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Cubs Twitter Meltdowns over Team’s Travel Plans

You know who had a bad day? Chicago sports fans that are Cubs and Bears fans. Their football team got their hearts ripped out by ‘The Man’ Aaron Rodgers, and their Cubs team didn’t play yet they’re now playing 30 games in 30 days thanks

In Defense of Christian Yelich’s Day Off

Milwaukee Brewers fans are spoiled. It’s hard to believe that a franchise that hasn’t seen the playoffs since 2011 can be spoiled but here we are with this fanbase. Outrage reign across the state when Christian Yelich was not in the lineup yesterday against the

BrewCap: Brewers Capitalize on Cubs’ Heinous Night

Some nights at the ballpark, it isn’t a day for winning. Case in point, the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park last night. Chicago gave up runs on errors, passed balls, hit batsman and almost everything under the sun. Brewers scored 11 runs without a home

Fly The L Flags Are Amazing, Brewers Fans

Tonight felt special. Why? Was it the fact The Killers opened up a state of the art arena downtown while the baseball team in the city tried to claw back into the National League Central Race? Things just felt like they were making a turn.

Christian Yelich’s Uphill Climb for NL MVP

Christian Yelich doesn’t care about individual awards. I don’t know that, but he is not the type of player who worries about those sort of things. Yelich knows he’s been red hot since the All-Star Break and knows that he’s one of the best players

Let’s Count How Many Times Cubs Media & Players Are Wrong

Chicago Cubs are a team of bullies. They are led by a manager who thinks games are more about himself than the team. They never want to admit to people that the Brewers are a rival. They want to shrug off those notions because it’s

BrewCap: Walk Off Wins Make Holidays Better

Milwaukee Brewers embarked on the biggest series of the year when they met the Chicago Cubs at Miller Park on Monday afternoon. Brewers trailed the Cubs by five games in the National League Central, and if they wanted to stay contending for the crown, they

Brewers Make Moves To Push Their Chips In

Milwaukee Brewers fans wondered if their team was going to make a move for the August deadline after a curious July deadline. People wanted them to make a move for a pitcher, even though, the market was very small. They did that with getting Gio

BrewCap: Christian Yelich’s Career Night Saves Brewers

It’s hard to put into words what happened at Great American Ballpark on Wednesday night. Milwaukee Brewers won 13-12 in a game that features lead changes like a ping-pong match, multiple dingers and Christian Yelich submitting an MVP tape. For The Emmy’s, the show sends

BrewCap: Guerra’s Ghoulish Start Dooms Brewers

Junior Guerra has been a weak spot for the Milwaukee Brewers in the past six weeks or so. Guerra cannot seem to find his pitches like he did before his forearm injury. It’s clear there’s something wrong with him. Sure, the regression monster could be