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Marquette Wins a Whacky Overtime Thriller vs. Georgetown

After Saturday and a bad Monday, Marquette seemed to be out of my mind. I completely forgot they played on Monday. Now, the Golden Eagles haven’t played much on Mondays this season in Big East play, so, forgive me and I’ll be honest, Saturday took

Davison’s Career Day Not Enough to Beat Michigan State

Brad Davison is already a Badger legend. We talked about it on the Daily Tap yesterday as Davison cemented his claim of being a Badger over the past few months. He’s the classic look of a prototypical Badger player with the buzzcut, the attitude, grittiness

DePaul’s New Arena is a House of Horrors for Marquette

In the last few years with DePaul being one of the worst programs in college basketball, there was always the worry about going to DePaul for a game. That old Rosemont gym played like a house of horrors for teams where baskets would go missing

Badgers Fans Chant ‘Cheater’ at Miles Bridges

Michigan State and Wisconsin faced off against each other on Sunday afternoon. Michigan State’s Miles Bridges found himself in the crosshairs of the NCAA scandal where his mom took $400 from some agent and a free meal. Bridges was one of the lesser dollar amount

Badgers Keep it Rolling vs. Northwestern

Wisconsin Badgers are getting hot to finish off the season. They’ve won four of the last five games and look better than they had all season. The young team grew up in the past couple of weeks and will prove to be a tough out

Marquette Gets Red Storm Revenge & Doesn’t Let Down

You could see it as a possibility for Marquette… They’re headed home to play lowly St. John’s after their big victory on Saturday. Marquette would have to do it without Markus Howard who missed the game with a right hip contusion. Golden Eagles showed no

Badgers Finish Their Comeback in Overtime

Wisconsin Badgers trailed their rival, the Minnesota Golden Gophers, by seven points with six minutes left to go in the game. Things did not look good at this point for Wisconsin as offense came at a premium. Badgers only scored 51 points heading into the

Marquette’s Unthinkable Late-Night Comeback vs. Creighton

It’s midday on Monday, and it’s still incredible Marquette beat Creighton on Saturday night. Markus Howard goes down with an injury and the team itself trailed by 14 points at halftime giving up 53 points. Then in Howard’s absence, Marquette started to comeback. They went

Frank Kaminsky Gets Showered with Badgers Love

Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky returned to Madison, Wisconsin to get his number retired on Thursday versus Purdue. It was a cool scene to see all of the former Badgers and teammates come back to see him get his number put into the rafters. It

Five Reasons To Keep Watching Marquette

College basketball is a weird sport. The waves of emotions you go through a season can be plentiful. Sometimes, you’re cheering for a near contender where there might be moments of ‘This team isn’t making out of the first weekend’, yet you always know they’re