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Need, Not Want, An Air Uecker Shirt

Milwaukee Brewers were feeling good after their successful road trip and their good weekend at Pittsburgh. They had an Uecker-themed flight home to Milwaukee. What they chose to do this year following up from last year’s Speedo shirts is ‘Air Uecker.’ These shirts are fire

Shaw for Hiura Will Be Very Unpopular Yet Right Move

Yesterday, Craig Counsell announced that Travis Shaw will be back with the team starting next Tuesday. Shaw is currently in Triple-A trying to find his stroke again after being a complete mess all season. Many are speculating that the move to be made will be

BrewCap: Moose and Grandal Lead Hit-Crazy Crew

Milwaukee Brewers had their issues at PNC Park in the past few years. Last year, Pittsburgh swept Milwaukee in an embarrassing five-game sweep to end the All-Star Break at PNC Park. This is a weird park where weird shit happens to Milwaukee. As the teams

BrewCap Weekend: Brewers Go .500 on Tough Road Trip

Milwaukee Brewers did not have an easy road trip in the middle of May. They went to three cities, 10 games and 10 nights playing two division leaders and one battling for the top spot in the National League East. You can look at this

BrewCap: Yelich Homers Twice in Brewers Blowout

Milwaukee Brewers knew their 10-game road trip would be tough. They faced Chicago, Philadelphia and Atlanta, three of the top teams in the National League. Chicago made the playoffs last year and currently leads the NL Central, Philadelphia leads the NL East and Atlanta was

BrewCap: Gonzalez Keeps Phillies’ Bats Quiet

Gio Gonzalez played a role in helping the Brewers get over the hump in the final month of the season. People were unsure about Gio after a rough 2018 campaign with Washington, but he pitched great for the Crew. They decided to not bring him

BrewCap: Brewers Make Hiura’s Debut a Success

When a player gets called up, you want him to have a good first game especially when he is a top prospect. Usually, it is easier for that to happen when he is a hitter versus a pitcher. There is less of a chance for

Keston Hiura Gives Brewers An Offensive Lift

Milwaukee Brewers decided to give their offense a jolt on Tuesday morning. Keston Hiura, the Brewers top prospect, got the call up to the big leagues as Travis Shaw went to the Injured List with a ‘wrist injury.’ Brewers are in desperate need for an

BrewCap: Brewers Can’t Capitalize While Phillies Do

Milwaukee Brewers struggled to get runners home on Saturday and Sunday at Wrigley Field. They had runners on base, but they could not deliver the big hit. The same happened on Monday night. Milwaukee left 14 runners on base, and even when the Brewers did

BrewCap: Strong Weekend Start Only to End Disappointing

Milwaukee Brewers faced off against the Chicago Cubs this weekend as the rivalry went to Wrigley Field for three games. All three games featured less than favorable conditions for both teams. Milwaukee won Game 1 in dominating fashion, but on Saturday and Sunday, they scored