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Milwaukee & Philadelphia: A Rivalry in the Making

Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper yesterday to a 13-year, 330 million dollar deal with no opt-outs. Harper wants to be a Phillie for life, and he has no plans of leaving the City of Brotherly Love. Phillies have officially won the offseason for Major League

Corey Ray Absolutely Murdered a Baseball

Do people get fired up for Spring Training highlights? I feel like they have to be really good to be featured, right? This is one of those moments. Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and Minor League Player of the Year Corey Ray has been hitting rockets out

Manny Machado Stays in NL to Brewers’ Fans Delight

It finally happened. One of the big free agents in baseball finally signed a deal. The deal is a massive one with Manny Machado going to the San Diego Padres for 10 years 300 million dollars with an out in year five. Machado is one

Moustakas, Not Shaw, Will Be at Second Base

When the Milwaukee Brewers signed Mike Moustakas on Sunday, everyone thought that he would be playing third base for the team. Just like in 2018, Travis Shaw would see his time at second with Moustakas at third. Well, that isn’t the case. Brewers manager Craig

Brewers Make Smart Move Bringing Back Moustakas

In 2019, we all want to have a take. That’s why there are million upon millions of podcasts. People love to hear themselves talk. That’s also why social media is a thing. Therefore, we always want to try and be different with our takes when

Erik Kratz’s Uphill Climb to Make the Roster

Milwaukee Brewers broke camp yesterday and had their first real practice of the 2019 season. It’s an exciting time. Pitchers and catchers are the only ones currently with the team, but they are still headlines coming out of Maryvale, Arizona. First is not a surprise.

Brewers-Cubs Wisconsin Presale Makes Little Sense

Milwaukee Brewers will once again be selling Brewers-Cubs tickets to Wisconsin residents only starting today at 9:00 am. For those who want to see Brewers-Cubs, buy tickets if you’d like, but at the end of the day, Miller Park is still going to be filled

Joe Maddon’s 2019 Slogan is Very Cringeworthy

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room no matter what room he is in. Maddon could be with a group of NASA scientists, and there would be some belief that he is the smartest man here. He had his

Christian Yelich Speaks Out On MLB’s Free Agent Crisis

The noise around the Major League Baseball free agency world is getting louder. Today, we had Houston Astros star Justin Verlander speak out about it as well as the National League MVP Christian Yelich. These are two of the more notable stars in baseball. Yelich

Brett Lawrie Could Make for An Awesome Comeback Story

You’ve heard the name, Brett Lawrie. Milwaukee Brewers drafted him in the first round years ago, and he played third base at the time. Lawrie moved through the minor leagues, and it seemed like he would be in the big leagues in no time. Before