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How Summerfest Can Bounce Back in 2021

Summerfest is canceled. For the first time in its 53-year history, The Big Gig will not be happening in the City of Milwaukee. Regardless of how you feel about Summerfest, this is a massive blow to the City of Milwaukee. A summer that had the

Steve Wojciechowski Gives Election Day To Allow Players To Vote

Marquette Golden Eagles head coach Steve Wojciechowski heard people criticize him all last season. In a lot of ways, it was just. There were things wrong with the team and yes, Wojo should be on the hot seat. That said, he used his platform of

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Planning Bucks Eight-Game Schedule

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 6/5: Planning Bucks' Eight-Game Schedule The Daily Tap wraps up the week with a Friday edition. Charlie talks about three different things on today’s show. Trying to figure out how the NBA puts together an eight-game schedule. Charlie talks

Packers Produce Powerful ‘Enough is Enough’ Campaign

Many people wondered if the Green Bay Packers would say anything about the killing of George Floyd. Many teams made statements. Prominent players did as well. But nothing from the Packers. Fans were starting to get itchy about the subject. Packers hit a home run

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Read The Room, Drew Brees

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 6/4: Read The Room, Drew Brees. On the Thursday edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie gets into why Drew Brees was wrong yesterday. Charlie explains why Brees missed the mark and thoughts on why people were protesting the flag

If Giannis Gets 7 Fouls, Will He Be Unstoppable?

The NBA is likely coming back today. The board of governors meeting is today and from there, the NBA will submit the proposal to the players. From everything we hear, it seems like there is unity across the board. The NBA is trying to come

Martellus Bennett Misses The Point With Aaron Rodgers

For those who forgot, Aaron Rodgers and Martellus Bennett have a longstanding beef. They do not like each other. It stems from Bennett’s departure with the Packers. He spoke out against Dr. Pat McKenzie, the well-respected doctor of the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers came to

Drew Brees Gets Dunked On By Multiple Packers Players

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees did not read the room. When asked about if protests of the National Anthem will start again, Brees talked about not ‘disrespecting the flag’ and pointed to his grandfathers that won world wars. This drew ire. It is not

SnoTapWI Top Five: SnoTapWI Network Podcasts

Is this a narcissistic post? It could be. I’m alright with feeling about that. No podcast today as I ran out of time. I did have a topic and will push it towards tomorrow. I’m not sure how many of you listen to our podcasts.

NBA Might Believe Fans Can Return Before Season Ends

NBA might be smarter than me. In fact, I know that’s true. NBA is smarter than me. For the last week or so, I wondered why they were delaying the start of the season. The COVID news was relatively positive and it does seem like