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Mike McCarthy’s Time In Green Bay Is Over

I like to think I’m a rational Packers fan. Some might agree with that, others might see it differently. I really try hard not to be a prisoner of the moment and avoid overreactions. This isn’t an overreaction… Mike McCarthy should be fired as head

Pathetic Packers Lose To Titans, 47-25

Everyone tried to wrap their brains around how Green Bay lost to Indianapolis last week, and this week, we found the answer. Green Bay isn’t a good football team. They have some talent, and some great individual players but that’s what Green Bay is currently…

Wisconsin Basketball’s Five Things To Get Excited About

Wisconsin basketball is tipping off versus Central Arkansas tonight. They are one of the favorites to begin the season. After surprising the college basketball world to come back from the dead thanks to Greg Gard who replaced Bo Ryan midseason, this year will have a

Marquette Basketball’s Five Things To Get Excited About

Marquette Basketball and college basketball season is here with many games played tonight. I love how college basketball designates one day to be the kickoff date for everything. We are going to stick with covering both Marquette and Wisconsin like we have in the past

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Tennessee

Fading in the First Half This is an interesting trend to watch for the remainder of the year. Michael Cohen of the Journal Sentinel did a great job rifling through the numbers to find Green Bay’s defense majorly struggles at the end of the first

Four Things to Watch: Illinois-Wisconsin

Wisconsin must feel like a free football team. They’re finally through a gauntlet of tough games, and the path is clear for Badgers to play in the Big Ten Championship game. That being said, nothing is given. We learned on Tuesday night that huge upsets

CFB Picks Week 11 Brought To You By Dubs The Husky

Sit down for the full game and maybe have a few beers, you’re not going anywhere. 20. USC at 4. Washington (-8.5) 6:30 pm FOX – The USC revival is one of the more fun things about college football this year. They looked to be

Ernie Johnson’s Commentary on United States Couldn’t Be Better

Ernie Johnson's thoughts on the presidential election. — NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) November 11, 2016 Not much to say about this one expect that it’s a very powerful thing to hear from TNT’s Ernie Johnson. Turner Sports deserves a ton of credit for giving

Bucks Buzz Vol. 8: Winless Teams Love Milwaukee

At 4-2, Milwaukee’s next two opponents were two of the league’s worst to start the year. Dallas got their first one against Bucks on Sunday night, and tonight, New Orleans got their first win of the year as Milwaukee couldn’t come back from the Pelicans’