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Daily Tap 2/2/18: God Hates the Bucks

Friday’s Daily Tap features the following things – how I ended up with a potential case of Salmonella, God officially hates the Milwaukee Bucks franchise, the first ever fake tough gal of the week and what to watch this weekend. TOPIC 1: Yes, God Hates

Daily Tap 2/1/18: The Quest For 50 Bucks Wins

Daily Tap for Thursday in a new month. Thanks to all those who listen or read us, it’s much appreciated. Let’s talk about a quest. This quest will be for 50 games for the Milwaukee Bucks. The road starts tonight and goes until the end

Daily Tap 1/30/18: Greg Gard Needs to Hire Himself

Daily Tap is live on Tuesday where we chatting about a variety of topics starting with the DFS community mad at Eric Bledsoe, Greg Gard needing a clone, some Nick Foles chatter and Kim Kardashian TOPIC 1: We look at the Bucks win last night

Daily Tap 1/27/18: Milwaukee Brewers Aren’t World Series Contenders… Yet

Daily Tap is live for Saturday where we talk about a host of things from a local and national perspective. We talk Milwaukee Brewers World Series potential, Milwaukee Bucks, bummed about Boogie Cousins and Michigan State Subscribe on iTunes: Subscribe on Google Play:

Daily Tap 1/26/18: Brewers Push Their Chips All In

Friday, folks. We made it in what seemed like the longest week ever. But there has been enough Wisconsin sports news to keep us occupied for the week. First, we had Jason Kidd getting fired and all the drama that came with it. Second, Brewers

Daily Tap 1/25/18: Only Milwaukee Cares This Much About Racing Sausages

Thursday! We’re almost at the weekend, Tappers. It’s another edition of the Daily Tap where we are talking about a hodgepodge of things like Giannis, racing sausages, offensive restaurant names, new segment, Packers coaches and more. Subscribe on iTunes: TOPIC 1: We have a

Daily Tap 1/23/18: Goodbye Jason Kidd, See Ya Never

Daily Tap gets your Tuesday off to a hot start with all of the Jason Kidd news. What a day for Milwaukee Bucks fans. No one expected this to happen in the middle of the season and so quick. It’s a strange but great time

Daily Tap 1/22/18: And Now We Bathe In Vikings’ Tears

Oh what a day! Nothing like starting a Monday off by washing down the tears of Vikings fans this morning. If you thought that we wouldn’t hassle the Vikings for their blowout loss, you thought wrong. This podcast almost felt as good as the game

Daily Tap 1/21/18: Another Sunday, Another Hungover Podcast

It’s Sunday, and guess what? I’m hungover. This seems to be a theme on these Sunday podcasts, but it almost makes me better on the Daily Tap. Whether that’s true or not, you still should get yourself ready for the big day of football by

Daily Tap 1/20/18: Fly, Eagles Fly

Happy Saturday, Tappers. Hope everyone is having a good day. We talk about the Championship games to get you ready for the Vikings-Eagles as well as Jaguars-Patriots. We also touch on a little NBA and bang on Jason Kidd for yet another day. TOPIC 1: