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Brewers Appear on The Outside of Machado Sweeps

After being the frontrunners last week, it appears the Milwaukee Brewers are on the outside looking in for Manny Machado. As a deal is expected to get done this week, FanCred’s Jon Heyman reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the favorites. That’s an update

5 Reasons Not To Panic About the Brewers

I’m not in panic mode with the Milwaukee Brewers. Others want to push the panic button, but I am not one of them. I may have written something similar last year when things fell apart again in Pittsburgh last season. But still, I’m not concerned.

BrewCap: Brewers’ Bad Luck Continues in Pittsburgh

In sports, we overuse the phrase ‘House of Horrors.’ It’s a fun phrase to say and if someone or some team has mild struggles with something or somewhere, that could be classified with the house of horrors mentality. No place is more like that for

BrewCap: Misery in Miami as Marlins Take Two

You could argue the Milwaukee Brewers were probably due to lay an egg. They haven’t done in awhile, and with the endurance of playing 21 games in 20 days, there are going to be nights where weird shit happens. This whole series featured weird shit.

Corbin Burnes Can Be Traded For Right Price

As the days continue, it’s apparent that Milwaukee is the favorite for Manny Machado. Just because a team is a favorite before a deal happens doesn’t mean they’re a lock to land them. The latest news features the Baltimore Orioles wanting Brewers pitcher Corbin Burnes

BrewCap: Yelich’s Homecoming is a Hit

Milwaukee Brewers have not lost a series since a matchup with Philadelphia in mid-June. Miami may look like a bad team due to record, but they’ve played .500 baseball over the last month. That’s all you can ask for with a struggling team. Marlins are

BrewCap: Miscues in Miami Plague Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers headed into Miami riding high. They won five of their last six games and beat the Atlanta Braves in three of four series against a nearly pcked Miller Park each day this weekend. It should be no surprise that the Brewers let down

Brewers Are the Front-Runners For Manny Machado

Yes, you read the headline right. Right now, national baseball writers are calling Milwaukee the favorite to land Manny Machado. Cue the kid from David at the Dentist… ‘Is this real life?’ Yes, it appears the Brewers are going all-in on the idea of winning

BrewCap: Brewers Pound Braves With a Longball Sunday

Milwaukee Brewers have been playing a lot of four games sets over the weekend. In the last few weeks, their brand has been to win the first two games then lose the next two games. The pattern spanned over multiple weeks and multiple series. There

BrewCap: Milwaukee Busts Out the Holiday Brooms

A topic of conversation at my holiday cookout was ‘The Brewers do not sweep anyone.’ I challenged that to say that it’s happened ‘more than you think’ In reality, the 51 win team only had four sweeps until they notched their fifth one on early