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BrewCap: Garza’s Good Start Foiled By Quiet Bats

This feels weird writing but Matt Garza is coming around in the last two starts. Garza is starting to pitch at his best with getting a ton of groundballs and limiting damage. Further, he is striking out batters at a higher clip and finding ways

Aaron Rodgers’ Kentucky Derby Suit Was Flames

Aaron Rodgers is a regular at the Kentucky Derby. The recently single Packers quarterback’s first event out since his breakup with Olivia Munn. There weren’t many pictures of Rodgers, but Yahoo! News Katie Couric grab a photo with Packers quarterback and New England Patriots quarterback

Ryan Braun’s Injury Means 10 and 5 Rights Will Happen

If you read some of the postgame from Brewers 5-4 win versus Cardinals, Craig Counsell talked about Ryan Braun who has been out with a injured right trap muscle. It doesn’t sound good, and it’s likely Braun could be headed to the 10-day Disabled list.

Fight Night in DC: Celtics & Wizards Rivalry Grows

For awhile, crusty old NBA purists would say how ‘NBA doesn’t have any rivalries. All of these guys like each other because of AAU.’ That type in the NBA has come and gone. I feel like there’s more hate than ever from teams and players.

BrewCap: Brewers Solve Cardinals Curse (For Now)

Milwaukee Brewers had not won a series against St. Louis Cardinals since April 2014. They were 0-15-2 since they beat Cardinals in 2014. That’s incredible streak of futility by Brewers. It ended on Thursday night as they took two of three from St. Louis with

Big Baller Brand Screams Bust For Ball Family

I told myself that I wouldn’t talk about LaVar Ball too much. I meant that. He hasn’t been featured on the site very often since I made that declaration. But he released Lonzo Ball’s first shoe this afternoon to the sweet tune of $495. Yes,

Wisconsin Gets Guard Help With Transfer Trevor Anderson

Marquette wasn’t the only team in the State of Wisconsin with transfer news. Trevor Anderson who had a hell of a freshman year at UW-Green Bay will be transferring to Wisconsin where he will sit out a year then have three years left with Badgers.

Tapping The Keg Podcast: SnoTap Wrap Party

Consider this is the wrap-up podcasts to end all wrap-up podcasts. Mitch and Charlie talk about Charlie’s return to the podcasting studio after a week in paradise. He recaps his vacation and how his phone got him in trouble. The wrap up show continues by