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Brewers Star Ratings: Burnes’ Stellar Performance Ruined By His Teammates (Again)

Can someone help Corbin Burnes? Seriously, anyone? Corbin Burnes is lighting the world on fire. The baseball followers know this, but the casual non-Brewers fans probably do not. The reason is the Brewers do not win when Burnes enters the ring. They apparently think this

The Return of Tailgating Is a Good Sign For Everyone, Not Just the Brewers

Tailgating is back at American Family Field. It took one series then the tailgating returned to the stadium. Was this likely a virtual signal move or a move to prevent massive Opening Day ragers? Probably a combination of the two. But tailgating is back with

Brewers Star Ratings: Cain & Woodruff Carries Brewers Past Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers are back where they started when the season began last Thursday. They’re at .500. Three wins, three losses to start the year. The last two wins happened against the Chicago Cubs including on Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday was not an easy one. Kyle Hendricks

Brewers Star Ratings: Peralta Shows His Full Arsenal & Shuts Down Chicago

Milwaukee Brewers needed a stopper. When you need a stopper, the usual thought isn’t the fifth starter. But Freddy Peralta got the job done this evening. Peralta went through the Cubs’ lineup like a hot knife through butter. He pitched great this evening, and Milwaukee

Brewers Star Ratings: Bats Continue To Stay Quiet In Loss to Cubs

Milwaukee Brewers started off their road schedule with a trip to Chicago. One of the few places they visited last year. This year, fans were in the stands, but no Ryan Braun to boo which made me sad. And also what made me sad was

Brewers Star Ratings: Disappointing Weekend After Opening Day Excitement

Thank god for Opening Day. If not for the dramatics of Opening Day, Milwaukee could be staring down the barrel of an 0-3 start to the season. Thankfully, they came up big on Thursday to make sure they’re 1-2 on the season. It’s very early.

Brewers Fans Were NOT HAPPY With the Virtual Sausage Race

American Family Field opened its doors for the first time since it was called Miller Park back in 2019. Milwaukee had its fans in the stands, and it was awesome. Simply put, it was great to see a stadium with fans. Despite the lowering numbers

Brewers Star Ratings: Milwaukee Wins Another Opening Day Thriller

Two years ago, the Milwaukee Brewers won on Opening Day thanks to a walk-off catch by Lorenzo Cain at the wall. This year, Cain scored the winning run to give the Brewers a 6-5 victory coming back from being down 5-2 in the ninth inning.

Brewers Should Definitely Put Their Best Fans Billboard in St. Louis

FOX Sports ran a contest before the baseball season trying to find the ‘Best fans in baseball.’ It was all driven by social media. Milwaukee Brewers won the contest, and now as part of it, the Brewers can put a billboard up in an opposing

Can Someone Tell Christian Yelich That The Game Reviews Are My Thing?

Last year during the Milwaukee Brewers short 60-game season, I started to do game reviews for the team. I put them on Twitter and Instagram. Like anything, they needed some work and some practice. With the Green Bay Packers season and the Bucks season, I