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Marquette Has No One to Blame But Themselves

Marquette Golden Eagles are among the list of teams that just missed the cut when it came to the NCAA Tournament. Marquette could not get into the tournament in consecutive years. It’s disappointing to say the least, but the Golden Eagles can still continue their

Villanova Hot Second Half Overwhelms Marquette

With the bubble games not breaking in Marquette’s favor on Thursday afternoon, a part of me thought it was all part of the master plan. Marquette would do this their damn selves and finally climb over the hump versus Villanova, a team who they’ve came

Marquette Survive Another DePaul Scare

Max Straus had been red hot coming down the stretch. He looked like an assassin out there, and Marquette gave him a wide open look at three to win the game. Straus lined it up and hit the front iron. Andrew Rowsey grabbed the rebound,

Your Marquette Bubble Watch Champ Week Guide

Marquette is squarely on the bubble. They are sitting right on top as a second team out at this very moment according to Bracket Matrix which is a handy resource for those bubble watching this weekend. There are many teams that Marquette fans need pay

Marquette Makes Last Bradley Center Game a Memorable One

Barring an NIT appearance by Marquette, the last Bradley Center game for the Golden Eagles was one for the record books. They close out the building that has housed Marquette for the last 30 years with an amazing comeback victory led by Andrew Rowsey whom

NIT Debuting Experimental Rules is Good For College Hoops

NCAA announced yesterday that the NIT will have some experimental rules being debuted during the NIT. It’s a good spot for the NCAA to test out new ideas. The tournament is a posteason celebration for those who couldn’t make a 68-team field. The emotion for

Marquette Wins a Whacky Overtime Thriller vs. Georgetown

After Saturday and a bad Monday, Marquette seemed to be out of my mind. I completely forgot they played on Monday. Now, the Golden Eagles haven’t played much on Mondays this season in Big East play, so, forgive me and I’ll be honest, Saturday took

DePaul’s New Arena is a House of Horrors for Marquette

In the last few years with DePaul being one of the worst programs in college basketball, there was always the worry about going to DePaul for a game. That old Rosemont gym played like a house of horrors for teams where baskets would go missing

Marquette Gets Red Storm Revenge & Doesn’t Let Down

You could see it as a possibility for Marquette… They’re headed home to play lowly St. John’s after their big victory on Saturday. Marquette would have to do it without Markus Howard who missed the game with a right hip contusion. Golden Eagles showed no

Marquette’s Unthinkable Late-Night Comeback vs. Creighton

It’s midday on Monday, and it’s still incredible Marquette beat Creighton on Saturday night. Markus Howard goes down with an injury and the team itself trailed by 14 points at halftime giving up 53 points. Then in Howard’s absence, Marquette started to comeback. They went