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SnoTapWI PGA Preview: RBC Heritage

PGA Tour gets going for their second tournament since being back from COVID-19. This time, the tour finds itself in South Carolina for the RBC Heritage. Typically, they play this tournament after The Masters, therefore, a good group of people does not play this tournament.

PGATourCap: Berger Comes From Behind to Nab Colonial Win

Daniel Berger was not a name many people thought would win this weekend. Maybe people should have done more research. Berger had a strong start to the season with multiple top tens and a couple of top five finishes. Berger came from behind and beat

Brooks Koepka’s Mustache Is One of Legends

Brooks Koepeka is one of my favorite golfers. He might be my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I always will be a Tiger Woods fan, but Brooks is the best. The approach he takes to the game of golf is excellent. Brooks goes out there

The Challenge Power Rankings Week 11: When Things Starting Getting Real

When I write these Challenge Power Rankings, they’re mostly for fun and not serious typically. But things got real over the last week. Dee Nguyen made offensive comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. MTV and The Challenge severed ties with her a few days

SnoTapWI PGA Tour Preview: Charles Schwab Challenge

With the PGA returning this weekend, I figured it would be a good idea to up our golf coverage. When UFC and NASCAR returned, I did not think to produce much content for either as my knowledge of both sports is next to nothing. But

How Summerfest Can Bounce Back in 2021

Summerfest is canceled. For the first time in its 53-year history, The Big Gig will not be happening in the City of Milwaukee. Regardless of how you feel about Summerfest, this is a massive blow to the City of Milwaukee. A summer that had the

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 10: Red Skull Envy

It appears the lust of the red skull will be real in the coming weeks. As we get closer and closer to the end, it appears the red skull has and have not’s will be a major factor. It appears that Johnny Bananas and Wes

Acuity American Flag Gets Ripped To Shreds Via Vicious Thunderstorms

Do you ever take certain long drives and know landmarks that are always there for you? I made the drive up and down highway 43 in Wisconsin more times than I count. It is the highway up to Green Bay. Whether it is going to

A Reminder To All: Athletes Aren’t Robots

Social media is one of those inventions that we’ll wonder about for generations to come. There are some great things about it. And there are some not-so-great things about it either. It seems like everything good has a negative correlation. For example, it is cool

The ChallengeCap: Rookies Reign Supreme Once Again

There are certain Challenge years where the rookies are the class of the group. This is one of those years. The rookie class this year is like the 2003 NBA Draft. They’re showing out regularly. Last week, Fessy took down Jordan with ease (Granted if