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Wichita State Delivers Too Many Body Blows to Marquette

Marquette knew that yesterday’s game would be a challenge versus Wichita State. They’re ranked number six in the nation, and some college basketball reporters think they’re the best team in college basketball. Marquette knew they had to play damn well in order to have a

Howard & Hauser Put on a Second Half Show

Marquette arrived with a tough game against VCU at the Maui Invitational with a potential matchup against a top ten team tomorrow with number six Wichita State. This was a great test for Marquette to see where there are as a team. They passed with

Purdue’s Size & Skill Is Too Much For Marquette

Marquette had an early challenge in the season with a home game against the 19th ranked Purdue Boilermakers. Golden Eagles had a chance to get a resume-builder win in the first week of the season. Marquette hung with Purdue for about 20 minutes, but the

College Hoops Has Lost Its Luster

You may have noticed the lack of college hoops coverage in the last week. Some of that is due to me being busy, and many stories related to Wisconsin sports breaking at the same time. The other part of it is the fact that college

Tyler Herro Decommits From Wisconsin

In a surprising move, four-star in-state recruit Tyler Herro decommitted from Wisconsin and opened up his recruitment again for his senior season. Apparently, this is a rumor that’s been out there for awhile in the summer AAU season, but nothing came of it at that

Virginia Tech Hoops Is Marquette’s Newest Recruiter

Virginia Tech basketball is attempting to make their rise in the very tough ACC. Buzz Williams came over from Marquette in a move that many saw as sideways or backwards from the Golden Eagles. As it’s been unearthed, there were several problems with Buzz and

Marquette & Bucks Keep Special Milwaukee Bond

An announcement was made on Tuesday that Marquette Basketball will have a seven-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks to play home in their new stadium starting next season. This is great news for all parties involved. At different points of negotiating, there were some rumors

Joey Hauser Takes Marquette To Another Level

Marquette Golden Eagles and Wisconsin Badgers along with Michigan State have been chasing five-star 2018 recruit Joey Hauser. The last name is obviously familiar as he’s Sam’s younger brother. Joey wasn’t completely locked into Marquette amid what others had thought about him. He played out

Marquette Adding Ed Morrow Is An Interesting Move

Out of the blue on Wednesday night, Marquette Golden Eagles added to their roster by getting Ed Morrow from Nebraska Cornhusker as a transfer. Morrow will sit out the 2017-2018 season then he will play two seasons for the Golden Eagles. He battled injuries during

Marquette Adds Another Detroit Prospect in Greg Elliott

We hear all the time about teams building recruiting pipelines in different parts of the country. You obviously want to cover your own state, but if you can find a city or state where you can benefit with multiple players, it’s a big deal for