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Dick’s Nightclub Lets A Goat Into Bar

This is a hilarious story from a local nightclub here in Milwaukee. It appears that Dick’s Nightclub allowed a goat inside their bar a couple weeks ago. The City of Milwaukee found out about it, and now, they’re pissed about it along with some animal

UWM Puts Out Fraud Solar Eclipse Glasses

If you did not hear, the solar eclipse is happening on Monday afternoon around 2:00 pm our time. It only happens every 99 years in society, so, it’s pretty cool that it is happening this summer. The last one happened in 1979, therefore, it’s not

The Night Hip Hop Came Back To Summerfest

When Summerfest announced that Future, Big Sean and Migos would be playing a headliner show at then Marcus Amphitheater, it felt like a must-go for me. I’m a hip hop fan and enjoy all three artists at some level. A group of us guys dropped

Shouts to Ludacris Mailing In His Summerfest Show

Fourth of July weekend is the best in the city of Milwaukee. I’ve lived here for two now, and it’s been a great time for each of them. Random Sunday afternoon led to going to Summerfest outing on Sunday night to see Ludacris. I could

Lakefront Brewery Now Putting Beers In Cans

I’m not sure how many know this, but my next door neighbor is Lakefront Brewery. They’re good people with good food and good beer. Do I sometimes get like an old man and bitch about how many people are parked around my tight road into

Millie, Milwaukee’s Hotel Dog, Is The Cutest Pupper

Over the past few years, the United States has become more dog friendly. It’s a great time to enjoy having companions in more places than just your home. Last week while in San Francisco for work, there were multiple dogs hanging out in the office.

Get Excited: Milwaukee Is Getting Hand-Rolled Ice Cream

Big news came out yesterday that Milwaukee will be getting their own hand-rolled ice cream place on Brady Street. It’s a craze that has hit both coasts but has not made it to Cream City. This is exciting news for a variety of reasons. First

McGinn & Gardner Leave Milwaukee Media Scene

A sad day happened in local Milwaukee media as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will no longer have the writings of Bob McGinn and Charles F. Gardner. Both are extremely well-respected journalists in the Milwaukee. For Gardner, it’s a retirement, and for McGinn, it’s not a

Dwane Casey Wants Toronto Fanbase To Be Like Milwaukee’s

This was a surprise. When Toronto Raptors head coach Duane Casey met with the media on Sunday, he talked about how Milwaukee Bucks crowd was on fire basically for Game 3 and 4. Casey sung high praises for a fanbase that isn’t known for selling

Happy 414 Day, We’re Changing Your Cheers Tradition

People get outraged all of the time. Something very small can send off a tidal wave of negative reaction. Most of the time, it’s ridiculous to let the small stuff like that consume your day-to-day life. I, for one, have zero idea how the always