Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, & The Weirdest Graphic of NFL 2020

One of the things that football increased in the last few years has been the graphics department. They’ve bumped that up in the last few years. Every primetime game has some sort of graphic package. ESPN is typically known for being the weirdest. NBC gets in with some of the more creative stuff. FOX seems to be the weird cousin. Right now, FOX has cartoon figures of guys who score touchdowns that mostly look nothing like the person. Davante Adams is one of the best ones they have. But they got weirder on Thursday night during Titans-Colts by comparing Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Phillip Rivers by the kids they have or don’t have.

Trying to understand what FOX is doing here is impossible. My only thought is Rivers isn’t that good this year so they needed something, therefore, the production crew is like ‘Let’s talk about his kids.’ Yes, Mahomes and Rodgers do not have kids. Tom Brady has four I believe. Same with Drew Brees. Would they be better people to use this graphic? Something like ‘Quarterback dads.’ Who the hell knows. Maybe FOX knew they would go viral with this so they placed in the broadcast?

Regardless, Rivers was stellar last night in Indianapolis’ win against Tennessee.


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