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Could a 50-Game MLB Sprint Favor the Brewers?

The latest news from the drama from Major League Baseball is that the owners are considering a 50-game season. Yes, that sounds crazy. That doesn’t sound like a season. It sounds like a long-term tournament. Almost like a Champions League on steroids. This has been

MLBPA’s Proposal Has Room For Owners’ Compromise

One of the bigger stories over the weekend was Major League Baseball Players Association submitted their proposal. After some thought the players would not include a proposal, they did just that on Sunday night. The proposal itself has some good parts to it. It is

Compromise Is Needed In Order to Save 2020 MLB Season

As mentioned with our Bob Uecker post this morning, Mark Attanasio talked with the Greater Milwaukee Committee, a nonprofit that tries to make Milwaukee the best place to work. Attanasio showed confidence in the Brewers having the ability to have a season in 2020. That

If There’s Brewers Baseball, Bob Uecker Will Be Calling It

Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio spoke with a webinar with the Greater Milwaukee Committee. He said some things about baseball this season that we will talk about later today. But one of the things he did say is that Brewers will figure out a way

Yelich, Giannis, Rodgers All to Appear on ESPN Wisconsin’s Radiothon

ESPN Milwaukee is teaming with Milwaukee Bucks forward Pat Connaughton on Thursday. Connaughton will be doing 11 hours of radio with the ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison crew. During the eleven hours, there are going to be wall-to-wall great guests. Further, every dollar donated to

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Wisconsin Sports Jerseys

The middle of the week is always the slowest for sports content. This seems to be a theme. We get this roller coaster right. Lots of content Monday and Tuesday then nothing Wednesday and Thursday then a tick up on Friday and Saturday. But you

Brewers’ Ray Black Proves to Be The First Voice of Reason

All week I have been looking for one player to break down what’s going with baseball fairly and honestly. Not one that sounds like a crybaby like Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer. One that will give honest, reasonable answers. Selfishly, I hoped that would be

A Universal DH Would Do Wonders for Milwaukee Brewers

Who knows where we sit with baseball at this point. It does not seem like it is moving in the direction we would want it to move. Milwaukee Brewers’ players haven’t spoken out in any way shape or form. That surprises me considering the journalists

How Wisconsin Sports Fans See a Dating Profile Boost

It has been a long time since I’ve created a dating profile. Over 5.5 years to be exact as I met my fiancee a little over six years ago on Tinder. It is hard to remember what my Tinder profile said. I never made it

Baseball Becomes Afterthought If Season Gets Cancelled

Yesterday, the MLB owners agreed to baseball’s new season outlining 82 games, a universal DH, a regional schedule, a revenue split of 52/48. The last one was the big one. Tony Clark, the head of the player’s union, immediately came out against such a plan.