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Brewers Scheduled Opponents Could Be Favorable For the Crew

Milwaukee Brewers will be playing baseball at the end of July. That feels good to say. Is it long overdue? Yes, 100 percent. But regardless, baseball is happening. Major League Baseball will work on getting a schedule out in the coming days. It is unknown

Safe to Say Brewers Are Excited to Be Back

On Tuesday evening, baseball made it official. They’re back for a 60-game season. It will begin either July 23rd or July 24th. It is unclear what the schedule looks like, but the season will be a 60-game sprint. There are many things to like, dislike,

MLB Season Hits The Goal Line Yet Again, Can They Cross It?

Last week, we discussed that baseball looked to be back then it wasn’t. Things fell apart quickly. Disagreements on both sides led to a final vote of a 60-game season with incentives including expanded playoffs but the players could not file a grievance against the

MLB Adding Designated Hitter in NL was Inevitable

Major League Baseball and the players union are coming close to a deal. They’re the three or four-yard line on third down it seems like. Or to put into baseball terms, they’re in the 9th inning, but the closer put two men on. Baseball is

Christian Yelich Takes a Shot At Radio Legend Mad Dog Russo

Christian Yelich is not one to use Twitter often. He hops on there now and again, but it’s not much. The same goes for Instagram. Yelich is on there, but sometimes, you see him trying to slide in somewhere versus actually posting. Yelich decided he

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: What A Lost Season Means For the Brewers

SnoTapWI Network ยท The Daily Tap 6/16: What a Lost Season Means For the Brewers \ On Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about the latest drama with Major League Baseball. He discusses the players finally stepping out and saying something on social

MLB Players Finally Show Their Bite on Social Media

Major League Baseball players have had enough. They’ve probably had enough for some time. But for the first time, MLB players are showing it on social media. This is something that I begged the MLB to do a month ago. Player empowerment is a real

How Did I Get Baseball Negotiations So Wrong?

As baseball started to ramp up their negotiations, people wanted you to take sides. That’s America in a nutshell. Were you on the players’ side of the owner’s side? While I didn’t exactly pick one, I did provide context as to why the owners might

Drafting Garrett Mitchell “Guarantees” a Brewers World Series

Weird sports anecdotes are great. No matter the sport, weird sports anecdotes are always fun. Now, some people take it too far. Darren Rovell and Jayson Stark are two that come to mind. Stark will tweet out something wacky then end with baseball! With so

Brewers Load Up on Bats in Shortened MLB Draft

When a sports draft happens, my immediate thought is ‘what is their plan of action?’ You try to get into the head of the general manager and front office. I recommend it for those who are critical of NBA, NFL, or MLB Drafts. For the