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BrewCap: Garza’s Good Start Foiled By Quiet Bats

This feels weird writing but Matt Garza is coming around in the last two starts. Garza is starting to pitch at his best with getting a ton of groundballs and limiting damage. Further, he is striking out batters at a higher clip and finding ways

Ryan Braun’s Injury Means 10 and 5 Rights Will Happen

If you read some of the postgame from Brewers 5-4 win versus Cardinals, Craig Counsell talked about Ryan Braun who has been out with a injured right trap muscle. It doesn’t sound good, and it’s likely Braun could be headed to the 10-day Disabled list.

BrewCap: Brewers Solve Cardinals Curse (For Now)

Milwaukee Brewers had not won a series against St. Louis Cardinals since April 2014. They were 0-15-2 since they beat Cardinals in 2014. That’s incredible streak of futility by Brewers. It ended on Thursday night as they took two of three from St. Louis with

BrewCap: Cards Win Pitcher’s Duel in St. Louis

Milwaukee Brewers usually don’t win two straight versus St. Louis Cardinals. Like a cat with a mouse, they sometimes like the mouse get away for a little bit then put their big-ass paw down. That’s what Cardinals did last night as Carlos Martinez outduels Wily

Manny Machado Is Fed Up With Red Sox & Their Pitchers

Even though New York Yankees led by Aaron Judge are having a revival-type season, Boston Red Sox have a new, angrier rival these days with Baltimore Orioles. The two teams don’t like each other. It starts with Manny Machado, the enigma of a third baseman,

Eric Thames Needs To Bring Fake Mound Charge to MLB

Every now and again, I wish I had people who took care of this blog when I make actual money. Because if I had those people, we would have already blogged this video that went hyper viral of Eric Thames, now Milwaukee Brewers first baseman,

BrewCap: Shaw Smashes Extra-Inning Bomb To Bury St. Louis

Milwaukee Brewers-St. Louis Cardinals have a relationship like Theon Grayjoy had with Ramsey Bolton. Cardinals are obviously Ramsey, and Brewers are the team who gets their penis chopped off (Sorry for the spoiler). So when Brewers beat Cardinals in a dramatic way, it’s a beautiful

Cubs Anger At Coach For Thames’ Comments Is Encouraging

Eric Thames did cool down over the weekend. He did not hit a home run in his last four games. I’m sure people are wondering if he’s in a slump, but that’s not the case likely. I’m embracing the Cards hate if Thames has a

BrewCap: Santana Saves Brewers From Sweep

Milwaukee Brewers looked in a bad spot on Sunday afternoon. They were getting dominated by Atlanta Braves pitcher Mark Foltynewicz who struck out everything in sight. That said, Matt Garza held things together for Brewers, and they mounted a comeback in the middle innings. All

What We Missed: Brewers Ride The Roller Coaster

While in the Dominican Republic, I didn’t try too hard to introduce them to Milwaukee’s Dominican contingent because what I learned in 2008 when I was there last is they really only have affinity for the big-name guys like Big Papi. That said, I did