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MubbCap: Big East Ruins & Robs Marquette’s Matchup

Marquette played in the Big East semifinals for the first time since realignment came into the fold. Last time they played in this game, Buzz Williams was the coach and Louisville played in the Big East. Marquette had an opportunity to get revenge on Seton

MubbCap: Marquette Delivers a Major Response

Heading into Marquette’s game versus St. John’s on Thursday night, expectations were uncertain. Marquette lost four straight games and St. John’s has been a thorn in their side all season. Johnnies accounted for the only two losses Marquette had in conference before they went on

Markus Howard Receives Big East’s Highest Honor

Markus Howard joined a special fraternity yesterday being named Big East Player of the Year. The names in that brotherhood feature some of the biggest names in college and professional basketball. Howard joins guys like Ray Allen, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, Kris Dunn,

MubbCap: Marquette Drops Fourth Straight to Finish Year

Marquette Golden Eagles are a mess right now. They cannot close the deal on games. Marquette reminds me of myself in college where I could talk to girls until about 12 or 12:30 at night then I start slurring my words or acting real anxious

MubbCap: The Marquette Meltdown Special

It’s hard to write about what happened last night. Marquette Golden Eagles got exactly what they needed before the five minute mark of the second half. They were winning by nine points with 4:55 left. If the Golden Eagles play two more good minutes of

MubbCap: Marquette Throws Away a Big East Title

In sports, you cannot expect to win a game or a tournament. It doesn’t matter the sport. If you come out with that feeling, you’re likely going to get smacked in the mouth. Marquette proved that to everyone at the Fiserv Forum or watching at

Henry Ellenson Gets a Shot With New York Knicks

A few weeks ago, some people including certain media types were piling on Henry Ellenson. The former Marquette one-and-done star received vitriol after the Detroit Pistons, the team who drafted him, cut him after three seasons. The fit with the Pistons did not work for

MubbCap: Marquette Misses Golden Opportunity

Marquette had a chance to beat Villanova at their home gym last night. That thought will stick with me until the next Marquette game on Sunday afternoon. Golden Eagles had a chance here, and they blew it by going cold down the stretch. Marquette did

MubbCap: The Other Guys Pick Up Howard & Marquette

Markus Howard didn’t have it on Saturday afternoon. Howard struggled from the field going 2-for-12 for the game. FOX college basketball analyst Jim Jackson said ‘Sometimes, the Pips have to be the stars of the night.’ Jackson is referring to Gladys Knight, the lead singer

Marquette Sits Alone in Big East Lead

Well, look what we have here. Marquette is the leader of the Big East. Villanova is no longer tied with the Golden Eagles after they fell to Georgetown last night in a surprising loss for the Wildcats. They’ve now lost two straight and three of