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Villanova Should Be Mad At Wisconsin’s 8 Seed

One of the constant themes of the Badgers 65-62 win over Villanova were Badgers fans exclaiming how they ‘were not an eight seed.’ For some reason, they all were miffed at the seed given to them, and the victory over the defending national champion proved

Hoopcap: Marquette’s Shook Second Half Leads To Blowout

Marquette Golden Eagles entered the tournament for the first time since 2013. Standing at a crowded bar with the sound piped in, I felt a special sort of excitement. There isn’t a better feeling. South Carolina seemed like a formidable opponent, but they were beatable.

I Guarantee Madness For The Next Two Day

Let me guess, you were at the bar last night and said to your buddy or significant other ‘These two days have sucked.’ You wondered why you took off work for a day and a half or why you spent so much money on betting

Hoopcap: Koenig and Hayes Carries Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers head into the NCAA Tournament with many questions. They had a successfully Big Ten Tournament, but NCAA Tournament Committee seeded Wisconsin much lower than anyone expected. Badgers talked all week about how they had a ‘chip on their shoulder.’ Wisconsin looked much better

How Marquette Can Go Far in NCAA Tournament

In reality, this headline is deceiving. I’m not practicing the art of clickbait, but the fact remains that Marquette is playing with a whole bunch of house money on Friday night. Like they are a year early in the process of the rebuild by head

SnoTap Madness Day 1 Early Recap: Chalk on Chalk

Since I’m off of work, we’re going to have some fun with March Madness as much as we can. I’ll try to knock out recaps in the late afternoon today and tomorrow then the night recaps will come in the morning. Not sure what we’ll

How Wisconsin Can Go Far in NCAA Tournament

Wisconsin Badgers are up against the wall has an eight seed. If they beat a good Virginia Tech team, they will play Villanova, the overall number one seed. Badgers are attempting to return to the Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. For the seniors

Univ of New Orleans Player Went Sprewell On A Teammate

NCAA Tournament doesn’t usually have some of the weird drama between teammates like we sometimes see during the season, but maybe, this year is different. University of New Orleans kicked off the First Four by playing Mount Saint Mary’s, and the game was close for

I’m Done Being Mad At LaVar Ball’s Hot Takes

My friends at SnoTapWI. I’m ready to make an announcement. I’m not going to be mad at LaVar Ball’s stupid things. I’m not going to keep running back to well and blog everything he’s going to say in the next couple weeks. Rob Perez called

Tapping The Keg Podcast: The Bracket Busters

Tapping The Keg Podcast returns for another edition. This time, we are talking NCAA bracket and what to make of the 2017 NCAA Tournament. One thing to note, we had to tape this podcast over Skype due to bad Wisconsin weather so you need to