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SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Wisconsin Sports Jerseys

The middle of the week is always the slowest for sports content. This seems to be a theme. We get this roller coaster right. Lots of content Monday and Tuesday then nothing Wednesday and Thursday then a tick up on Friday and Saturday. But you

What The Hell is Happening With UW-Green Bay Basketball?

Coaching changes in college basketball happen every offseason. There is a coaching carousel like every other sport. But this year it was different. A few hirings and firings happened. Most believe that was due to the COVID-19 crisis. Out of the absolute blue on Sunday

Five-Star Patrick Baldwin Jr’s Top 10 Schools Isn’t Typical

Milwaukee area high school basketball is pumping out five-star talent. After Jalen Johnson of Nicolet chose Duke last year, Baldwin Jr is the next up to make his choice. He is a likely McDonald’s All-American and considered one of the best recruits in 2021. It

What Jose Perez Will Bring to Marquette

Marquette Golden Eagles decided they were not done with the transfer portal. Golden Eagles nabbed another guard yesterday by adding Jose Perez from Gardner-Webb. Perez is a 6’5 guard who scored 19.9 points per game for Gardner-Webb. He will likely sit out this year unless

Steve Wojciechowski Can Try To Preach Patience Even If No One Believes Him

Marquette Golden Eagles would have likely been in the NCAA Tournament for the third time in six years under Steve Wojciechowski. But with the COVID-19 pandemic canceling the tournament, it is unknown what Marquette might have done in March. In an interview with Big East

The Curious Case of Brendan Bailey Declaring for the NBA Draft

On Monday morning, Marquette Golden Eagles fans were surprised by the news that Brendan Bailey is deciding to declare himself for the NBA Draft. Bailey did not have a year that would make you think he’s ready for the NBA. But the thought is that

The Marquette Surprise: D.J. Carton Joins Golden Eagles

Marquette Golden Eagles seem to reach out to every possible transfer. Golden Eagles head coach Steve Wojciechowski plus staff seemed hellbent on finding some upgrades for this team. It felt like come hell or high water Marquette would have a transfer on their roster. As

Predicting A Plan For Sports in 2020 is Simply Unpredictable

Do you ever get into a news story? A news story that might carry a little weight to it. Or something crazy that you read an article about. COVID-19 and the outcomes around have fascinated me. What I typically apply my knowledge to with sports,

Breaking Down The Marquette Jersey Bracket

Everyone is doing some sort of bracket or quarantine house to pass the time. We did our own on the podcast yesterday. SnoTapWI hasn’t done a bracket yet. Why? Honestly, there is so much crossover that it isn’t worth my time. We are in a

D’Mitrik Trice Hilariously Keeps Scaring Aleem Ford

You have to do different things to keep yourself occupied in these times. Maybe you’re reading more books or watching more television. Maybe you’ve got into board games again. Some have taken back their video game habit like a drug addict. There are opportunities all