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Baseball Becomes Afterthought If Season Gets Cancelled

Yesterday, the MLB owners agreed to baseball’s new season outlining 82 games, a universal DH, a regional schedule, a revenue split of 52/48. The last one was the big one. Tony Clark, the head of the player’s union, immediately came out against such a plan.

Can the MLB Owners & Players Come Together to Save The Season?

Today, Major League Baseball will be talking to their owners about a 78, 80, or 82 game proposal for this season. They need to get owners’ sign off before it heads to the players to vote on and sign tomorrow if approved. Ken Rosenthal of

The Great Test Debate: Sports’ Biggest Hurdle to Return

Every day it seems like there is new news about sports returning to our lives. The Bundesliga in Germany will be back next Saturday. UFC has an event this Saturday. Major League Baseball is likely targeting July 1st as their start date. Things are starting

Brewers Are Still Petty About 2008 ‘One-Hitter’ by CC Sabathia

In 2008, there was no one cooler in Milwaukee than CC Sabathia. Everyone loved CC. He is the reason the Milwaukee Brewers broke their 26-year playoff drought. There is an argument to be made that Sabathia, even though he played for the Brewers for three

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Brewers Batters of My Lifetime

This top five is a hard one. It is harder than you think. Putting together a list of your favorite Milwaukee Brewers batters of the last two decades and a half is very tough. There are so many players that you can put on this

Brewers Bungled Their March & April Ticket Refunds

This is a very difficult time for many people. For those working for sports teams like the Milwaukee Brewers, they’re faced with things that are uncharted territory. We should be talking about what the Brewers look like a month into the season, instead, we are

Brewers’ Advantages & Disadvantages For New Look MLB

Major League Baseball has another proposal out for how they would start the Major League Baseball season. This one to me looks like the one that is the answer. I may have said this before, but that is out of desperation to have sports back.

Get Your Beers Ready For Brewers’ Virtual Happy Hour

Milwaukee Brewers decided to do something fun during these quarantine times. They are hosting a virtual happy hour hosted by Miller Lite on Thursday evening. Brewers are capping the guest list at 1,000 people. Brian Anderson will be the host of this shindig. They’re also

Predicting A Plan For Sports in 2020 is Simply Unpredictable

Do you ever get into a news story? A news story that might carry a little weight to it. Or something crazy that you read an article about. COVID-19 and the outcomes around have fascinated me. What I typically apply my knowledge to with sports,

Brewers Step Up To the Plate to Support Miller Park Workers

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Brewers announced that many people in their organization will be supporting the Miller Park workers. Right now, those people are out of a job that never started this season. Miller Park is a place that is always on, and right now, the