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BrewCap: Yelich’s Homecoming is a Hit

Milwaukee Brewers have not lost a series since a matchup with Philadelphia in mid-June. Miami may look like a bad team due to record, but they’ve played .500 baseball over the last month. That’s all you can ask for with a struggling team. Marlins are

Thumbs Up to the PGA Tour Schedule Changes

PGA Tour announced this morning that they will be revamping their schedule for the 2018-2019 season. The PGA Tour is looking for a facelift as they probably are spread out to thin to almost have a full year of golf. The new schedule will try

Daily Tap: Craig Counsell’s No-Win Hader Situation

What’s going on, Tappers. Happy Tuesday to you all. Let’s chat about the day in sports, shall we? Craig Counsell is in a very tough spot with Josh Hader. Why it’s the ultimate ‘damned if you d do, damned if you don’t’ situation for the

Five Food Choices We’d Like to See in Bucks New Digs

An announcement came down over the weekend that the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena will have Chick-fil-A inside the arena. Yes, you heard that right. We will be able to enjoy chicken sandwiches during sporting events. Yes, it will be closed on Sundays, and that will

BrewCap: Miscues in Miami Plague Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers headed into Miami riding high. They won five of their last six games and beat the Atlanta Braves in three of four series against a nearly pcked Miller Park each day this weekend. It should be no surprise that the Brewers let down

SnoTap Summer Jam, a Special SnoTap Network Production

In case you missed it over the weekend, we did a special edition of the Daily Tap with Mitch Ross from Tapping The Keg and Nolan Murphy join me to chat about the Brewers. Is it World Series or bust for the team if they

Brewers Are the Front-Runners For Manny Machado

Yes, you read the headline right. Right now, national baseball writers are calling Milwaukee the favorite to land Manny Machado. Cue the kid from David at the Dentist… ‘Is this real life?’ Yes, it appears the Brewers are going all-in on the idea of winning

Daily Tap: #WeBelieveInJesus Campaign Headquarters

Happy Monday, Tappers! For some, this is one of the worst days of the year being back in the office for the first time for the month of July. If that’s you, I’m here for you. We chat about #WeBelieveInJesus, and why it did not

BrewCap: Brewers Pound Braves With a Longball Sunday

Milwaukee Brewers have been playing a lot of four games sets over the weekend. In the last few weeks, their brand has been to win the first two games then lose the next two games. The pattern spanned over multiple weeks and multiple series. There

Bucks Smartly Add Brook Lopez to the Squad

Milwaukee Bucks’ front office did not receive high marks for how they handled the offseason thus far. When we did our SnoTap Summer Jam, Murph failed the Bucks for how they’ve done the offseason so far while Mitch gave them a D. People were not