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Rate The Brewers Minor League New Nickname

Milwaukee Brewers are having changes with their minor league program this year. They’re staying in Biloxi and Carolina, but they moved on from their AAA team in Colorado Springs. They’ll be playing AAA ball in San Antonio which is a shift from Colorado. Milwaukee decided

Podcast: Don’t Blame This Year on Brian Gutekunst

Daily Tap is back for another edition of the Wisconsin’s daily sports podcast talking Packers and Bucks today. Before Charlie gets to WI topics, he chats about the Rams-Chiefs game like any American citizen who watched that game. Packers talk heads to Charlie coming out

Chiefs-Rams Made Me Mad as a Packers Fan

Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams played the best game of the NFL season. There is no question about it. If you missed, you spent your night or morning refreshing Twitter to recap yourself then realized it was useless with all the things

This Week in Bucks: City Unis, Home Stand & West Coast Visitors

This is a new thing I’m trying out for Monday’s programming. We chat about the Bucks’ upcoming week and see where they’re at with the schedule, any big headlines and what to keep an eye out for. Also, this will serve as a place to

BuckyCap: Jonathan Taylor Puts the Team on His Back

Jonathan Taylor is a top-five running back in the country. No one disputes that about him. We hadn’t seen a big Taylor performance all year where he rattled off some big runs and finished with an absurd amount of yards until Saturday. Taylor had his

Daily Tap: Mac & Rodgers Need to Grow Up

Charlie Tritschler is back with the SnoTapWI fire for this week. Fresh batch of Daily Tap hitting your eardrums talking mostly Wisconsin sports. Charlie discusses the current situation with Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy. Why this could be a Rodgers-driven story, what Rodgers and McCarthy

Packers Can Survive Without Mike Daniels

Green Bay Packers had a bad Sunday. They didn’t play, but there were news of the negative all over the place. Mike Daniels will be missed for the next couple of weeks with a foot injury. They do not have a timetable for Daniels injury,

Here We Go Again: Rodgers vs. McCarthy Round 100

Death, taxes and Aaron Rodgers-Mike McCarthy being mad at each other. It’s an annual tradition at this point and catnip for any blogger, radio show hot, tv talk show. This is the type of thing people eat up in today’s generation. The admiration for being