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Lonzo Ball-Markelle Fultz Rivalry Needs To Happen

On Tuesday, now former UCLA standout Lonzo Ball made his rounds on ESPN. Not like he would need the attention thanks to his play and his dad, but Ball continues to try to make headlines before the Final Four. Ball said He was a better

Darius Rucker Is My Favorite Final Four Super Fan

Every collegiate team has a super fan. You know the guy or girl they show in the stands after a big play or after a commercial break with Jim Nantz saying something cheesy. They also do interviews all over the place talking about their fanhood.

Maye Madness as North Carolina Heads To Final Four

Elite Eight did not have the same flavor on Saturday night than the Sweet 16 did, but Sunday’s games made up for that. South Carolina-Florida played an SEC East Classic in Madison Square Garden, but it was a great undercard to the main event of

Hoopcap: Heartbreak Heard Round’ The World

Wisconsin Badgers were on a quest to get to their third Final Four in four years. It didn’t look good for perennial Big Ten power as they trailed by 12 points in the final five minutes of the game. But as Wisconsin has done many

Wisconsin Looks To Avoid An MSG Repeat Performance

Wisconsin Badgers will play their second game of the season at Madison Square Garden tonight when they take on Florida Gators. Madison Square Garden is seen as the greatest basketball venue in all of basketball. It’s a little overdone, but there’s something always cool about

Xavier’s Slipper Still Fits & Marches To Elite 8

What to make of a low seed high major team? They’re not technically a Cinderella, but at the same time, this is completely unexpected. We remember what Syracuse did last season, and this is a little similar to what we saw there. Musketeers go on

PODCAST: Happy ‘Pretend You’re A Badgers Fan’ Week

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast. Wisconsin Badgers are in Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. We talk about two things with Badgers fandom – One is how people all expect the other Wisconsinites to be Badgers fans during this

Duane Wilson Left His Mark On Marquette

On Monday afternoon, Duane Wilson, Marquette’s redshirt junior, announced he would be graduating in May and looking for a new school to grad transfer to for his final season. Wilson was a leader of this Marquette basketball, and he played a large part in bringing

The Conference Pissing Match Is Out Of Control

When Michigan advanced to Sweet 16 on Sunday afternoon, every Big Ten fan ran to their keyboard to talk about how ‘Big 10 wasn’t actually down this season.’ For some reason, fans believe that the best way to talk about a conference is to judge

Are Wisconsin The Favorites In The East Regional?

Wisconsin Badgers knew their opponent after Saturday night with Florida Gators who are in the Sweet 16 for the first time since 2014. They didn’t know what the other half of the region would look like. Many thought Duke Blue Devils would be there and