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Rodgers’ Softball No-Show Shows Braun Feud Still Exists

The California Strong softball game was a great event. Celebrities were everywhere, and the Milwaukee Brewers did a great job hosting the event with Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun leading the way. Although given his offseason has already begun, it was surprising to see Aaron

Brewers Go All In With Grandal Signing

Yasmani Grandal did not have a good time in Milwaukee the last time he was here. Fans chanted his name, and Grandal missed multiple balls in the dirt. Fans went nuts over the mental errors of Grandal. Well, it’s time to bring him in as

Brewers Add Depth With Spangenberg

Milwaukee Brewers make their first signing of the hot stove season by adding former San Diego Padres infielder Cory Spangenberg to the roster. He is a second baseman with a dash of third base and outfield. This does not seem like the addition to solve

Rate These Admirals-Brewers Mashup Sweaters

Milwaukee Brewers and the Milwaukee Admirals have been in partnership for awhile now. In 2005, the Milwaukee Brewers led an ownership group to buy the Admirals, and the AHL Hockey team wears a Brewers patch on their sweaters. Before that, baseball and minor league hockey

Love/Like/Hate: Brewers 2019 Promotions

This is a bit of a new blog post for the people. We’re going to look at the Brewers promotions for the 2019 season. It’s crazy that we live in the year 2019, and I graduated high school 12 years ago. That’s wild. Baseball will

Craig Counsell Delivers That Fire in Shift Defense

One of the bigger stories in baseball has been the idea of ‘banning the shift.’ MLB wants to get rid of the shift to make sure left-handers get a more fair shot at the plate. Shift defense has become a huge part of what teams

Wilson Ramos is Worth a Look for the Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers know something about their catcher. They know the last couple years have been decent, but there’s room for improvement. Erik Kratz became a folk hero, and Manny Pina has been fun as hell to cheer for yet the team needs to improve this

Will the Brewers Land Their Ace Pitcher?

Milwaukee Brewers are heating up the hot stove. It seems like every day for the last two weeks we’ve heard a rumor about the Milwaukee Brewers and some ace pitcher. In the last few weeks, we’ve heard the names of Madison Bumgarner, Corey Kluber, Noah

Brewers’ Interest in Noah Syndergaard Excites Me

Another day, another ace pitcher is in the mix to potentially be a Milwaukee Brewers player next season. This time around, it’s New York Mets starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard. The reports are that the Brewers and Rockies are showing the most interest in the hard-throwing

Erik Kratz is Back With the Crew

Erik Kratz was one of the best stories of the 2018 Brewers season. There were many great ones, but a journeyman catcher becoming a near-everyday catcher for the team was maybe the best one. Kratz put on a great postseason performance, and he will be