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The Sports TV Schedule in August Is March Madness-Esque

We are gearing up towards what is possibly going to be the biggest sports month of recent memory. We typically have a few months out of the calendar where everything is rolling. But this feels different. Part of it is due to NBA and NHL

Not Having SnotapWI Gear For Cutout Crew is a Complete Miss

Do you ever receive a great idea and you cannot execute it properly? It is the fucking worst feeling in the world. A good idea that gets derailed by something so simple. Yesterday, my marketing advisor Murph suggested that SnotapWI should be a part of

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST 7/7: Hot Takes About Brewers 2020 Schedule

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 7/7: Hot Takes on the 2020 Brewers Schedule The Daily Tap is here for Tuesday. Charlie talks about the Milwaukee Brewers’ schedule and his thoughts about what stands out. He thinks there is a point in the season where

Level of Distrust Puts MLB Players on Edge About Testing

Do you ever have a topic that takes you a while to figure out? It could be anything. Solving for something at work. Figuring out why your significant other is mad at you. Or something in sports. That last one is maybe more a ‘me’

SnoTapWI Top Five: Best Brewers Series on 2020 Schedule

Milwaukee Brewers have a schedule. Some cynics might say after Monday’s snafus that this will be only a collector’s item and the games will not actually get played. I don’t like to live in that world. Rather, I’m getting excited about potential baseball to watch

Christian Yelich Hitting Dingers at Miller Park Like Usual

Milwaukee Brewers are back in action at Miller Park. Christian Yelich took batting practice today and had a round without any dingers. Then Yelich started unleashing the pain on the baseball like it’s old hat. Part of me was wondered why the Milwaukee Brewers Media

Craig Counsell Surprises Brewers With a ‘Greeting’ From Their Families

Craig Counsell is a player’s manager. There is no question about it. People like to play for Craig Counsell. The first time you hear a player having an issue with Counsell might be the first one. To be honest, it would come as a surprise.

Brewers Go ‘Back to Future’ To Kick Off 2020 Season

Milwaukee Brewers’ social team is at it again. They’ve made it a theme to parody movies with their athletes. Last year, they did ‘Mean Girls’, and this year, they took on ‘Back to the Future.’ It appears this was done pre-COVID in Arizona, and Milwaukee

THE DAILY TAP: If Brewers Or Bucks Player Opts Out, I’ll Be Surprised

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 6/30: If Brewers Or Bucks Player Opts Out, I'll Be Surprised The Daily Tap’s Tuesday edition is here. Charlie talks about some MLB players deciding to forgo their season. Charlie also chats about Ian Desmond’s efforts. He wonders if

Weeks, Fielder, Cain & Others Tip Cap To Negro Leagues’ 100th Anniversary

Yesterday, the Negro League celebrated their 100th anniversary. And they did a great thing with ‘Tip Your Cap’ a masterful social media campaign. This is seriously one of the best-coordinated things I’ve seen in a while. There is so much bad on social media, no