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BrewCap Weekend: Eric Thames Power Factory

When General Manager David Stearns brought Eric Thames into the fold with Milwaukee Brewers, people had questions for him. This is a first baseman getting a three-year deal for putting up absurd numbers in South Korea. Many people say Korean baseball league is like playing

BrewCap: Bats So Hot Tommy Milone Can’t Stop Em

Milwaukee Brewers haven’t been over .500 in two years. They never reached the mark in 2015, and they didn’t either in 2016. In 2017, Brewers are over .500 with their fourth straight win to get to 6-5. Even if this is the last time the

PODCAST: Giannis Breakout Party + NBA Playoffs Preview

NBA Playoffs are here! And so is Tapping The Keg podcast with our way of talking about them with you. Mitch and Charlie break down all of the series starting with the most important series of them all with Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors. We

BrewCap: Nelson Keeps Hot Pitching Rolling

Milwaukee Brewers are 5-5 through their first 10 games of the season. That’s something I think most fans would have taken at the start of Spring Training. What’s been interesting this week during their three-game winning streak is their starting pitching has been immaculate for

BrewCap: Chase and The Crew Complete Sweep

What the hell is going on with Chase Anderson? Like this was totally unexpected. Brewers sixth starter came up big for the second straight start as Anderson shuts down Toronto Blue Jays bats in a 2-0 shutout where Brewers got a little offense from Keon

BrewCap: Brewers Defense Holds Strong & Preserves Win

Milwaukee Brewers embarked on a 10-game three-city road trip starting up north in the land of Todd and Gordo (Sorrey!) facing off against Toronto Blue Jays for a two-game series. Jays are 1-5 to begin the year with Josh Donaldson battling a sore calf. The

BrewCap Weekend Wrap: Cubs Bats Eat Up Brewers Pitching

Milwaukee Brewers have fallen on rough times for the last two seasons while Chicago Cubs steadily rose through MLB’s great teams. That said, Brewers had limited success against Cubs especially last season. They had won five of the last six before their series at Miller

BrewCap: Broxton Goes Down as Brewers Lose Series

Milwaukee Brewers had a chance on Thursday afternoon to split the opening week series with Colorado Rockies. They were close all series really, and Milwaukee realistically could have won all four games. That has to drive you wild as a Brewers fan or player, yet

Brewcap: Peralta & Brewers Bombers Notch First W

Milwaukee Brewers got off to a rough start losing the first two games of the season. Good news was in both games, Milwaukee could have won the game. Bad news is a lot needed to be fixed. They handled business on Wednesday night getting their

PODCAST: Baseball Player >>> 9-to-5 Job

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast where we have a much shorter than usual podcast due to things out of control. Even though this is a quick podcast, there’s a lot of information here that you can chew on. The biggest