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Daily Tap: Happy Opening Day, Y’all

Happy Opening Day (0-8 mins) Brewers-Padres this afternoon with Chase Anderson vs. Clayton Richard. Brewers struggled last year versus lefties, we’ll see if that trend arises again. Padres bring in Eric Hosmer. Added Chase Headley and Freddie Glavis. Jose Pirela and Manuel Margot are both

Sister Jean Slander Will Not Be Tolerated

Sister Jean is the star of the NCAA Tournament. She’s incredible. It’s a story out of Disney with a Cinderella team makes a run, and its team chaplain, Sister Jean, sees it all the way. She’s captivated the hearts of so many due her great

Daily Tap: Loyola & Michigan Keep it Rollin’

Loyola kicked some serious ass yesterday (0-8 mins). It’s fun to watch a Cinderella come through like this. Ben Richardson was awesome and hit the dagger three to keep KState at bay. Still wish Kentucky would have beaten K-State. Game was kind of a bore

Leonard Hamilton Has No Time for Your Questions

This is still going viral this morning as Florida State’s head coach Leonard Hamilton basically shut down CBS Sports’ Dana Jacobson’s questions after the game. It’s a weird interaction. There’s no way around it. Hamilton acts stunned that people questioned him for not fouling with

The Reseeded Sweet Sixteen

NCAA Tournament is a day away from kicking back off again. It feels like this week takes forever to get here. Much of the reason is due to the NFL Free Agency slowed down, NBA is getting closer to the playoffs and baseball is finishing

Penn State Closes the Book on Marquette’s Season

Marquette had a chance to get to New York City tonight to play in the NIT Semifinals next week with a win against Penn State. It could step up a juicy matchup with former rival Louisville next week. That didn’t happen as Marquette fell to

Marquette Continues its NIT Run with Dominating Oregon

Marquette is keeping their season alive for another couple of days. The Golden Eagles crushed Oregon on Sunday afternoon with a dominating 102-91 victory in a win that was much more of a blowout than the score indicates. Marquette showed off their offensive skills as

Daily Tap: Instant NCAA Tournament Reactions

I taped this on Sunday night, but it never made the blog. I thought I could get it up here for the people in case they missed it last night. NCAA No Marquette, that sucks. SHouldn’t have lost to DePaul or St. Johns or Providence.

Marquette Has No One to Blame But Themselves

Marquette Golden Eagles are among the list of teams that just missed the cut when it came to the NCAA Tournament. Marquette could not get into the tournament in consecutive years. It’s disappointing to say the least, but the Golden Eagles can still continue their

Villanova Hot Second Half Overwhelms Marquette

With the bubble games not breaking in Marquette’s favor on Thursday afternoon, a part of me thought it was all part of the master plan. Marquette would do this their damn selves and finally climb over the hump versus Villanova, a team who they’ve came