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BrewCap: Strikeouts Continue to Plague Brewers

Baseball, like other sports, has changed throughout the years. We’re in the era of strikeouts, home runs and nothing else in between. Brewers are striking out a rapid rate in the past couple of games. It started with Clayton Kershaw on Friday night, and it

Brewers Showed They Belong This Weekend

You could look at Milwaukee Brewers weekend in a few different ways. One is they should be on a five-game winning streak and up a couple games on the Chicago Cubs with St. Louis Cardinals faltering with a sweep on the hands of Chicago Cubs.

BrewCap: Davies Mows Down Dodgers

Milwaukee Brewers should be on a five-game winning streak. We should be talking about how this team dismantled one of the best teams in baseball. But instead, Brewers won one of three getting at least a game versus Los Angeles with a 3-0 victory this

BrewCap: Another Friday Night Heartbreak

A national columnist wrote an article on Thursday outlining Milwaukee Brewers success to start the year. In the piece, Brewers manager Craig Counsell mentions ‘We’re 4-7 (Now 4-8) in one-run game and have blown four saves (Now five), we could be much better.’ For the

Jett Bandy’s Day Game Routine Is Perfect

Jett Bandy is one of the many young Brewers that’s off to a surprising start with six homers and batting .259 which is respectable for a catcher. Bandy joined the MLB Network before the Brewers afternoon game against New York Mets. The host, Matt Vasgersian

Mr. Met Flippin’ The Bird Is Fantastic

Milwaukee Brewers were not expected to win this evening. We’ll talk more about that in the BrewCap which is on its way. Despite New York’s winning ways of late, Mr. Met was not happy with the heckling after the game, and he flipped off the

PODCAST: Base-Brawl & Finals Trilogy

I’m not kidding you when I say this one of the best podcasts we’ve done in 2017. Please share with your friends who might enjoy two guys shooting the breeze about the sports topics of the week. Our main focus on today’s show features talking

BrewCap: Roster Cracks Are Beginning to Show

Milwaukee Brewers roster has taken an interesting shape. It’s not the one I think people expected it to be when the season started, but it’s not one that’s a bad team which many expected. That said, this roster has too many mediocre baseball players on

BrewCap: Offense Doesn’t Come To New York

Milwaukee Brewers won two straight over the weekend before heading into a short road trip to New York City. They were relatively hot with 15 runs in the last two games, and the pitching staff looked tough as nails with Chase Anderson and Jimmy Nelson

Apparently, Brewers Winning Is A Bad Thing

I try very hard to not be the typical blogger-type and rip on national reporters for no reason at all. I like to #RespectTheBiz when I can, but somethings are just so ridiculous I have to put my foot down. Case in point, ESPN’s Buster