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Marlins Playing At Miller Park Shouldn’t Cause Concerns

Milwaukee Brewers thought they would be heading to Miami over the weekend to play a three-game series against the Miami Marlins. That changed suddenly in the middle of the day on Wednesday as the MLB and Marlins announced the games will be played at Miller

Brett Phillips Showed Off His Cannon Arm Tonight

Brett Phillips had himself a night as the centerfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. He got a chance to start tonight, and Phillips made the most of it. He ended up with 3 RBIs and three hits including some stellar defense. The best play of the

Brewers Big Third Inning Carries The Team

Milwaukee Brewers had a tough task on Tuesday night with Gerrit Cole on the mound. The Pirates ace has been pretty good against Milwaukee amid a few hiccups. After Eric Thames hit a homer in the second, Pittsburgh came back with two of their own

Brewers Letdown Yet Again After A Big Weekend

Every Milwaukee Brewers fan thought the same thing this afternoon…. ‘Don’t be a Cincinnati’, ‘Don’t be a Cincinnati.’ We documented this morning about how Milwaukee went 2-4 against two of the worst teams in the league in the past month. And how Milwaukee has been

Brewers Sweep the Cubs… Now What?

For the second weekend in September, this was about as good of a weekend for Wisconsin sports fans as they could get with a Badgers win, Packers beating a top-tier team and the Milwaukee Brewers securing their first sweep against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley

Castillo Castrates the Brewers Offense

Cincinnati Reds have not been known for their pitching this season. Actually if they had a decent staff, Reds would probably be a near .500 team with their potent offense. Luis Castillo might be the ace they’ve been looking for since Johnny Cueto was traded

Brewers Fall Apart & Crumble in Cincinnati

If the Milwaukee Brewers miss the playoffs, they will reflect on going 2-4 against San Francisco and Cincinnati at the final quarter of the season. There’s no reason that should have happened, but unfortunately happens with a young team. Brewers do not know how to

JD Martinez Had A Four Homer Monday

Arizona Diamondbacks are red hot. They are playing their way into the postseason with an 11 game winning streak. In any other year, Arizona would have another division title to add to the five they already have as a franchise (Side note: How dumb is

Billy Hamilton Plays Brewers Heartbreaker Yet Again

My roommate said to me about a month ago, ‘Billy Hamilton is the type of guy who always does better against your team, but in reality, he’s actually an average player.’ He’s a Cubs fan, and I’m obviously a Brewers fan. But this is 100

Cubs Continue To Play Mind Games With The Brewers

Chicago Cubs are treating the Milwaukee Brewers like a second-class baseball team. Brewers ought to feel like they are getting punked by the World Series champion. Earlier this year, we had John Lackey’s asine comments about Eric Thames then we had the rainout fiasco and