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Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee’s Hot First Half Buries Hornets

Milwaukee Bucks were coming off their first loss since March 18th against Golden State. They were facing a Charlotte Hornets team who had a last gasp at the playoffs, but Buzz City needed to beat Bucks. That didn’t happen. Milwaukee ended that in the first

Jay Cutler Showed His Bare Tookus On Instagram

NFL free agent quarterback Jay Cutler is living the dream right now. He’s currently on vacation with his wife, Kristin Cavallari, in Mexico in what seems to be a great time. I’m not a follower Kirstin, but from the other Instagram pictures, I can see

Packers Are Not Done At Running Back

NFL Owners Meetings are this week in Phoenix because there aren’t enough things to do in Arizona’s capital city this week. Ted Thompson of the Green Bay Packers met with the media on Monday afternoon. As many know, Thompson doesn’t really do those things, and

Bucks Watch: Tuesday Could Shake Up Playoff Race

Milwaukee Bucks are currently the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. They’re going to have to scrap and claw for the rest of the season to get a playoff berth. Yesterday, we looked at what’s all possible for Milwaukee Bucks come playoff time. Now, we’re

NFL’s Move To Las Vegas Brings More Questions Than Answers

National Football League voted nearly unanimously to send Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. This is the third time in 14 months the NFL moved a team from a fanbase that loved them. That’s a tough pill to swallow. Roger Goodell has always been an owner-first

Cleveland Cavaliers Are Officially A Hot Mess

I’m not going to lie, we don’t have much to work off of today from the local side of things. We’re in a week holding pattern before Milwaukee Brewers are back in full swing and BrewCap’s return on a consistent basis. There are other things

Summerfest Brings The Chainsmokers To Town

Summerfest has been quiet for the last couple of weeks after their announcement of Tom Petty. As they continue to firm up their schedule, they announced what figures to be one of the bigger draws from a headliner in The Chainsmokers. This is a nice

Five Takeaways From Brewers Spring Training

Many people say that Spring Training means nothing in terms of the regular season. I would tend to agree for the most part. Remember Brooks Conrad? He tore up Spring Training for Brewers and made the roster before not registering a hit in the first