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BrewCap: Offense Goes Dark Yet Again

Milwaukee Brewers offense is unpredictable. They’re like your friend at the bar whom you never know which version you’re getting on a Saturday night. They could be a happy drunk where they’re living their best life and one of the best people to be around.

Christian Yelich Makes His Case for MVP

The Emmys were last night where they honor television in all forms. You could argue with the influx of great television shows that it’s a bigger deal to win an Emmy than it is an Oscar. When you’re submitting your show to the Emmy’s, you

Christian Yelich’s Cool Moment with Young Brewers Fan

Christian Yelich is the face of the franchise. Milwaukee Brewers looked for one since Ryan Braun in the early 2010s. For a second there, Jonathan Lucroy and Braun shared the crown, but no one took control like Yelich. He’s the man and the star of

Brewers’ Pittsburgh Problem is Frustrating but Not Uncommon

Milwaukee Brewers lost another series to Pittsburgh. The thorn in the Brewers’ side all year continued to dig in. Of course, it was Pittsburgh that stopped Milwaukee’s streak of winning series. Of course, the offense went quiet over the last two days due to pitching

How Dare the Brewers Take This Man’s Cubs Flag

In 2018, many random people seek attention because that’s how life works these days. Look at Instagram for examples of this – males and females who do not have any talent besides having good abs, big muscles, huge tits, toned ass run the channel. After

Javy Baez is Scared of Brewers in October

Javy Baez might be the Most Valuable Player in the National League. It’s going to be a tight race with Christian Yelich, Freddie Freeman, Trevor Story, Lorenzo Cain and others having legitimate claims to the title. Baez had a tough series against the Milwaukee Brewers.

BrewCap: Brewers Hunting NL Central Crown

Milwaukee Brewers knew the significance of last night’s Brewers-Cubs game. If the Brewers won, they would be one game back from the National League Central race and have homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. If they lost, the attention would focus on the Wild Card where

BrewCap: Quintana is Our Daddy

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez has the famous quote ‘I don’t know what to say, I guess you can call them my daddy.’ He said this about the New York Yankees offense that he struggled against all year. It prompted Yankees fans to

BrewCap: Milwaukee Inches Closer to Division Lead

Milwaukee Brewers are red hot. You know this, I know this. They went into Chicago with a purpose. If they swept the Cubs, they would lead the division. Even taking two of three meant Milwaukee is 1 or 1.5 games back of the Cubs for

BrewCap: A Grand Giant Sweep

Milwaukee Brewers are red hot. They’ve been rolling for awhile winning the last six series from their opponents. The last time Milwaukee didn’t win a series was in mid-August against St. Louis. They’re won 13 of their last 19 games and sport a record that’s