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Need, Not Want, More Baseball With Bill

Milwaukee Brewers have been crushing the original content game during Spring Training. I’ll include the latest from Tim Dillard below, but he’s played a large part. They also had the ‘Wayne World’ parody with Josh Hader and Brett Phillips. Milwaukee is back at it again

I Need This Brewers Robe & I Needed It Yesterday

Milwaukee Brewers are having some fun this Spring Training. This makes me happy. They seem like a young team who doesn’t know they’re supposed to suck this season. I get excited and unrealistic about things when things like this happen because I’ll talk myself into

MLB Heading Down A Strange Path

Major League Baseball is getting ready to make wholesale changes to their game. MLB will look different for future generations. The Commissioner Rob Manfred is ready to change the game and put his stamp on baseball. It starts with the intentional walk which will be

The Future Is Here For Milwaukee Brewers

Are you excited for the Milwaukee Brewers season? You should be. This is a very exciting time to be a Brewers fan. Maybe the most hyped you should be since 2011, yes I’m serious. It’s not like Brewers could make a run to the playoffs

PODCAST: Best Sports Year Ever + Bucks’ Fox Valley Move

Welcome to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. This is a shorter than usual podcast, but it’s worth your time I promise. We talk about the Super Bowl after a few days of digesting it and look at how this game changed so quickly.

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Pack Attack is Back, Jack

Podcast returns for another week where we get way too excited about Packers chances after throttling Seattle Seahawks. We look at Aaron Rodgers’ MVP chances, Packers playoff hopes and what we’ve seen recently. We also look at Bucks struggles, and what can be done. Charlie

The Rule That Could Cause Braun Trade Early

As you know, we’re on Ryan Braun watch all winter. If a move happens, we’ll be there to cover it. We talked last week about how it looks like Braun could stay a Brewer for the 2017 season. There are no rumors saying elsewhere, but

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Are Seahawks-Packers a Top Five Rivalry?

Great group of podcast topics this week as Mitch and Charlie talk about Seahawks-Packers game and if Green Bay has a chance against the favored Seattle. We look at all things in that matchup from Aaron Rodgers against that defense and what Russell Wilson could

Return of Ryan Braun To Milwaukee?

Everyone and their mother expects Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun to be traded from the team. He acted like it around the end of the season, and fans gave him a standing ovation in the final game just in case it was his last at

What The Hell, Nationals?

Washington Nationals missed out on Chris Sale yesterday. Nationals were the favorites before Boston went all Trey Songz ‘Mr Steal Yo Girl’ on them. Nationals itching to make a deal decided to trade some of their prospects to Chicago for Adam Eaton. Yes, Adam Eaton.