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Daily Tap: The Christian Yelich Man Crush is Real

Brewers-Padres series recap (0-8 mins) I love Christian Yelich and it’s not even funny. The man crush is absolutely real with this guy. Great win by Milwaukee yesterday. Once again, the offense picks up the starting pitching. I’m not ready to be concerned about the

Daily Tap: Ryan Braun’s Redemption Tour

What a Friday night for Wisconsin sports. We’re here for the Ryan Braun redemption tour. Talk about the Brewers getting a big win on Friday night when no one expected them to. Can’t make a huge deal out of Chacin’s first start amid it being

Daily Tap: Bucks Make Zero Sense

Another unexpected morning podcast and an unexpected start to it by talking about the Milwaukee Bucks before the Milwaukee Brewers. They beat Golden State last night, 116-107, in a great win. Why you should still take it seriously even if Kevin Durant didn’t play the

Daily Tap: Happy Opening Day, Y’all

Happy Opening Day (0-8 mins) Brewers-Padres this afternoon with Chase Anderson vs. Clayton Richard. Brewers struggled last year versus lefties, we’ll see if that trend arises again. Padres bring in Eric Hosmer. Added Chase Headley and Freddie Glavis. Jose Pirela and Manuel Margot are both

Daily Tap: Bucks Have a Jason Terry Problem

Bucks fall to Clippers (0-7 mins) Disappointing loss. Milwaukee battles back only to fall apart late. Doc Rivers finally got the right combo of guys on the floor to bury this team. Jason Terry can’t be playing 30 minutes for this team. No one calls

Daily Tap: Allen Robinson Doesn’t Want a Super Bowl Ring

Allen Robinson said in an interview. He preferred the Bears over the Packers (0-6 mins). Now, people will freak out about this but if Robinson doesn’t want to ride with us, go ahead. Clearly, he didn’t want to live in Green Bay and had no

Daily Tap: Loyola & Michigan Keep it Rollin’

Loyola kicked some serious ass yesterday (0-8 mins). It’s fun to watch a Cinderella come through like this. Ben Richardson was awesome and hit the dagger three to keep KState at bay. Still wish Kentucky would have beaten K-State. Game was kind of a bore

Daily Tap: Sister Jean Reigns Supreme

Sweet 16 recap (0-10 mins) Loyola Chicago keeps it rolling – Great game between the two mid-majors. Townes hits the big shot at the end. Nevada needed to slow down that game at some point. Kentucky stunner. Way too many fouls. Choppy game played into

Daily Tap: Your Sweet 16 Rooting Guide

Giannis hurts his ankle and Bucks nation panics (0-8 mins) Bucks lose again to a decent team. Same old story, no real need for analysis at this point. Prunty noted that Clippers only took one shot that wasn’t a three, layup or a dunk. It’s

Daily Tap: 3/20/18: Make the Bucks Fun Again

My notes do not actually line up with this podcast. Not to go off script, but things went to a dark place. I came to realization that I don’t want to watch the Milwaukee Bucks anymore. They’re sucking the life out of me as a