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Daily Tap 3/17/18: UMBC SHOCKS THE WORLD

YO UMBC DID THE THING 16 over 1 happened. I can’t believe it. Jarius Lyles is a god. Same with KJ Maura UMBC owned the night and officially the tournament. Virginia couldn’t have been more tighter. It came at them like ton of bricks and

Daily Tap: Arizona No-Shows March Madness

March Madness! Three things from last night (0-8 mins)Arizona’s no-show in the tournament – WTF, how could you? Defense terrible?Should have consulted Cousin Darren, Buffalo will give Kentucky a game. Wish I done my Rob Gray research. Dude was a complete killer out there. Houston-SDSU

Daily Tap 3/15/18: March Madness Viewing Guide Day 1

Power rankings of the Thursday games (0-10) Oklahoma vs. URI, Penn vs. Kansas, Wright State vs. Tenn< UNC Greensboro vs. Gonzaga, Loyola vs. Miami, South Dakota St. vs. OSU, NC State vs. Seton Hall, Iona vs. Duke, Davidson vs. Kentucky, SDSU vs. Houston, SFA vs.

Daily Tap: Nelson Leaves; Graham & Mo Arrive

Jordy Nelson gets released (2-11 mins) Move had to be done for the Packers to free up room. Need to understand that the Packers need to get faster and more athletic for today’s NFL. Jordy lost a step. He became a glorified tight end with

Daily Tap: Instant NCAA Tournament Reactions

I taped this on Sunday night, but it never made the blog. I thought I could get it up here for the people in case they missed it last night. NCAA No Marquette, that sucks. SHouldn’t have lost to DePaul or St. Johns or Providence.

Daily Tap 3/12: The Return of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods doesn’t win but good vibes all around (0-9 mins)Getting to watch a full Tiger Woods round felt fantastic. Couldn’t watch Saturday so missed the fireworks, but still awesome to see him hold up. He’s definitely winning one tournament this year. Much harder than

Daily Tap Special Edition: Damarious Debrief

So this podcast was supposed to be on Saturday, but I had some issues with time, so, I’m getting it up now. We’ll have a new one that we’ll tape around 6-630 once the bracket is out. Here we go. Damarious Randall dealt (0-6)At first,

Daily Tap: Bucks Fans Need to Relax

Bucks Expectations (0-9 mins) Everyone is losing their mind for no real reason. Have we even considered how the losses of Brogdon and Delly are affecting this team?toughest eight game stretch wrapped upYes, if they lose tonight, it’s panic button time.Time for a lineup shakeup

Daily Tap 3/8/18: Marquette’s Bubble Hasn’t Popped

Daily Tap is live with recapping all the hoops that happened in the state last night. Marquette-DePaul (0-10 mins) That was a sweat, DePaul scored way too much. Are they in the tournament?Howard goes silent again vs DePaul, good to finally get one at MSG,

Daily Tap: Bachelor Arie Is Public Enemy No. 1

Daily Tap is live and once again on Tuesday, we’re talking Bachelor (0-10 mins)… I wasn’t going to talk about the Bachelor first, but yeah, it’s wild, Arie is a complete douchebag, that was trainwreck television at itsfinest Apparently, Becca is going to be Bachelorette.