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Give Me a Bar Shuttle Over a Tailgate Any Day of the Week

Baseball season is about to start in two days. Many people are headed to Miller Park and tailgate to kick off the year. There is an upcoming podcast that my co-host Mitch and I are doing where we’re going to deliver some hot takes about

Milwaukee Makes Big Move With 2020 DNC

This will never be a politics blog, I promise you that. Some sports websites like to weave in their political opinions whilst talking about sports. I’m done with the ‘stick to sports’ narrative, but I am also not someone who will go out of their

Win Butler Can Stay The Hell Out of Milwaukee

Some of you might know who Win Butler is, some of you may not. Win Butler is the lead singer of Arcade Fire, one of the biggest indie bands in the world. Butler is a noted NBA fan. He has found himself in the NBA

Fiserv Forum’s Three Dollar Beer Deal Crashes & Burns

Before Dwyane Wade day, the Marquette athletics department came up with an idea to get people in the stadium early or in all together. Three dollar beers, cocktails and breakfast sandwiches. That gets anyone in an arena early, right? Correct you are. People were all

Goodbye Bradley Center, Thanks for Everything

Bradley Center is no longer a thing. On Sunday morning, the building’s roof was blown up and construction will begin clearing out the former space that use to hold the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Admirals and the Marquette Golden Eagles. There are a variety of rumors

Aquaman Star is a Big Milwaukee Fan

Milwaukee is getting more love by people as it continues to be a small power in the Midwest. That said, it’s never forgotten when a star gives our city some praise. Take for example, Jason Momoa, the current star of the smash hit Aquaman. He

Rate These Admirals-Brewers Mashup Sweaters

Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Admirals have been in partnership for awhile now. In 2005, the Milwaukee Brewers led an ownership group to buy the Admirals, and the AHL Hockey team wears a Brewers patch on their sweaters. Before that, baseball and minor league hockey

Kevon Looney Brings Warriors Teammates to his Alma Mater

This went viral yesterday as Golden State Warriors forward and Milwaukee native Kevon Looney went to his alma mater Hamilton high school to get his jersey retired in an afternoon ceremony. Looney surprised the packed gym as the crowd gathered for an assembly when the

Milwaukee Sports Radio’s FM Takeover

FM Radio in Milwaukee is going through some changes. No longer do we need three stations playing the same type of genre. One is just fine. And the only genre that has multiple stations on the FM dial is… sports talk. In the last six

Be More Wisconsin Than This Women, Ya Can’t

Sometimes, I hate when Wisconsin is put into a stereotyped box. It’s annoying to be honest when there’s some dumb Laverne and Shirley reference. The worst is when people call us for being fat. Look, we’re not the prettiest bunch, but Milwaukee has better looking