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BrewCap: Brewers Starting Pitching Foils O’s Again

This is the time of year where things either come together for MLB teams, or they fall apart. Streaks happen in mid-July to August, yet it’s more probable than not, you know your team’s fate. Milwaukee Brewers are playing some of their best baseball of

Eric Thames’ Home Run Derby Snub Feels Weird

Eric Thames hit three home runs in the last two games he played in. Thames has been a roller coaster of late with some days where the ball flies far and others where it’s strikeout city. That said, he’s still a part of one of

The Day Milwaukee Believed in 2017 Brewers

Miller Park was loud today. The type of loud we’ve heard a couple times before – 2008, 2011, 2014 pre-September and now again in 2017. Miller Park can be one of the more rowdy atmospheres for baseball. And today, it really felt like the whole

Orlando Arcia Busts Out Baserunning Magic

Earlier today, we talked about how Orlando Arcia is becoming a beloved star here in Milwaukee. He’s going through a crazy month in a half with memorable moments all over the place. He added another one Monday afternoon as Brewers are currently taking on Baltimore

Vogt & Arcia Lead To Successful Weekend vs. Miami

Milwaukee Brewers came back to Miller Park after an unsuccessful road trip. They went 2-4 against Atlanta and Cincinnati. Now, Braves are playing better baseball of late, but still for a first-place team, you’d hope they take advantage against those teams on the road. Brewers

Chase Anderson’s Injury Crashes Brewers’ Second Half

Chase Anderson has been one of the best pitchers for Brewers this season. He’s been a pleasant surprise for the team as Anderson led the rotation this year with dominating stuff. Anderson pitched like nearly an All-Star. Brewers who haven’t had much distress when it

Brewcap: Guerra’s 2016 Dream Is 2017 Nightmare

Junior Guerra was one of the best, if not the best, story of the 2016 Brewers. A journeyman right-hander delivered with an amazing season earning him Opening Day starter honors in 2017. Guerra suffered a calf injury derailing most of the first two months of

Mets Move Tebow Circus To Florida

New York Mets are promoting a player to another level of minor league baseball with only a .222 average. That seems odd, right? This player isn’t a stellar outfielder either, rather, he’s Tim Tebow and New York Mets are exploiting him for every single penny

BrewCap: Crew Avoids Bad Atlanta Weekend

Milwaukee Brewers do not like getting swept. They avoid another one on Sunday, and that’s a common theme this year. Brewers have done a great job on getaway games this year going 12-5. That’s very important for the team because losing streaks don’t typically last

What Does Stephen Vogt Do For Brewers?

Milwaukee Brewers made a little bit of news during their 7-0 victory against Atlanta Braves. They acquired Stephen Vogt off waivers from Oakland A’s. Vogt is struggling this season, but he is a two-time All-Star with no experience in National League. He fills a need