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Hoopcap: Badgers Bounce Back In A Major Way

Wisconsin Badgers found themselves with their backs against the wall on Senior Day. They’ve lost three straight and needed one win to get themselves right again. Problem was they faced a red-hot Minnesota team who would have loved nothing more than to bury their rival

Hoopcap: Marquette Finishes With A Bang

Marquette had its first real Senior Day in quite some time. Jajuan Johnson, Luke Fischer and Duane Wilson had some seen some shit through their years with Golden Eagles. But all three players held strong, and they could be dancing in March in their final

Hoopcap: Iowa Stuns Wisconsin After Late-Game Meltdown

With two minutes left, it appears Wisconsin basketball could get out of the doldrums of losing two straight and losing four of their last five games. They held a five point lead heading into the final part of the game. That’s when everything went to

PODCAST: Coming Out Of Bar Crawl Retirement

Tapping The Keg Podcast wishes you a Happy Friday. This week, the boys talk about Shamrock Shuffle, a premier event in Milwaukee. Charlie is coming out of ‘retirement’ to do a bar crawl again, we’ll see how it works out for him. Bar crawl heads

Hoopcap: Marquette Makes a Statement In Cincy

People talk all the time about statement wins. Yes, it’s a cliche terminology, but there are games you can point where it feels the team is trying to send a message. Marquette did that on Wednesday night. They beat up Xavier from the first whistle

Northwestern Beats The Buzzer & Probably Dancing

In one of the more dramatic games you’ll see in college basketball, Northwestern Wildcats caught a baseball pass for a layup and win over Michigan. Many pundits are saying the 10-win Wildcats are in the NCAA Tournament. No questions asked, they’re a lock to play

Marquette’s New Jordan’s Are The New Hotness

I’m going to need a cigarette looking at Marquette’s newest shoes that are for sale to the general public, and they are some of the best I’ve seen from the Jordan Brand. I’m not a sneakers guy, but my goodness, these are great. What a

Meet The New Coolest Kid In Boise, Idaho

At the beginning of the Fresno State-Boise State game, a wild shot went over the backboard and the basketball got stuck behind the rim. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen in basketball. This is a different kind of wedgie (Shouts to The Starters), a much more

Lonzo Ball Should Pull An Aaron Rodgers On His Family

I really don’t know how I ended up hating Lonzo Ball’s family. I love watching Lonzo play basketball for UCLA. In fact, I hope there’s a chance he could come to Milwaukee for the NCAA Tournament. But I can’t take his dad, LeVar or his

Hoopcap: East Lansing Continues To Be A House of Horrors

The seniors on Wisconsin’s basketball team had never won in East Lansing. They were hoping on Sunday afternoon that things could change, and a feather in the cap for the seniors could be achieved. Instead, the game at East Lansing proved to be much of