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Daily Tap 1/16/18: We Witnessed Peak Giannis.

Daily Tap is live for Tuesday. We’re chatting about some NBA stuff with me regretting I taped early to not being able to talk about Rockets-Clippers. You win some and lose some. I am here to talk about why we witnessed peak Giannis on Monday

Daily Tap 1/15/18: Making Peace with Minneapolis Miracle

Yep, that really happened. I’m here to react to the Minneapolis Miracle. One of the more amazing plays I’ve ever seen on the football field. I try to make sense of what we saw on Sunday night with the Minnesota Vikings pulling off an amazing

The Daily Tap 1/14/18: Go Jaguars, Go America.

Welcome to the late Sunday edition of The Daily Tap. Let’s talk a little sports and fun stuff, shall we? This is the latest that we’ve done a podcast on Sunday, but I wanted to wait until the Jaguars game got done plus the Bucks

1/13/18 Daily Tap: Tomorrow, We’re All Saints Fans

Welcome to another weekend edition of Daily Tap where we’re talking about a lot of things and I’m fired up to talk to y’all today. Thanks to everyone who has been listening of late. Y’all are the best. Let’s talk about a variety of things

Daily Tap 1/12/18: Big Bucks Weekend

We’re live with the Daily Tap for Friday, January 12 where we get you ready for the weekend. It’s a fun one this week folks. People underrated the first couple month of January being some of better weekends of the year. There’s much to talk

Daily Tap 1/11/18: Favre Speaks Out on Concussions

Daily Tap is back for another edition as we get you ready for this Thursday. Interesting night with not a ton to talk about, but we got it done. We talk about Brett Favre and his new documentary coming out about concussions along with a

Daily Tap 1/9/17: The Legend of Tua Begins at Bama

Daily Tap returns for a much shorter one this Tuesday. I think this is the first one we have where the Wisconsin sports talk is very limited. Of course, we had to talk about Tua Tagovailoa leading Alabama back to victory to defeat Georgia. What

Daily Tap 1/8/18: Gutekunst Is Green Bay’s Guy + Bama/UGA Preview

Happy Monday for Daily Tap. We’re chatting about many things, and some that were unexpected. When we finished taping on Sunday afternoon, news broke an hour later that Green Bay would be going with Brian Gutekunst as their General Manager. It would have been nice

Daily Tap 1/7/18: Ramblings of a Hungover Man

As I promised you on Saturday, we would do a Sunday podcast prior to the games today. It didn’t end up getting up before Bills-Jaguars started, but that’s okay. Yes, I’m hungover and that shouldn’t shock you as we mentioned Saturday was a great night

Daily Tap 1/6/18 – Bucks Keeping Running Into Same Brick Wall

Daily Tap is live for its first Saturday podcast where we talking Milwaukee Bucks doing the same dumb things over and over again then we have some updates on the Packers General Manager front and finishing with previewing tomorrow’s NFL games. Topic 1: Disappointing Bucks