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Brewers FINALLY Putting Themselves in Some Free Agent Conversations

Milwaukee Brewers have been quiet as a mouse this offseason. When I went on Instagram yesterday, the social media platform reminded me that this is the three-year anniversary of Brewers signing Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich. Therefore, it is not surprising that Milwaukee is starting

The Jury is Still Out on Ryan Braun Playing in 2021.

David Stearns met with the media yesterday for the first time in a while. The Milwaukee Brewers could not be quieter and an afterthought in people’s minds. Green Bay is the one seed. Milwaukee Bucks are good. Same with the Wisconsin Badgers. Marquette? Well… not

Cubs Starting a Rebuild Keeps The Door Open for the Brewers

This baseball offseason has been very quiet. It is by design. If you didn’t hear, we had a pandemic. And if you didn’t know, there were no fans in the stands until they got to Texas for the postseason. Part of me wonders if baseball

What The Corey Knebel Trade Could Mean For Brewers’ Offseason

Milwaukee Brewers made a lot of moves yesterday just like most other teams in baseball. There were decisions on tendering contracts or non-tendering deals making people free agents. The latter happened often. More than usual. People acted surprised in baseball circles, but in short, the

Rate The Brewers’ New American Family Field Signs

Milwaukee Brewers will no longer be playing at Miller Park this year. It’s pretty funny to see how many people were and still are upset about that. People act like ‘Miller’ is this small-town organization. Like Miller getting squeezed out is some sort of big

Brewers’ Rumors Round Up: Hader, Offensive Upgrades & Stearns Ain’t Leaving

In a day that was filled with the Milwaukee Bucks making moves, the Milwaukee Brewers had some news out there as well. Some might find that crazy since the baseball offseason is slower than me running a 10K. But yes, it’s true. We have some

If the St. Louis Cardinals Got Francisco Lindor, I’d Probably Puke

St. Louis Cardinals made the playoffs last season. They were a good, not great team. Cardinals bowed out in the first round to the upstart San Diego Padres. This is the second straight year for St. Louis after a couple of down years. They have

Brewers’ Bullpen’s Future Is Bright With Devin Williams

Milwaukee Brewers have another Rookie of the Year winner. In 1992, Pat Listach won the Rookie of the Year award. In 2008, Ryan Braun won the award. Listach never amounted to anything special after his campaign. Braun went on to win an MVP and he

The Universal DH Staying in NL For 2021 Is Good News For Ryan Braun

Milwaukee Brewers are in the offseason. So is everyone else in baseball. You wouldn’t know if considering the lack of news going around. The hot stove does not typically warm up right away. And add in the fact that no one made any money, the

Brewers’ Coaching Change Isn’t The One People Expected

Milwaukee Brewers are making changes to their coaching staff. Yes, most of you, including me, are thinking they’re making the deal that we all expected them to make. They’re getting rid of the hitting coach Andy Haines, right? Wrong. He is staying on board. Instead,