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Marquette Makes Another 2020 Recruiting Splash

Steve Wojciechowski may be on the hot seat to start the year. With all the drama surrounding the Hauser brothers, Marquette’s collapse last season, and the general malaise of this basketball program, there could be some thought that a change may be needed. That hasn’t

SnoTapWI Green Bay Packers Preview: Game 2 vs. Vikings

Green Bay Packers are trying to take control of the division in Week 2. If they win on Sunday, they’re out to a 2-0 start which would be the first time they’ve won their first two games since 2015. Packers have shown that they’re able

BrewCap: Brewers Sweep Marlins & Win Seventh Straight

Before Milwaukee’s hot streak, I said on the variety of podcasts that I do (Tapping The Keg, Daily Tap) that the Brewers were an average baseball team. The stats showed it. Milwaukee had been 30-30 in their last 60 games. Part of me wondered why

Ryan Braun Hits Home Run Wearing Yelich’s Jersey

There are some things that are bigger than sports. Ryan Braun and Christian Yelich developed a friendship throughout the last couple of years that Yeli has been with the team. It seems to me their relationship is an older brother to littler brother situation at

The Trash Talk Between Packers & Vikings Players is Strong

Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are getting ready to play this weekend. It should be a great game. This is a rivalry game as you all know, and with rivalries, they sometimes matter to fans more than they do the players. This rivalry covered

PODCAST: Are Milwaukee Sports Teams Cursed?

Tapping The Keg podcast this week features Charlie and Mitch talking about the Christian Yelich injury to start and if the Brewers still have a shot at the playoffs (5-15 mins). That leads the boys into a discussion about if Milwaukee sports are cursed. Charlie

Aaron Rodgers Tries to Put An End To The Wave

Aaron Rodgers is my quarterback. I’m a Rodgers supporter and some might call me a stan in the cool 2019 way to say it. Rodgers is the best. There haven’t been many times where I waver from him. The last time of memory was his

Good Morning, Brewers Are Tied For Wild Card

WOW. That’s all I can really say at this point. Wow. Your Milwaukee Brewers are tied for the Wild Card lead with the Chicago Cubs. Chicago fell 4-0, and they’re now all tied up with 17 games to go. New York and Philadelphia each trail

Mike Moustakas Had Himself a Birthday

Mike Moustakas celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday. I’ll ignore the fact that Moustakas is younger than me by nearly a month because frankly, he looks older than me but maybe, I’m a geezer. Regardless, he did much cooler things on his birthday than I did.