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Craig Counsell’s Masterful Job Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Remember back to 2015 when the Milwaukee Brewers got off to a horrific start, and they fired Ron Roenicke in mid-April. They did not even put an interim tag on Craig Counsell, instead, they gave him the job with a three-year deal attached. Counsell had

Will Brewers & MLB Be Moving Divisions?

An interesting article came out in Baseball America yesterday talking about the potential of Major League Baseball moving to 32 teams with two expansion teams (Portland and Montreal), and four divisions only wiping out American and National League. It’s a fascinating read on Major League

Cheers to an Unexpected Brewers Summer

I spent some time in Door County this weekend, and it felt like fall finally. The weather finally turned to feeling more like the time of year where you wear a puffy vest, watch football and drink dark beers. Milwaukee had not made the official

Vogt’s Extra-Base Hits Stave Off Fiesty Reds

Milwaukee Brewers are pretty much at the do or die portion of the season. They could easily not have anything to play for this weekend against St. Louis, or they could have everything to play for. It’s pretty easy and based off whatever the Rockies

Brewers Show They’re Not Ready For Primetime

Milwaukee Brewers came into the series against Chicago Cubs trailing by 3.5 games. They knew to win the National League Central, it would take winning three out of four or sweeping the hated rivals from the south. That did not happen. Instead, Milwaukee ended up

Chase The Ace Dominates The Pirates

I went to a Brewers game in early June with Chase Anderson facing the San Francisco Giants. A couple rows behind me a Brewers fan said ‘Yanno Chase Anderson is our ace this season’, and I sort of scoffed at that idea. Looking at it

Suter Shuts Down The Pirates For A Major Win

Brent Suter is having a standout 2017 season. He’s not going to be on a watch list for 2018, but there’s probably room for Suter to get a chance at the starting rotation next season if Milwaukee sticks with Josh Hader in the bullpen. I’m

Brewers Take a Much-Needed Series vs. Marlins

After Saturday night, Milwaukee Brewers were in a must-win situation. Chicago Cubs were rolling against the St. Louis Cardinals, and Colorado Rockies had just put up 16 runs on Saturday. Milwaukee could ill afford to lose two of three to the Miami Marlins. That did

Brewers Magic Finally Hits Milwaukee

If you’ve listened to the Tapping The Keg Podcast, we talked this week about how this Brewers team did not really have many dramatics this year. Eric Thames had a walkoff homer to beat San Diego, but there hasn’t been much thrills this season. Last

All of the Sudden, Here Comes the Brewers Offense

With Week 2 of the NFL season starting tonight, there are fans all over the country who overreacted to their team’s first game. Some will be justified and say to their buddies, ‘See I told you so.’ Others will feel like dumbasses and try to