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Pardon Murph’s Fantasy Week 2:

Nolan Murphy kickoffs off Week 2, The second ever Pardon Murph’s Fantasy. You hear his Draft Kings lineup, Wavier Wire Weekends and quick notes surrounding some of the biggest games such as Pittsburgh-Kansas City, Green Bay-Minnesota and many others. Give it a listen and win

Badgers Throw Quality Shade at Marquette

LET’S GO! Marquette’s schedule got released yesterday. In a perfect world, we would have a blog breaking down the Big East schedule and beyond. That’s not going to happen. But my favorite moment of the whole unveil was finding out that Wisconsin-Marquette will be a

SnoTapWI Badgers Preview: BYU vs. Wisconsin

Last year, Wisconsin went to Utah in hopes of boosting their score to the College Football Playoff committee. They played BYU, and it ended up that the Cougars were complete ass. The win did not look like much. Wisconsin is hoping it’s a little different

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: Minnesota vs. Green Bay

Green Bay Packers welcome the Minnesota Vikings to town for an early season matchup. This is one of the earlier matchups I can remember the team facing off against Minnesota. The hype is real around the Vikings. Many people picked them to the Super Bowl.

Weekend Watchlist Pod: 9/14-9/16: King of the North & Hot Brew Crew

Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist. For those unfamiliar, this is a podcast that gets you ready for the weekend of games. What should you be watching? What should you be paying attention to on your phones? We got you covered. This is a fun weekend.

Tapping The Keg: What’s Your Favorite WI Sports Rivalry?

Tapping the Keg returns for another edition of the podcast you all know and love. Mitch and Charlie chat about our favorite rivalries in the State of Wisconsin. What makes a rivalry fun? Why the Brewers-Cubs may be the number one at this very moment

How Dare the Brewers Take This Man’s Cubs Flag

In 2018, many random people seek attention because that’s how life works these days. Look at Instagram for examples of this – males and females who do not have any talent besides having good abs, big muscles, huge tits, toned ass run the channel. After

Javy Baez is Scared of Brewers in October

Javy Baez might be the Most Valuable Player in the National League. It’s going to be a tight race with Christian Yelich, Freddie Freeman, Trevor Story, Lorenzo Cain and others having legitimate claims to the title. Baez had a tough series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

BrewCap: Brewers Hunting NL Central Crown

Milwaukee Brewers knew the significance of last night’s Brewers-Cubs game. If the Brewers won, they would be one game back from the National League Central race and have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. If they lost, the attention would focus on the Wild Card where