year where you wear a puffy vest, watch football and drink dark beers. Milwaukee had not made the official

WSW: The Great, The Average & The Heartbreak

This was not a weekend to be quiet on the blog posts. I apologize for that, but I took myself a trip up north with the lady friend and was away from the action for the whole weekend. I did my best to keep myself