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MubbCap: Marquette Wakes Up & Handles St. John’s

Marquette Golden Eagles got off to a rough start on Tuesday night. They started slow out of the gates. Maybe that was expected after the hard-fought game on Saturday afternoon. Golden Eagles woke up from their slumber and started to lay the smackdown on St.

Brendan Bailey Dunks All Over St. John’s

Brendan Bailey did not have a great game against St. John’s. He missed a couple of corner threes. But at the end of the game, as Marquette looked to close out St. John’s, Bailey delivered one of the best dunks of the season. Marquette has

MubbCap: Howard’s Huge Day Leads to Big Marquette Win

Markus Howard is not from planet earth. I mean, he probably is but man, it is such a joy to watch him play basketball. Howard had 42 points in 34 minutes on Saturday in a win against Georgetown. Marquette scored a key win against the

MubbCap: Marquette Mows Down Xavier

Marquette Golden Eagles and Xavier Musketeers both needed a win on Wednesday night. Both teams started out 1-3 in the Big East. Both had big aspirations this season to make the NCAA Tournament. One team responded from getting off to a rough start, one did

Giannis & Bud Attending Wesley Matthews’ Night Warms My Heart

Giannis Antetokounmpo does the little things. The little things that make you love him even more as a person and an athlete. The guy is a genuinely good person, therefore, I’m not surprised when he does nice things. For example, he spent his off night

MubbCap: Marquette Puts Itself In Big East Hole

Despite Marquette’s struggles over the past five years, they have not been in a 1-3 hole in some time. Marquette has not started 1-3 since 2011. In that year, Golden Eagles lost close games against Villanova twice and West Virginia. Marquette would turn it around

MubbCap: Golden Eagles’ Bounce Back In Big Way

After Wednesday’s tough loss against the Creighton Blue Jays, Marquette fans wondered what the Big East season had in store for them. They took on 10th ranked Villanova on Saturday afternoon. The Wildcats are considered one of the Big East favorites. Marquette looked like the

MubbCap: Marquette Opens Big East Season on Sour Note

Marquette Golden Eagles and New Year’s Day road games do not mix. For the third straight year, Marquette played on New Year’s Day. They have lost all three games. In 2017, they lost a heartbreaker to Seton Hall. In 2018, Marquette received an ass-kicking from

MubbCap: Marquette’s Major December Blowout

In a surprise to no one, Marquette had themselves an easy finish to the non-conference season. Central Arkansas is the worst team that Marquette will face all season. Golden Eagles did not take them lightly. They came out and laid the hammer against the Bears

MubbCap: Marquette Used Final Push To Finish Bison

Marquette Golden Eagles faced off against the North Dakota State Bison before the Christmas holiday. North Dakota State is the kind of non-conference team you want to play. They’re not a cupcake per se, but they’re also not a team you should lose to or