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Nike & SportsCenter Both Deliver Great Cubs World Series Ads

It's been a long time…but the @Cubs make Someday today. — Nike (@Nike) November 3, 2016 You knew a couple people would try to get on the train to wish Chicago Cubs well after winning the World Series. Why? It’s great marketing and there’s

Chicago Cubs Are World Champions & Cursed No More

Unbelievable. One of the greatest sports games I’ve ever watched in my life. I can’t imagine being a fan of either team for this whole game. This was brutal. Watching the ups and downs of my Cubs fan roommate was unlike something I’ve seen from

First College Football Playoff Rankings Yield Surprising Results

It’s almost like you need breathing exercises for college football fans across America. ‘Don’t overreact to the first week of rankings.’ ‘Don’t overreact.’ But there were some surprises as one should expect there to be with college football and rankings. Texas A&M, a team we

MCW Says Milwaukee Wasn’t Good For Him

File this under the least shocking news on the face of the planet. Former Milwaukee Bucks player Michael Carter-Williams took some time to rip Milwaukee’s ‘situation’ as he calls saying it wasn’t the best thing for him. Here’s what Carter-Williams said to the Chicago media

Ray Allen – Milwaukee’s Biggest What If

One of the best Milwaukee Bucks players to play the game said goodbye to the NBA on Tuesday morning when Ray Allen officially retired from the league. He’s 41 and got mentioned in a lot of rumors about attempting a comeback. Allen never joined a

Bucks Buzz Vol. 4: Giannis & Jabari Steal The Show

Bucks Buzz is your daily recap on what happened in tonight’s Bucks game. The goal is to get to the fine Tappers by the night of, but sometimes, it comes the next day or in weekend recap form. Players of the Game: Giannis Antetokounmpo and

Cubs Force Game 7 Tomorrow Night… Giddy Up.

GAME 7 BABY, NOTHING EASY! We’re supposed to tape a podcast tonight. Mitch and I talked about doing it as Game 6 wrapped up or after it yet there was a part of me that wanted to wait until Thursday when this thing is all

Packers And Chris Banjo Part Ways

Knile Davis isn’t the only Packers to pack his bags from Eastern Wisconsin. Chris Banjo leaves the team as well as par of an injury settlement. There are so many roster moves in the season where they really don’t matter and we just move on.

Wait, Hilary Duff Had To Apologize For Being a Pilgrim?!

I know 2016 sucks hard with apologizing for things. All people do is say ‘Sorry’ for things that they don’t need to say sorry for. Case in point, Hilary Duff for his Halloween costume. She had to apologize for being a pilgrim. I had no