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Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce ‘Petty’ to his FACE

Obviously, ESPN can never really compete with Inside the NBA. We saw its greatness the other night with Shaq and Charles Barkley laughing about LAPD, but on Wednesday night, we saw a great moment. They were discussing the whole drama that sparked over Isaiah Thomas

Daily Tap 1/18/18: Kidd’s Selfish Comments Fall Flat

Daily Tap is live again for Thursday. It’s good to be back in the saddle talking with y’all. We’re talking about one of our favorite topics… Jason Kidd! He made some inflammatory comments about the Bucks being selfish after the game, and of course, we

Starters Playing Too Many Minutes Cost Bucks Again

Milwaukee Bucks cannot seem to win two games in a row anymore. Milwaukee continues to flip wins and losses in the month of January as the Bucks dropped 106-101 to the Miami Heat as the fourth quarter went south. This is becoming a theme for

Boilermakers Bash Badgers in a Complete Rout

Seeing the team you root for lose is never fun. Seeing your team get embarrassed from the tip-off in basketball might be the most depressing thing ever. It’s almost worse than football where you go down like 21-0 early on or baseball where the pitcher

Tapping The Keg Podcast Ep. 268: The Rivalry Edition

Rivalry is one of my favorite terms in sports. It’s a strong word that says so much. Yes, it gets overdone sometimes, but it’s still a fun word. We talk all about rivalry in this podcast, therefore, earning the title of the podcast for the

Fight Night in Orlando: T’Wolves & Magic Go At It

For the last several years, people have said their problem with the NBA is it’s ‘too buddy-buddy’, and that ‘all of these guys are friends.’ Well, that’s changed in the last two years. These guys are more petty and chippy than ever. I said on

Marquette Blows Out DePaul in Sloppy Fashion

Ever regret having to watch something on DVR? I could be a show that’s gotten tiresome in the past few episodes, or maybe, it’s a reality show that you are embarrassed you watch (Florbama Shore, what’s up). For me on Monday, it was the Marquette-DePaul

Daily Tap 1/16/18: We Witnessed Peak Giannis.

Daily Tap is live for Tuesday. We’re chatting about some NBA stuff with me regretting I taped early to not being able to talk about Rockets-Clippers. You win some and lose some. I am here to talk about why we witnessed peak Giannis on Monday

Bucks Grind Out a Gritty Road Win

Gritty is a term that gets overused and made fun of yet it can be the perfect way to describe a sports situation. That’s what we saw on Monday afternoon. It was a gritty performance by Milwaukee as they dropped two straight and even though,