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Badgers Throw Quality Shade at Marquette

LET’S GO! Marquette’s schedule got released yesterday. In a perfect world, we would have a blog breaking down the Big East schedule and beyond. That’s not going to happen. But my favorite moment of the whole unveil was finding out that Wisconsin-Marquette will be a

Three Things About Wisconsin’s Big Ten Hoops Schedule

Wisconsin Badgers basketball is in need of a bounce back season. They missed the NCAA Tournament for the first time in 19 years. They had a sub .500 record in conference, and the team looked like a shell of themselves. This is a big year

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers’ Badgers Jerseys are Fire

My online presence is a weird one. It is partly my fault. Since I do not have an issue with the University of Wisconsin besides their basketball team, I cheer for their football team. I’m going to let my Marquette Twitter friends know this in

Jalen Johnson is Moving to Milwaukee

We talked about Jalen Johnson last week as the recruiting battle heats up for him. Wisconsin and Marquette are both going hard for the 2020 recruit as well as the entire college basketball landscape. Johnson decided to make a move to Nicole coming from Sun

Travis Diener Calls Game Then Gives Legendary Postgame Interview

Marquette TBT team has been a ton of fun. They were a good time last year, but they came back better than ever. Travis Diener joined the team after deciding to leave his job as a Marquette assistant and go back to play in Italy.

Jalen Johnson is the Next Great Wisconsin Recruiting Battle

On Sunday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article talking about five-star premier recruit Jalen Johnson out of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The article focused on Wisconsin’s effort to get Johnson with the likes of Florida, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona all coming after him. The writer

The Bucks New Arena Roof Makes Me Upset

I am here to tell you that the Bucks new arena has a bad roof. Yes, you heard me right, the roof stinks out loud. I’m not pleased about it, but what are you going to do? People say there are worse things in life

Wisconsin & Marquette Get Marquee Gavitt Games

For the second straight year, Marquette and Wisconsin will have premier games for The Gavitt Games where it pits Big East and Big Ten teams against each other. For the Badgers, they’ll be meeting Xavier for the second straight year reigniting their testy game from

Marquette Lands Two Transfers This Weekend.

Marquette Golden Eagles find a way to keep making themselves better. You have to appreciate this team’s willingness to add talented players. Marquette did that twice this weekend with netting grad transfer Joseph Chartouny from Fordham, and transfer Koby McEwen from Utah State. Golden Eagles

What’s Marquette and Wisconsin Outlook for 2018-2019 Season?

With everyone coming out with their ‘way too early’ top 25 polls, it’s fair to think about what the teams in-state might do next season. Marquette and Wisconsin both missed the tournament last year, and it’s the first time since the mid 90s that the