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The Killers To Play Grand Opening Concert at New Arena

Big news came out this morning that The Killers will be opening up the Wisconsin Sports and Entertainment Center as the first concert at the new arena. This is great news. They will have Milwaukee-based The Violent Femmes open for the Las Vegas-based band. As

MKE Pedestrian Gets Wiped Out By a Bird Scooter

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this story to happen. News came out earlier on Monday that the first pedestrian injury was suffered from a Bird scooter here in Milwaukee. It happened on Downer, and someone got taken out by one. You talk about a way

Jay Z’s Made In America Coming to Milwaukee?

Jay Z’s Made in America is no longer in Philadelphia. The city decided to revoke their access, and the superstar is looking for a new home to host his two-day festival. City of Milwaukee officials wrote to RocNation to consider Milwaukee for this event. The

Five Food Choices We’d Like to See in Bucks New Digs

An announcement came down over the weekend that the Milwaukee Bucks’ new arena will have Chick-fil-A inside the arena. Yes, you heard that right. We will be able to enjoy chicken sandwiches during sporting events. Yes, it will be closed on Sundays, and that will

Trump Picks Worst Possible Time to be in MKE

President Donald Trump will be in the Cream City on Wednesday night. He will be staying overnight at the Pfister Hotel downtown in preparation for the groundbreaking ceremony of FoxConn tomorrow morning. The City of Milwaukee is already shutting down multiple streets and suggesting people

Summerfest: Milwaukee’s Unofficial Mail-in Holiday

Summerfest is here on Wednesday. It doesn’t feel like it. At all. Maybe it’s been the cold weather. Maybe it’s due to me moving to a new house. But it doesn’t feel like Summerfest is here in two days. Rather, it feels like another Monday

Bucks Players Start #StandWithSterling Hashtag

On Wednesday night, Milwaukee Police Department released the bodycam video of their arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown. The video is gross, and an abuse of power. The Milwaukee Police Department had no right in escalating the force like they did in the video.

MUST-SEE: WI Driver Takes Out Highway Light Poles

This is easily one of the craziest videos of the year. No question about it. Yesterday, this driver decided to take his car up on the median and do his best impression of ‘Tony Hawk Pro Skater’ with his car. While this is a pretty

Milwaukee May Have Overreacted About Giannis’ Tacos

So…. We may have overreacted on Monday about Giannis getting dissed at Bel Air Cantina. People lost their fucking minds today on social media. I’m almost impressed with how Milwaukee reacted to this story. It truly means that Giannis is a superstar here. Like I

Giannis Denied Celebration Tacos After Game 4

Giannis Antetokounmpo is just like us. When he wins a big game, how does he celebrate? With tacos, of course. We all want to celebrate with tacos or something like it. I’m not obsessed like every other millennial seems to be with tacos, but they’re