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Brewers 2018 Grades: Jesus Rises in the Infield

Milwaukee Brewers might not have had their infield match their outfield, but they were some encouraging signs there as well. It began at first base. If you were talking about the first base position in March, people would think you’re talking about Eric Thames. The

Brewers 2018 Grades: Outfield Where MVP’s Roamed

With the Milwaukee Brewers season now being over, it’s time for the 2018 grades of the team. It’s been a great season. There are countless memories from this bunch. It’s probably the most likable Brewers team of my lifetime. They’ll be remembered. Just like the

You Never Get Over Game 7 Defeats

I truly thought the Milwaukee Brewers would win Game 7. I woke up in the morning early to do some errands thinking about the game, the situations and everything that could happen in the game. I worried about Los Angeles jumping on Jhoulys Chacin early

BrewCap: Offense Awakes From The Dead & Forces Game 7

The newest installment of the movie ‘Halloween’ came out on Friday. Michael Myers is one of the greatest horror villains of all-time. I’m not sure if we’re ever going to get villians like him again, and that’s why Hollywood keeps making more movies with him

Remember When Machado was Nearly a Brewer?

It feels like so long ago, but in July, we wrote on this blog about how the Milwaukee Brewers were the front-runners to add Manny Machado to the team. It drew great excitement from Brewers fans considering the talent and skill Machado had at the

BrewCap: Dodgers Outlast Brewers and Tie Up Series

What a Game 4. It ended around 1:30 am central time with the Milwaukee Brewers losing 2-1 thanks to a Cody Bellinger walk-off single to right field. Christian Yelich nearly nailed Manny Machado at home, but the throw came in a little late. The series

Christian Yelich Goes for Manny Machado’s Throat

Oh my. Christian Yelich is one of the best young stars in Major League Baseball. After he takes home the National League MVP, it’s likely that he will see more endorsements come his way even in Milwaukee. He decided to unload the cannon on Manny

BrewCap: Chacin Shuts Down Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers ‘out-getters’ are a trend that the national media likes to talk about on a regular basis. They’re trigger-happy to go and search if the Brewers will be going to the bullpen. I like Joe Buck, but that’s a staple of his broadcasts. He

BrewCap: Jeffress Collapses Yet Again for the Brewers

Jeremy Jeffress is one of the best stories of the 2018 Milwaukee Brewers. He’s an All-Star after a long-term struggle with drugs and alcohol throughout his minor league career plus having issues outside of Milwaukee. Jeffress has been nothing short of amazing for this team

Dodgers Beat Writers Believe Miller Park is ‘Quiet’

Beat writers are a funny thing and profession. First, I respect the hell out of them especially baseball writers. They have one of the most rigorious schedules in all of professions. There are games every weekend in the summer, traveling all over the country and