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Brewers Parody Mean Girls & It is Hilarious

Last year, the Milwaukee Brewers went viral for their parody of ‘The Sandlot.’ It became a thing that people talked about with the team throughout the year. I listened to a podcast a few weeks ago where Caitlin Moyer, Brewers’ New Media Director, explained how

MVP’s Unite: Yelich Rocks Antetokounmpo Socks

Years ago, Ryan Braun and Aaron Rodgers were best friends. We know their relationship fractured for things we do not need to talk about here. It seems like we’re having a Milwaukee star bond yet again. Christian Yelich and Giannis Antetokounmpo appear to be becoming

Christian Yelich’s MVP Odds are High For a Reason

Christian Yelich is the defending MVP of the National League. Yelich comes into this season with a raised profile around the league. He already had the respect of every pitcher in baseball, but casual fans know who he is more than ever. That’s a cool

Jeremy Jeffress Leaves After Three Pitches… Gulp.

Back in the day, I played a great Twitter doctor. My old roommate and soon-to-be doctor Seth loved to call me out on it. We would watch games together, and a Packers player goes down with an injury which immediately prompted a response from him.

Christian Yelich Warm Our Hearts More, Ya Can’t.

Christian Yelich is a good guy. You know that, I know that. He is the most popular Brewers player since Ryan Braun before he had the issues with performance-enhancing drugs. If you go Spring Training this year, you want to see Yelich play in the

Harper’s Contract Doesn’t Affect Yelich’s Next Deal

When Bryce Harper inked a $330 million dollar deal averaging 25.3 million per year, most Brewers fans immediately thought about Christian Yelich. If Manny Machado and Harper got 300 million+ from two National League teams, what could the National League MVP get from his team

Milwaukee & Philadelphia: A Rivalry in the Making

Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper yesterday to a 13-year, 330 million dollar deal with no opt-outs. Harper wants to be a Phillie for life, and he has no plans of leaving the City of Brotherly Love. Phillies have officially won the offseason for Major League

Corey Ray Absolutely Murdered a Baseball

Do people get fired up for Spring Training highlights? I feel like they have to be really good to be featured, right? This is one of those moments. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and Minor League Player of the Year Corey Ray has been hitting rockets out

Someone Teach Kris Bryant Marketing, Please

The smart athletes understand how marketing works for their sport or for any other sport. Look at Alex Rodriguez, he gets the idea of marketing a product as well as how to elevate something to the next level. That’s why A-Rod is a very successful

Manny Machado Stays in NL to Brewers’ Fans Delight

It finally happened. One of the big free agents in baseball finally signed a deal. The deal is a massive one with Manny Machado going to the San Diego Padres for 10 years 300 million dollars with an out in year five. Machado is one