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THE DAILY TAP: Bucks Complete Their Domination Puzzle

The Daily Tap is live for another edition. Charlie is here to talk about the Milwaukee Bucks dominating in the second half against the Toronto Raptors. Charlie explains how the Bucks were able to cure some demons in that arena. Podcast rolls on to talk

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Why NBA National Media Isn’t Talking Bucks

Charlie is back from his European vacation! He talks about the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Golden Eagles, Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers in that order plus a bit on his trip to end the show. Charlie talks about why the national media isn’t talking about the

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Off To Europe + Reacting To Latest Badgers Drama

The Daily Tap podcast is back for its final show before Charlie goes on hiatus for travel. He talks about his upcoming trip to Copenhagen and Dublin and why it took him a while to not feel guilty about going. Charlie discusses the latest from

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Are Bucks ‘Boring’ To Watch?

The Daily Tap is here for its Monday edition. Charlie talks about his upcoming trip to Copenhagen and Dublin to start the show. Then he gets into a topic spurned from a tweet about Bucks being ‘boring’ to go watch in-person because they’re so good.

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: The Difference in Giannis & Yelich’s Free Agency

The Daily Tap is live for Wednesday. Charlie talks about the comments made by Christian Yelich to the Wall Street Journal. Why he worries, for the first time, that this might mean Yelich isn’t long for Milwaukee. Charlie also discusses how the free agencies of

THE DAILY TAP: Mahomes Gets His Super Bowl Moment

The Daily Tap is live for Monday! Charlie is talking all about the Super Bowl to start the show. Kyle Shanahan chokes again. Why Patrick Mahomes will have some 2010 Rodgers to him now. And also why you should not rush to put the Chiefs

THE DAILY TAP: Marquette-Xavier: Dumbest BBall Game Ever

The Daily Tap is here for Thursday. Charlie talks about the Barstool Sports sale, and why it means so much to him. He also talks about new ideas for SnoTapWI. Charlie discusses the Marquette-Xavier game from last night, and why it is one of the

The Daily Tap Podcast: How Good Sports Days Get You Through Tough Times

Charlie is back with The Daily Tap, not Gambling Hour today (Don’t worry, it’s back next week). Charlie starts the show a little differently and explains what he’s been going through for the last four months. After that, Charlie gets into why this is a

The Daily Tap Podcast: Pros & Cons For Keeping Mike Pettine

The Daily Tap’s Thursday edition checks in with some takes about Packers keeping Mike Pettine for another year, why people love the name ‘Miller Park’ so much, and the usual college hoops roundup. Charlie talks about Zion to start the show and why Jeff Van

The Daily Tap Podcast: 5 Moments That Defined The Packers Season

The Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition looks back at the Green Bay Packers season and its top moments. Charlie discusses his favorite moments of the year going 5-1. Did he forget any? He also talks about his observations from Fiserv Forum as Charlie went to see