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Virginia’s Defense Clamps Down Young Badgers

When Wisconsin and Virginia basketball face off against each other, it’s like the meme where two Spidermans are pointing at each other. They are very similar in the way they’re coached and play basketball. When these two teams meet, it’s usually defense that’s the name

Crabtree Tapes Chain & Still Gets Snatched

We all saw the fight between Michael Crabtree and Aqib Talib on Sunday afternoon. The two renewed their fight from January where Talib snatched Crabtree’s chain from him in one of the funnier moments of the NFL season. It happened again on Sunday. We come

Badger Musings: Unbeaten Wisconsin Pulverises Gophers

Wisconsin Badgers found themselves with a great opportunity on Saturday afternoon. Miami fell to Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon opening the door for Wisconsin to finally have their day in the College Football Playoff. Wisconsin took care of business with a dominating performance of the Minnesota

Star Ratings: Packers-Steelers

As always, here’s the star ratings from the Packers-Steelers. To be honest, I didn’t expect we would be talking about so many good things that Green Bay did yesterday, but here we are. You just wish they had an opportunity to win this game in

Aaron Rodgers Shows Off His Arm Prior to Game

Aaron Rodgers did some physical training before Sunday night’s Packers-Steelers game. It included a long toss where Rodgers showcased his arm, and what strength he had at this time. Rodgers sent deep about 55 yards which all gave Packers nation one big eye emoji. No

Packers Come Close To Nearly Stunning Steelers

Oh my god. It’s hard to believe at 10:30 tonight, I actually was trying to guide a Chris Boswell field goal wide left for the Packers to continue into overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers. A game where Green Bay came in as a 14-point underdog

Antetokounmpo’s Minutes Don’t Concern Kidd

On Wednesday, Giannis Antetokounmpo rested his knee and body in general when Milwaukee took on Phoenix. It became apparent to everyone with a functioning brain that Giannis’ minutes had become a real issue. He dealt with knee pain over the summer, and the extended minutes

Giannis & Coach Sean Sweeney Get Into Verbal Fight

Milwaukee Bucks may have hit a breaking point last night. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Sean Sweeney got into a verbal argument on the sidelines in the third quarter where you can see Giannis saying ‘I’ll fuck you up’ to Sweeney. That’s not

Barry Switzer Delivers the Best Baker Mayfield Take

Barry Switzer is an American legend. That man is the epitome of college football in the 1980’s. He led the ‘fast and loose’ culture of that generation, and what college football was during that time. Switzer also had quite the amount of coaching swagger throughout