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Sigh, Instant Replay Comes To State Football Finals

Instant replay is one of the most controversial things in sports. It is a crutch for officials to avoid making bad calls or an instant bailout for them. Instant replay has mostly been in the pro and college game for the last several years. Well,

Welcome to Summerfest SZN in Milwaukee

Some people believe these next eleven days are the best eleven days of the year. Summerfest begins their 51st season later this afternoon, and the festival weirdly gets the best weather of the year in Wisconsin. It is weird how that works because many people

Ernie Johnson is Having a Homecoming to Remember

Ernie Johnson is one part of the Inside The NBA family with Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kenny Smith. Being the host and not the personality types like Shaq and Chuck, Ernie stays in the background. But what’s cool about the Bucks-Raptors series is Johnson

Milwaukee Radio Station takes a break from Drake

Milwaukee Radio Station Takes Break From Drake

There are countless examples of Bucks fever springing up all over the City of Milwaukee. I absolutely love it. Some people are doing it poorly like the lame ‘Buck up’ billboard I saw driving home from the podcast. Others did it in the perfect way

What We Missed in Wisconsin This Week

What’s going on, Tappers? Sorry for the lack of posts and podcasts this week, I’ve been out on business for the day job over the last two days. I always hope that when I’m out on business that I can keep feeding the SnoTapWI machine.

Give Me a Bar Shuttle Over a Tailgate Any Day of the Week

Baseball season is about to start in two days. Many people are headed to Miller Park and tailgate to kick off the year. There is an upcoming podcast that my co-host Mitch and I are doing where we’re going to deliver some hot takes about

Milwaukee Makes Big Move With 2020 DNC

This will never be a politics blog, I promise you that. Some sports websites like to weave in their political opinions whilst talking about sports. I’m done with the ‘stick to sports’ narrative, but I am also not someone who will go out of their

Win Butler Can Stay The Hell Out of Milwaukee

Some of you might know who Win Butler is, some of you may not. Win Butler is the lead singer of Arcade Fire, one of the biggest indie bands in the world. Butler is a noted NBA fan. He has found himself in the NBA

Fiserv Forum’s Three Dollar Beer Deal Crashes & Burns

Before Dwyane Wade day, the Marquette athletics department came up with an idea to get people in the stadium early or in all together. Three dollar beers, cocktails and breakfast sandwiches. That gets anyone in an arena early, right? Correct you are. People were all

Goodbye Bradley Center, Thanks for Everything

Bradley Center is no longer a thing. On Sunday morning, the building’s roof was blown up and construction will begin clearing out the former space that use to hold the Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Admirals and the Marquette Golden Eagles. There are a variety of rumors