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Daily Tap: Rodgers Hasn’t Lost a Step

Daily Tap is live for a Tuesday. We talk about Rodgers getting slighted on the NFL Network’s Top 100. Why it’s not really a big deal, but at the same time, it shows how the national media perceives him at this time. (0-8 mins). We

Daily Tap: Brewers Squander Golden Opportunity

Daily Tap is live for a Monday. We chat about my new office life and living with a new roommate who gets to enjoy me podcasting on the regular (0-3 mins). We chat about the Brewers falling apart this weekend and not getting to add

Daily Tap: Bring Some Jesus to DC

Daily Tap is rolling along with the cellphone edition for the second straight day. We talk about the potential of Jesus Aguilar being an All-Star, and why he deserves it plus why it’s a sign how special things are happening here in Milwaukee. We also

Daily Tap: Can’t Be Too Conservative with Hader

Daily Tap is live for a Monday. Hope y’all had a good weekend. Let’s talk about how the Brewers need to avoid using a white glove treatment with Josh Hader (0-6 mins). Chat about how Jimmy Kimmel should not be allowed to play basketball again

Daily Tap: Which Brewers ‘Should’ Be All-Stars?

Saturday is for the podcast. Let’s chat about the Milwaukee Brewers a bit, and who should be All-Stars on this team. The question is not who ‘will’ be but who ‘should’ be. Milwaukee will likely get two, and why I think they’ll get into the

Daily Tap: Sell The Farm For deGrom

Daily Tap is live for a Friday. Let’s chat about the possibility of Jacob deGrom being traded from the New York Mets (0-10 mins). Why the Brewers should explore all players for the possibility of deGrom to Milwaukee. He’s that good of a player that

Daily Tap: Brewers Show Some Guts

Daily Tap for Wednesday focuses on the the Milwaukee Brewers coming through in the clutch last night with a great victory. Chase Anderson was fantastic and the team looked resilient after a tough loss on Monday night. I also talk about why Miller Park being

Daily Tap: Milwaukee’s Monday Night Meltdown

It’s the first ever hotel edition of the Daily Tap coming to you live in maybe one of my most depressed states. Milwaukee Brewers lose and you get me in the moment reflecting on the worst loss of the season. Truly a bad one and

Daily Tap: Time to Cure Cubs’ Demons

Let’s get ready for Brewers-Cubs series that starts tonight. WIth the teams battling for the top spot in the National League Central, this is a huge series in mid-June. Why today’s game is so important for how this series and quite possibly the season plays

Daily Tap: Kevin Love to Milwaukee is Possible

Daily Tap is here for a Friday. Let’s talk why Kevin Love is a realistic option for the Milwaukee Bucks this summer IF LeBron James stays in Cleveland (0-8 mins). Let’s also chat about why you save your Sean Sean Sweeney outrage (8-11 mins). Let’s