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Daily Tap: Brewers Bats are on FIYAH

Daily Tap is finally here for Saturday. Brewers remain hot in the Twin Cities (2-8 mins), how to watch all the sports on Saturday night (8-14) Quick thought on Budenholzer’s comments about Jabari Parker (14-16). We chat about the Brewers remaining hot with the stick

Daily Tap: Giannis Gives His Approval on Bud

Daily Tap back on Friday! Topics today are Giannis gives his approval on Budenholzer (3-8 mins) Machado and Donaldson rumored to the NL Central (8-13 mins) Milwaukee-Minnesota pro sports rivalry doesn’t exist beyond football (13-18). Friday podcast heads in a few directions. We talk about

Daily Tap: #SignDez Revives Itself Then Dies

Dez Bryant to the Packers picks up steam then deflates (0-6 mins) LeBron is no match for the Celtics (6-12 mins) and some early NBA Draft thoughts post lottery (12-16 mins) Daily Tap is live with another edition of the podcast. We talk about Dez

Daily Tap 5/15: Wisconsin Needs Sports Gambling

Sports Gambling is legal and Wisconsin needs it (3-11 mins), welcome to the Bud Bowl (11-15 mins) and Brewers-D’Backs recap(15-18 mins). Let’s chat about sports gambling being legal and what a time it is to be alive in the United States. We discuss how Wisconsin

Daily Tap 5/14: Freddy Peralta Fever

Oh yeah! We’re back for another week of Daily Tap. Let’s start talking about Freddy Peralta (3-8 mins), why I overreacted about the Brewers like an idiot (8-12) and recapping/previewing the Conference Finals (13-17 mins). Great way to start our week by talking about the

Daily Tap 5/9: Hell No to Westbrook/Bucks Rumors

Daily Tap: Westbrook rant (0-7 mins) Brent Suter steps up (8-13 mins) Rockets-Warriors first thoughts (14-16 mins). Somehow, a rumor started that the Bucks could look at Russell Westbrook to pair with Giannis Antetokounmpo, and I rant my ass off to start the podcast. If

Daily Tap: Machado to Milwaukee Makes Sense

Daily tap for Tuesday! We are back with some local flavor today. Manny Machado trade rumors related to the Brewers (0-9 mins) Bucks coaching search updates (9-13 mins) Jaire Alexender does not equal T-Buck (13-16 mins). Let’s chat about the idea of Manny Machado being

Daily Tap 5/7: Are We Sure the Brewers Are Good?

Daily Tap is live for Monday. Fun little show today even though the local topics are light. Brewers chatter about where they stand right now (2-9 mins) The intrigue of the Vegas Golden Knights (9-12 mins) and thoughts on last night’s excellent Billions episode and

Daily Tap 5/6: Chase Anderson’s Regression Party

Chase Anderson regression (0-8 mins) LBJ and Boston’s greatness (8-14) How I lost money on horses (14-16 mins). Happy Sunday to all of those who are hopefully not still licking their wounds from a crazy Saturday. We talk about Chase Anderson falling apart lately and

Daily Tap 5/5: Hammon to the Bucks? + Cinco de Derby

Let’s goooooooooo. Daily Tap is live on a beautiful Saturday morning in MKE where we talk about the possibility of Becky Hammon coaching the Milwaukee Bucks (10-14 mins), Grading the Bucks bench (4-10 mins) and Cinco de Derby in Milwaukee (14-15). This is a fast-paced