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Brewers Sign Craig Counsell To Three-Year Extension

Milwaukee Brewers made a commitment to Craig Counsell on Friday morning by adding three years to his deal lasting him to 2020. Counsell will see this rebuild through and hopefully be a part of some winning for Brewers. It’s good to see Brewers general manager

Nike & SportsCenter Both Deliver Great Cubs World Series Ads

It's been a long time…but the @Cubs make Someday today. — Nike (@Nike) November 3, 2016 You knew a couple people would try to get on the train to wish Chicago Cubs well after winning the World Series. Why? It’s great marketing and there’s

Bill Murray For All-Time FOX’s Clubhouse Correspondent

Drunk Bill Murray interviewing drunk Theo Epstein is one of the best interviews ever. — Joon Lee (@iamjoonlee) November 3, 2016 I’ll admit to you all that I had a little too much Bill Murray during the Chicago Cubs run to the World Series.

Chicago Cubs Are World Champions & Cursed No More

Unbelievable. One of the greatest sports games I’ve ever watched in my life. I can’t imagine being a fan of either team for this whole game. This was brutal. Watching the ups and downs of my Cubs fan roommate was unlike something I’ve seen from

Cubs Force Game 7 Tomorrow Night… Giddy Up.

GAME 7 BABY, NOTHING EASY! We’re supposed to tape a podcast tonight. Mitch and I talked about doing it as Game 6 wrapped up or after it yet there was a part of me that wanted to wait until Thursday when this thing is all

Cubs Live To See Another Day

My roommate is a Cubs fan and before leaving my apartment, I wished him “Good luck.” He said, “Thanks, I don’t want to this end tonight.” Him and other Cubs fans will get to have Game 6 on Tuesday night in Cleveland as Cubs look

Cubs Are Not Dead (Yet)

Chicago Cubs were in a sort of must-win situation last night. They knew Corey Kluber waited on Saturday night at Wrigley Field, and with the wind blowing out, and a pitcher like Josh Tomlin whose served up meatballs like an Italian Deli, it seemed inevitable

The Legend of Kyle Schwarber Continues in Cubs 5-1 Win

As a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I wish Kyle Schwarber played on any other team in baseball. He’s easy to cheer for with his dad bod appeal, bad facial hair and the ability to crush baseballs makes him very likable. He’s already done some memorable things

Indians Fans Only Pack Progressive Field When It Matters

Here in Wisconsin and Milwaukee specifically is the talk of whether you should or shouldn’t root for Chicago Cubs in the World Series. Another discussion is how new Cubs fans will come out of the woodwork given the Brewers lack of success and the sudden