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Get Excited: Milwaukee Is Getting Hand-Rolled Ice Cream

Big news came out yesterday that Milwaukee will be getting their own hand-rolled ice cream place on Brady Street. It’s a craze that has hit both coasts but has not made it to Cream City. This is exciting news for a variety of reasons. First

Marshawn Lynch Needs A Travel Show

Marshawn Lynch is living his retirement right. It’s been about a year since Lynch announced his retirement from football, and no athlete expanded their brand more than him. The Skittles sponsorship has been a great one and it proved great for Beast Mode again for

New MKE Restaurant Pays Homage to American Psycho… Uh.

Brady Street will be getting a new restaurant in 2017. It’s an Italian place replacing the old Mimma’s which is right next to everyone’s favorite hookup spot, Jo-Cats. What’s odd about this new place is it’s called Dorsia which pays tribute to American Psycho, a

Need, Not Want, A Fried Chicken Taco Shell

We are off to a wild start in 2017. It’s not a depressing one, rather, a wild one. It’s not been 15 days into the new year, and golden shower is a trending topic and a taco in a fried chicken taco shell is an