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Double Bird Flip Philly Fan Was The Best

This should have been blogged last night, but it was amazing to see this fan flip Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, in the first game of the season in the first quarter nonetheless. Westbrook’s reaction is priceless, and you have to wonder if

The Legend of Kyle Schwarber Continues in Cubs 5-1 Win

As a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I wish Kyle Schwarber played on any other team in baseball. He’s easy to cheer for with his dad bod appeal, bad facial hair and the ability to crush baseballs makes him very likable. He’s already done some memorable things

Indians Fans Only Pack Progressive Field When It Matters

Here in Wisconsin and Milwaukee specifically is the talk of whether you should or shouldn’t root for Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Another discussion is how new Cubs fans will come out of the woodwork given the Brewers lack of success and the sudden

JERSEY GRADES: Marquette’s Championship Blue

SOMEBODY CALL 911 JERSEY BURNING UP THE BASKETBALL FLOOR! Seriously, could Marquette wear these uniforms all the time? They are so hot. Now available in store & online! New #mubb jerseys & shorts. — MarquetteSpiritShop (@MUSpiritShop) October 24, 2016 I love what they

Tapping The Keg 2016-2017 NBA Preview

Welcome to NBA season. While we don’t have a Warriors hot take since we tape this on a Monday night, we do have some thoughts about how the league will shape up this season. The first half of this pod focuses around Milwaukee Bucks and

Welcome To Overreaction Warrior Wednesday

Golden State Warriors began their season last night with a 129-100 drubbing by San Antonio Spurs. A team they had handled pretty well in the regular season in 2015, and the new-look Spurs beat their ass from start to finish. Spurs bench scored 54 points

Cavaliers Championship Rings Are Icy

Championship rings are always gaudy these days, and Cleveland Cavaliers’ rings were no different. They are all studded out with diamonds, and it looks great. Cleveland received these rings before the season began, and all the Cavs did was kick New York’s ass by 29

Kluber and Perez Carries Indians in Game 1 Win

It’s not everyday Cleveland becomes the epicenter of the sports world. As Cleveland Indians’ next door neighbor the Cleveland Cavaliers were getting their championship ring, they were working on their first championship since 1948. Cleveland dominated Chicago in the first game of the series with