Breakin’ Down The Bogdonvic Bucks’ Drama | The Daily Tap 11/19

The Daily Tap talks about all things Bogdan Bogdonvic, the Bucks’ second-round draft picks, and a look at the Wisconsin Badgers basketball schedule. Charlie discusses all the drama surrounding the Bogdan Bogdonvic situation. He talks about what the Bucks did wrong, how they can fix it, and why he still believes that Bogdan will be a Buck. Charlie also talks about why he doesn’t think this will deter Giannis from signing the supermax (0-13 mins). Charlie talks about the two newest Bucks, Jordan Nwora and Sam Merrill, and how they can contribute to this Milwaukee team in 2020-2021 (13-20 mins). Lastly, Charlie discusses the Badgers’ schedule and why he thinks this is a pretty easy schedule for the Badgers with the difficult part coming at the end (20-30 mins).

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