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Wisconsinites Are RED HOT That Golf Is Banned

Yesterday, Wisconsin had its first safer-at-home day. Governor Tony Evers gave the ruling the other day and the rule is supposed to stay into effect for the entire month. Evers did say that it is possible the ruling could get lifted before those 30 days.

Fully Endorse A Septemberfest, Not a Summerfest This Year

Things are canceling or pushing back due to COVID-19 all over the country and Milwaukee included. The latest domino to fall was Summerfest. Yesterday, the largest music festival in Milwaukee decided to push their festival back to three weekends in September. It will begin the

Wisconsin Getting Split Up in District Hunger Games Is A Joke

Every day, it seems like we have a new thing trending on Twitter. People are bored out of their minds. Whether it is because they’re working from home with more free time or people are unemployed (Thoughts go out to you if you are). The

Thankful No One Nominated Me For a Push-Up Challenge

Through one week of quarantine, there have been a couple of themes on the Internet. TikTok, which already had been taking over, is taking over with people above the age of 18. I’ve had it downloaded but refused to use it because I felt weird.

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Current Wisconsin Athletes

Another new blog post? Another new blog post! This time in the world of lists. We all love a good list. Just like we all love a good online quiz. I’m here to give you the list of my favorite current Wisconsin athletes. Some might

I’ll Never Make a Joke About a Barre Class Again

I assume that most of you are, like me, stuck in your house for the foreseeable future. It is not that fun. Nice to have someone around and feel for those who are riding this thing solo. I’m not a big fan of working out

Good City Brewing’s ‘Home’ Is Your Craft Beer for Summer

Last Saturday, I had a wedding at Good City Brewing. When you do have a wedding at a brewery, it is fun, but you can get extremely full due to copious amounts of craft beer. The good news is the folks at Good City Brewing

SnotapWI Bar Watch: Monica’s On Astor

While we are not probably doing much outside in the next few weeks, I did spend some time watching sports at the bar last week. And since there are no sports, this is the perfect time to talk about my experience last Friday. I joined

Sports Are On Hold For Now But SnotapWI Pushes Forward

We do not have sports in the United States for the foreseeable future. The coronavirus has shut down all the sports we talk about here on SnotapWI. It is the right thing to do, but I can still be sad about it. We are still

PBR’s New Can Makes Me Want to Buy A Zillion

Pabst Blue Ribbon comes out with new cans every year. It is a cool thing they have done for the last several years now. While I am a sucker for the traditional PBR logo, I do like the designs. It makes me feel cool drinking