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BrewCap: Pitching Proves Lackluster Again For Milwaukee

Milwaukee Brewers are not fast starters. They’ve started under .500 after the first three games of the season for the last seven years. The last time Milwaukee was 3-0 or 2-1 to begin the year, it was 2010. Even the famed 2011 saw Milwaukee lost

Junior Guerra’s DL Stint Puts Brewers Pitching In A Bind

Man, you couldn’t help but think the worst at Miller Park when Junior Guerra hobbled off the field after a bunt. Shades of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright popping his Achilles doing the same thing at this very stadium. Guerra did not return and

BrewCap: New Year, Same Problems For Brewers

Welcome one and all to the BrewCap. It’s fitting that this is later than I wanted it to be because there’s a great unpredictability with these teams. I do my best to watch every game, but sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Same for timeliness where I

Happy Opening Day: Brewers and MLB Predictions!

At the bar on Saturday night, my podcast partner Mitch pulled me aside and said “I’m worried how optimistic people are about this Brewers season.” It’s a fair concern, but every year, hope springs eternal for every team in Major League Baseball. They wonder if

Brewers Rotation Is Set & Brings Mixed Feelings

Milwaukee Brewers are set to play their first game in Miller Park tonight. There’s a great unknown yet again about this team. People think they could be very fun with a bunch of big hitters on the team. The problem lies within the pitching staff.

PODCAST: Rainy Bar Close Walk Presented By Dogg Haus

Mitch and I are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. We talk about a great deal of things in the next 40 minutes so strap in and enjoy the ride. We begin talking about Badgers game on Friday. We run it

Five Takeaways From Brewers Spring Training

Many people say that Spring Training means nothing in terms of the regular season. I would tend to agree for the most part. Remember Brooks Conrad? He tore up Spring Training for Brewers and made the roster before not registering a hit in the first

PODCAST: Happy ‘Pretend You’re A Badgers Fan’ Week

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast. Wisconsin Badgers are in Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. We talk about two things with Badgers fandom – One is how people all expect the other Wisconsinites to be Badgers fans during this

Need, Not Want, More Baseball With Bill

Milwaukee Brewers have been crushing the original content game during Spring Training. I’ll include the latest from Tim Dillard below, but he’s played a large part. They also had the ‘Wayne World’ parody with Josh Hader and Brett Phillips. Milwaukee is back at it again

I Need This Brewers Robe & I Needed It Yesterday

Milwaukee Brewers are having some fun this Spring Training. This makes me happy. They seem like a young team who doesn’t know they’re supposed to suck this season. I get excited and unrealistic about things when things like this happen because I’ll talk myself into