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Craig T. Nelson STUNK at Saturday Selections

Saturday Selections are arguably the best part of College Gameday before the games begin at 11:00 am. When Wisconsin played host to College Gameday, we’ve seen notable Wisconsin alums and Packers players, yet this morning, ESPN went with Craig T. Nelson. This was a promotion

Lonzo Ball Wanted No Part Of Last Night’s Skirmish

Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo Ball is off to a rough start to the season. He didn’t play much in the fourth quarter in two of the last three four quarters and isn’t really getting the NBA game yet. Now, it’s very early in his

Bluiett Gets Hot Late & Buries Wisconsin

A day late with the Wisconsin recap, but I checked out the game on DVR on Friday, so you’re getting some thoughts on the game. Xavier-Wisconsin was an enjoyable basketball game. It went down to the wire, and a young Badgers team showed some promise

JP Macura’s Gator Chomp Was Harmless

I’m late to the party, I know this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about JP Macura’s gator chomp at the end of the Xavier-Wisconsin game. Macura is the biggest heel in college basketball this year not named Grayson Allen. And he

SnoTap Badgers Preview: Michigan-Wisconsin

Wisconsin finally got a little respect in the College Football Playoff poll being bumped up to number five. They have a big opponent coming to town with Michigan as well as ESPN’s College Gameday and FOX’s lead crew of Gus Johnson and Joel Klatt. All

Packers Players Continue to Take Shots at Marty B

The Marty B saga with the Green Bay Packers hasn’t exactly died down this week. I assume after this week, people will move on to other things especially in that locker room, but it’s evident that it’s still striking a nerve with players. In the

PODCAST: First Eric Bledsoe Impressions

Podcast returns with another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast with all sorts of things happening in the Wisconsin sports world. Charlie and Mitch have a bevy of things to talk about this week ranging from Eric Bledsoe, Marty B, Packers-Ravens, Michigan-Wisconsin and some Brewers

Mid-Week Block Party Propels Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks went for their fourth straight tonight playing the upstart Detroit Pistons. Detroit basketball is currently 10-3 on the season, and people are starting to wonder…. “Are the Pistons for real?” They’re a good team, but they were no match for the Milwaukee Bucks

Joel Embiid Drops A Ridiculous Stat Line

If you missed the Philadelphia 76ers-Los Angeles Lakers game tonight, you missed one of the better games of the year for young talent. It’s hard to describe how good Joel Embiid played last night with one of the more absurd stat lines we’ll see all