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Could Brewers & Bucks Start Their Own Network?

On Thursday, YouTubeTV announced that it will no longer be carrying FOX Sports Wisconsin. FOX Sports Wisconsin isn’t the only regional sports network they will be dropping. All of the RSN’s under the Sinclair umbrella will cease to exist on YouTubeTV. Cord cutters that are

SnoTapWI Bar Watch: Camp Bar in Shorewood

The first edition of the SnoTapWI Bar Watch talks about a popular bar in Milwaukee, Camp. Most people like Camp. I’d argue it is one of the more agreed upon bars in Milwaukee. Now, this will likely not be the only review of Camp’s locations.

Introducing SnoTapWI Bar Watch, a New Way To Watch Sports

If you’re a fan of SnoTapWI or SnoTap or Sports News on Tap, I had something called ‘The Bar Watch Game of the Week’ when making college football picks. The game would always be at 9:00 pm, 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm start time. I

Five Highlights From Milwaukee’s Gas Station Porno Story

A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog post on SnoTapWI about how we were adding some more local content. I also mentioned that it would be about sports or somewhat related to sports. But we can talk about weird stuff that happens in

Milwaukee Night Club Scene Hit Its Saturation Point

To start off February, Milwaukee night club scene saw a purge of two popular places. Plum Lounge is no longer there. The same goes for Pub Club. Both places have similar vibes to them. Big dance floor, DJs performing and loud music. Pub Club had

Milwaukee’s Love For Sports Has Never Been Stronger

Milwaukee is one of the sports hubs of the United States of America. It might sound ridiculous to people in bigger cities or more high-profile teams, yet it is 100 percent true. Milwaukee is home to the best basketball team in the NBA, and they

Local Radio Host Asks If Marching Bands Super Bowl Halftime Shows Should Return

Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show was an all-time coffee break conversation on Monday. I guarantee you the guy that seems too horny made some inappropriate comments. Someone probably found themselves in hot water with Human Resources. Another talked about how they had to shield their

What’s Next For SnoTapWI in 2020?

SnoTapWI has been around for nine years heading towards its 10th year in August. Some might think I would turn out the lights and move to something else. But that’s not happening. I see growth potential in SnoTapWI more than I have in other years.

Sigh, Instant Replay Comes To State Football Finals

Instant replay is one of the most controversial things in sports. It is a crutch for officials to avoid making bad calls or an instant bailout for them. Instant replay has mostly been in the pro and college game for the last several years. Well,

Welcome to Summerfest SZN in Milwaukee

Some people believe these next eleven days are the best eleven days of the year. Summerfest begins their 51st season later this afternoon, and the festival weirdly gets the best weather of the year in Wisconsin. It is weird how that works because many people