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Clayton Kershaw Shuts Up The Haters For Good

Once upon a time, I took joy in Clayton Kershaw struggling in the postseason. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes, I like to be different, and everyone hyped him up so much to see him scuffle in October was sort of unreal. That said, it got

Craig Counsell’s Masterful Job Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Remember back to 2015 when the Milwaukee Brewers got off to a horrific start, and they fired Ron Roenicke in mid-April. They did not even put an interim tag on Craig Counsell, instead, they gave him the job with a three-year deal attached. Counsell had

PODCAST: Giannis Helps Us Forget About The Packers

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. It’s rare we see something that’s worth talking about more than the Green Bay Packers, but that’s what happened with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first week of the NBA season. He is the front page headliner here

Dodgers Bullpen May Have Killed The Cubs

While this is a day for the NBA as most of the teams kick off their seasons, we could see the 2016 World Series champions end theirs tonight at Wrigley Field. Chicago Cubs are on the brink of elimination trailing 3-0 to the suddenly hot

Will Brewers & MLB Be Moving Divisions?

An interesting article came out in Baseball America yesterday talking about the potential of Major League Baseball moving to 32 teams with two expansion teams (Portland and Montreal), and four divisions only wiping out American and National League. It’s a fascinating read on Major League

Once Again, Luck is a Cubs Fan

Chicago Cubs have luck on their sides. That sentence reads like a jaded Brewers fan whose father texted him until midnight being mad that Chicago advanced to the NLCS. But I promise you it’s not. Did the Cubs get a couple strokes of luck tonight?

Yankees Aren’t That Hateable… Yet.

Coming out of my cave to write about the MLB Playoffs because we’re a little dry on Wisconsin sports topics for a Thursday. New York Yankees advanced to the American League Championship Series for the first time in five years. With emerging teams all over

Zack Greinke Has No Time For Celebrating

Zack Greinke pitched the Wild Card game tonight against the Colorado Rockies, and he received a six-run cushion at the beginning of the game with Arizona jumping out early. That did not last long. He allowed four runs in the third inning and received the

Gary Sanchez Received Quite The Nut Shot

New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins last night, 8-4. Like we saw in the early 2000’s, the Yankees found a way to dispose of Minnesota. Someday, the Twins will figure out how to beat New York in a playoff series, but this was not

Brewers’ Fans Rooting Guide: American League

Like last year, we are rolling out the rooting guide for all Brewers fans when it comes to the National League and American League. How I judge this is based off a few things – 1. Do they have any former Brewers on the team