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McGinn & Gardner Leave Milwaukee Media Scene

A sad day happened in local Milwaukee media as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will no longer have the writings of Bob McGinn and Charles F. Gardner. Both are extremely well-respected journalists in the Milwaukee. For Gardner, it’s a retirement, and for McGinn, it’s not a

Dwane Casey Wants Toronto Fanbase To Be Like Milwaukee’s

This was a surprise. When Toronto Raptors head coach Duane Casey met with the media on Sunday, he talked about how Milwaukee Bucks crowd was on fire basically for Game 3 and 4. Casey sung high praises for a fanbase that isn’t known for selling

Happy 414 Day, We’re Changing Your Cheers Tradition

People get outraged all of the time. Something very small can send off a tidal wave of negative reaction. Most of the time, it’s ridiculous to let the small stuff like that consume your day-to-day life. I, for one, have zero idea how the always

Giannis Chats With Fans Through MKE Bus Stop

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a one of, if not the best, young star in the National Basketball Association. He has an infectious personality that knows no bounds. Not surprising when you combine the two together that Giannis is going to start seeing the endorsements roll in,

Summerfest Brings The Chainsmokers To Town

Summerfest has been quiet for the last couple of weeks after their announcement of Tom Petty. As they continue to firm up their schedule, they announced what figures to be one of the bigger draws from a headliner in The Chainsmokers. This is a nice

North Ave. Bar Scene Is A Ghost Town

When was the last time you were out on North Avenue? That’s a great question you could ask anyone from age 21 to 26, the target demo for most North Avenue bars. More and more bars are going out of business on North Avenue which

Luke Bryan At Summerfest Again… Yawn

Summerfest made another headliner stage announcement yesterday, and drum roll please… Luke Bryan! Another year, another year of Luke Bryan. How exciting! Can we talk about for a second how Summerfest has their 50th anniversary coming up, and their headliners are falling flatter than flat.

Summerfest Progresses To The Future

If you live in Milwaukee and probably Wisconsin, you all know Summerfest. Some of us love it. Other of us can’t stand it. It’s an enigma as a place to watch concerts. Summerfest announced yesterday plans to do a brand new amphitheater with the help

The Bachelor Did Wisconsin All Wrong

If you didn’t know, The Bachelor, Nick Viall, is from Waukesha, Wisconsin. He isn’t that much of a hometown favorite like we’ve seen with other reality contestants, but The Bachelor did make a journey back to Wisconsin for a week. The look a national audience

New MKE Restaurant Pays Homage to American Psycho… Uh.

Brady Street will be getting a new restaurant in 2017. It’s an Italian place replacing the old Mimma’s which is right next to everyone’s favorite hookup spot, Jo-Cats. What’s odd about this new place is it’s called Dorsia which pays tribute to American Psycho, a