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Wisconsin Should Consider Adjusting Open-Container Laws

wThe state of Wisconsin is pretty lenient on what you do with alcohol. This should not surprise you as Wisconsin always has multiple cities in the ‘Top 10 drunkest places in America.’ We love our booze. But some things are a no-go like an open

The ChallengeCap: The Throwdown Heard Around The World

We are back with a ChallengeCap after taking a week off. What a Challenge episode. This is a great season thus far. They’re throwing 101 right now. I’m enjoying what is going on this season. The biggest takeaway from the episode is that everyone is

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 5: Contenders Continue to Fall

The Challenge seasons are unpredictable. We always know about contenders, but how it takes shape is never figured out right away. It is very rare in a Challenge season that we figure out how this will all break down by the end. Sometimes, the contenders

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 3: Cory Continues Hot Start

If you’re wondering why we skipped Week 2, here’s why – I don’t like to be confused. This is Week 3 of the show, therefore it’s week 3 of the Power Rankings. We have to take the preseason rankings as Week 1. I tend to

Take Poll on Fan Attendance For Grain of Salt

One of the big sports stories today will be that fans do not want to attend sports events. That will be the headline that some will use in the media. Is it accurate? Well, some people are scared that sporting events will start the spread

ChallengeCap: Dee Doesn’t Step Up To the Plate

If you missed us last week, this is the ChallengeCap. We’re going to be recapping The Challenge like an actual sporting event. I don’t think that’s an issue considering there are no sports to be played at the moment. If you’re not watching The Challenge

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Milwaukee Bars

This is one of those top-fives that I have been circling for some time. I haven’t done it yet because we’re still two weeks away from the stay at home order loosening up. Three weeks away from the government’s social distancing rule. There is a

The Challenge Power Rankings Wk 1: Newbies Make Their Move

Welcome back to another edition of The Challenge Power Rankings. This is Week 1. After we had the preseason rankings where we placed all over the cast members, we will be working on the new batch of rankings today. What we will take into consideration

Quarantine Turned Social Media Into 2006 MySpace All Over Again

This is a random blog post. I’ll admit that. To be honest, Mondays are now are the slowest day of the week for content. Why? No one does anything on the weekend anymore. There are no games to talk about. No one said anything dumb.

Sports Cancellation Stories Need More Context

There is no bigger story to publish or get a scoop about than a cancellation. It is an immediate click for those who are sports fans. Why? Because they’re concerned about the other sports. Even if they do not like that sport or the sporting