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The Daily Tap: Breaking Down Packers Super Bowl Matchups

The Daily Tap podcast is here for Thursday where Charlie is talking about potential Super Bowl matchups for the Green Bay Packers. He also talks about the successful week in college hoops for Wisconsin as both Marquette and the Badgers win this week. The show

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Who Would Rather Face in NFC Champ Game?

On Thursday’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about an interesting would you rather about the NFC Championship opponent, Milwaukee Bucks taking a page from the Packers and a bad week for Wisconsin college hoops. Charlie discusses why it’s not an easy answer when

DAILY TAP PODCAST: Let’s Get Irrational About Marquette

The Daily Tap’s Thursday edition features Charlie getting all types of irrational about the Marquette Golden Eagles after their big win against Purdue. Chucky Hot Takes comes out to play with a spicy one about Koby McEwen, Charlie’s new favorite player. He also talks about

PODCAST: Wisconsin Domination Weekend

Monday’s Daily Tap is a good one with how well Wisconsin sports did over the weekend. Charlie starts the podcast talking about the Green Bay Packers discussing their big win against the Denver Broncos. Charlie goes over the dominating defense, a better than thought offense

PODCAST: ‘Giannis is Leaving’ Stories Have Begun

Daily Tap returns with another edition of the Wisconsin-focused podcast where host Charlie goes 20 minutes or less on Wisconsin topics. But today, he goes with a lengthier podcast in an ode to his buddy, Mitch, and the Tapping The Keg. Podcast starts off with

Daily Tap: (FTW) Chill Out with Court Storming Takes

Welcome back to the Daily Tap. The weekend edition features Charlie talking about as many topics as he can in 15 minutes or so. Here’s what he covers in a short period of time this weekend. Badgers win, Court Storming takes, Bucks-Magic tonight, Packers hire

Daily Tap: Brewers Can Win World Series

Daily Tap is live for a Tuesday! We’re feeling good talking about the Milwaukee Brewers big win on Monday night then Charlie lets you know why this team can win the World Series. Brewers have the pieces and tools that it takes to be a

Daily Tap: Just How Good are the Packers?

Daily Tap is live for Monday. Packers vs. Skins recap (0-15 mins): Yikes. Lifeless game in the first half. Rodgers doesn’t seem like himself. Randall Cobb with a brutal game. Get Kentrell Brice off the field. NFL f’s up again. Like the 2H adjustments from

Daily Tap: Wisconsin’s Disappointing Sports Weekend

What an awful weekend in the State of Wisconsin. Packers recap (0-15 mints): I hate the officials and cost them the game. Goodell’s overtime rules suck ass too. Aaron Rodgers screwed up in the overtime period. Inability to finish against the Vikings cost them dearly,