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Giannis & Bledsoe Come Up Clutch In The Fourth

What a win by the Milwaukee Bucks. After getting embarrassed on Friday night, Milwaukee bounced back to get a huge victory against Washington on the road including a massive effort by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Eric Bledsoe especially in the fourth quarter. They haven’t won in

Rutgers Delivers A Death Blow To Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s tournament chances are dead on January 6th, 2018. We’re almost two months away from Selection Sunday, and the only way Wisconsin can get into the tournament is by winning the Big Ten Tournament. It’s not like the Badgers had much of a chance of

SnoTap’s AFC Playoffs Rooting Interest Index

The AFC is a little different than the NFC. We do not have an obvious enemy there like we do with Minnesota. Some might say New England, but I’m not that kind of guy as you’ll see. To me, the AFC Playoffs could be very

SnoTap’s NFC Playoffs Rooting Interest Index

Welcome to the first edition of the SnoTap Rooting Interest Index. In the past, I’ve created something similar for playoffs that do not involve the teams I cheer for and it’s mostly been the Brewers. Since Green Bay is no longer playing football, we created

What A Potential Lorenzo Cain Reunion Could Mean

The Major League Baseball hot stove is suffering from its own polar vortex as it’s been ice cold with news. Today, we received a carrot from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal who mentioned that the Milwaukee Brewers and Texas Rangers both have their eyes on Kansas

The Daily Tap 1/5/18: Debunking The Russ Ball Conspiracy Theory

Welcome to the Friday edition of Daily Tap where we are focusing the podcast today on taking down the conspiracy theory behind Russ Ball taking over as Packers general manager. Hope you enjoy mythbusting stories like I do. SUBSCRIBE ON iTunes I look at why

Giannis Leads All NBA In All-Star Votes. Yes, Really.

GIANNIS! Giannis Antetokounmpo is leading vote-getter for the NBA All-Star Game. Not James Harden. Not LeBron James. Giannis is the leading vote-getter. A kid from Greece who plays in Milwaukee. Absolutely incredible to see, even if it’s not surprising considering the ascent of Giannis and

Grading The 2017 Packers – Running Back

The running back position became a strength for the Packers in 2017. That’s something I don’t know if anyone saw coming. They did draft three running backs, but no one knew if they were actually going to pan out. Just because you draft heavy at

Bucks Handled Business Against Depleted Pacers

Going into Wednesday night’s matchup with division foe Indiana, Milwaukee knew they probably should win this one with Victor Oladipo out again with a knee injury. Believe it or not, Oladipo is a borderline All-Star this season, and much of the reason, Indiana is outperforming