Bucks Buzz: Offense Explodes Yet Again vs. Washington

Milwaukee Bucks have played the Washington Wizards twice in a week. Each team Milwaukee and Washington got together, defense was optional especially for the Wizards. Milwaukee won on Wednesday night, 148-129. That’s a massive win for the Bucks from scoring perspective. They score the sixth-most points in their franchise history. The team had 85 points at halftime, and that’s a new record for the team. What an evening for the Milwaukee professional basketball team. Giannis Anetokounmpo and Eric Bledsoe led the way.

Player of the Game: Giannis Antetokounmpo – What a night for Giannis. He finished with 43 points, six rebounds, four assists and three steals. Antetokounmpo had himself an evening. He only missed four shots the entire game. Washington did not have an answer from the start of this game to the end of it. They can’t guard him, and he knew that from the minute the game began on Wednesday night. Giannis also added three 3-pointers from deep. This guy is somehow, someway getting better as the season goes on.

Silver Star: Eric Bledsoe – After playing All-Stars D’Angelo Russell and Bradley Beal, it’s pretty clear Eric Bledsoe didn’t like getting left off the team. He was terrific again last night. Bledsoe finished with 22 points, 10 assists and six rebounds. The big moment for him was the fourth quarter. Washington inched back a little bit, and Bledsoe shut the fucking door on them with a furry of points and good defense. He is playing at a very high level in the last couple of games, and if he is like this, good luck stopping Milwaukee.

Positive: Bucks three-point shooting came to life – After a few games of Milwaukee struggling from deep, they needed their Washington medicine. Milwaukee made 19-of-30 threes for a sweet 63 percent from behind the arc. That’s incredible from a Bucks team that hasn’t really done that in awhile. The most important member of the three-point barrage may be Ersan Ilyasova who has been a corpse for the last couple of weeks.

Negative: Defense wasn’t always there – This is tough, right? Bucks score 148, but they still gave up 129. I don’t look at the number, rather, it’s important to focus on certain parts of the game where the defense looked optional for Milwaukee. Wizards still came back from a 25-point deficit and nearly made it a six-point game at certain points of the fourth quarter. This game became air tight for a few minutes, and Bucks did a good job bouncing back. Yet there’s no reason to let this Washington team back into the game.

Highlight of the Night: Bledsoe’s putback dunk off a free throw is amazing.

Next up: Bucks head back on the road to Dallas. I would not be shocked if Giannis sits this game. They have a back-to-back with Orlando the next night at home. This feels like a perfect opportunity to give Giannis a day off. Dallas-Milwaukee played a good game in Milwaukee a few weeks ago, but that’s a different Dallas team as DeAndre Jordan, Harrison Barnes and Wes Matthews are no longer on the team.


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