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BrewCap: Walk Woes Plague Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers came off a 12-3 win on Friday night to face the Philadelphia Phillies again on Saturday afternoon. Zach Eflin is not a good pitcher. Not one bit. But when facing Milwaukee, he’s fucking Cy Young. Eflin dominated again against Milwaukee en route to

BrewCap: Brewers Bulgon the Phillies Yet Again

Sometimes, you just see the ball better against teams. Milwaukee blew out Philadelphia twice last week in the City of Brotherly Love. On Friday, they continueed the same theme in the Cream City. Milwaukee scored 12 runs again versus the Phillies in a 12-3 for

BrewCap: One is the Friendliest Number

Sometimes, all it takes is one run. Milwaukee only needed one run to beat the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday afternoon. Lorenzo Cain launching a home run in the third inning was the only offense for the Brewers as they defeat the Chicago Cubs, 1-0 and

BrewCap: Anderson Returns to 2017 Form

Chase Anderson is not having a good 2018 season. Many baseball analysts expected Anderson to regress to the pitcher he’s been for his career. Brewers fans disagreed with that notion considering Anderson fixed a few things last season. Even with that, Anderson has not pitched

Brewers Pull Off Legendary Baserunning Play

Last night, I went to Miller Park and saw something I never witnessed before in my lifetime. Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain pulled off a baserunning play for the ages last night. It was a truly incredible play that left everyone in awe in the

BrewCap: Brewers Collapse vs. Cubs Yet Again

When are things going to change? When is the turning point going to happen for the Milwaukee Brewers versus the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park? The place is a haunted ground when the Cubs come to town. Milwaukee cannot win baseball games, and they always

Brad Miller Provides Pop to the Brewers’ Middle Infield

Sometimes, life is a little weird. I ended up on the phone with my dad for a sprawling 25 minute conversation which included some Brewers talk (Like always) and mentioned how the Brewers could use help from a guy like Miller. Whilst on the phone,

BrewCap: Breaks Don’t Go Brewers Way

Milwaukee Brewers were coming off back to back games of 12 runs scored. The first two games in Philadelphia felt like a breathe of fresh air considering Milwaukee’s bats have been struggling to say the least. It also was nice to have Milwaukee won another

Jim Carrey Compliments Brewers on ‘Dumb & Dumber’ Parody

Milwaukee Brewers did it again on Thursday morning with their parody of the hit ‘Dumb and Dumber’ to promote their bullpen cart. Like they did with ‘The Sandlot’, this thing went viral. Brent Suter and Jeremy Jeffress did a great job of portraying Harry and

BrewCap: The Return of Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun isn’t having the best 2018 season. He spent some time on the disabled list and moved down to fifth in the order. Braun hasn’t got on one of his patented hot streaks this season. People have been waiting for it and waiting for